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Neo Slippers
Keeps Bare Feet Warm...But Not Too Hot!

Like to walk around barefoot (or in socks) but hate how your feet get cold and dirty? Lightweight mesh slippers keep your feet comfortably warm while providing heel cushioning to absorb impacts.

Easy to slip on, plus they have non-slip soles for traction.
Buster Brown® Anklet Socks
No Elastic For Non-Binding Comfort!

Enjoy the comfort found in "the original" anklet that is made with zero elastic or synthetic materials.

These non-binding lightweight socks are great for women who struggle with poor circulation, diabetes, edema or other skin issues.

Choose either black or white.
Beach SunSandals®
An easy way to have the prettiest feet at the beach or pool!

Bare your soles in Butterfly (pink) or Coral Reef (turquoise) beaded designs.
Pedisaver Anklets
Anklets Are Pedicare Savers!

Whether you go have a pedicure done at the salon or are a pro at doing them at home, you'll love these Pedisavers. Cute anklets warm your feet while keeping your toes apart (and your polish smudge-free).
Parrots Socks
As brilliantly-colored as the tropical birds themselves! Made to keep their stretch wash after wash.
NFL® Pro Style Sandals
Support your favorite team with super soft 100% EVA foam sandals that cradle your foot in comfort.

Nylon/jersey straps feature your team's official colors and embroidered logo.
Black Cat Socks
Hope you're not superstitious, because black cats cross your path with every step when you wear these light blue socks with all-over print.
Jazzy Sport Laces®
Replace your shoelaces, so there's no more tying and untying, or tripping over loose laces. Just slip them through your shoe's grommets, clip them, and you're done!

Really fun fashion accessory, too--for all ages!

Color choices: Black, White, Blue, Camo and Neon Multi.

Buy 2 or more, $7.98 each.
Hillbilly Shoe Covers
Jeez... you've sure worn those old workboots out!

Aren't your toes feeling drafty? Sole-less rubber molded workboot covers have a Velcro® closure in the back that allows them to fit right over your own shoes for hilarious effect.
Leg/Foot Warmers
With Plush Fleece Lining!

Warmers protect your legs and feet while in a wheelchair, bed or recliner, as well as promoting circulation and keeping you comfortable.

With 3 Velcro® closures, you can adjust the length to your preference, either folding it down to a bootie, or having it fully extended up over your calf.
Edema Boots
Soft and roomy slippers are specially designed for sufferers of swollen feet, diabetes, and sensitive skin.

Featuring a high domed toe box and 40% wider footprint to prevent irritating toes, plus no inside seams to rub against sensitive skin.
Jigsaw Puzzle Socks
No more puzzling over which socks to wear!
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