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DC Comics Wonder Woman And Superman Caped Dog Leashes
Superhero capes make your dog look like the superhero he or she is!

Cape detaches from the nylon web leash for those days when your pooch would rather go incognito. (Collars not included.)

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Eye Fatigue Adjustable Glasses
Combat "digital eye strain" with these adjustable focus glasses!

Custom yellow lenses filter out harsh blue, or HEV (high energy visible) light emitted from computers, smartphones, and tablets to reduce eye fatigue caused by viewing these backlit screens for prolonged periods. Use the dials on either side of the frame to adjust focus and enjoy browsing, texting, and playing games on your favorite devices with ease!

Adjusts to almost any prescription (but does not correct astigmatism). Lightweight, flexible, and includes a protective case and user guide.
Bifocal Reading Glasses Set
Now you can wear your reading glasses all the time!

Bifocal lenses are non-magnified on top and magnified on the bottom--perfect for reading and watching TV. No more looking over your readers to see in the distance! Great for contact lens wearers, too.

Set of 2 pairs include one with clear lenses and one with tinted for outdoor reading, and feature stylish frames flattering on both men and women.

Choose magnification:
  • (05)+3.0
  • (07)+4.0
Denim Cats Umbrella
Was: $11.98
Now: $10.98
Raining cats & dogs? No problem!

Cute and casual umbrella with adorable kittens on denim print background. Extendable shaft collapses for storage.

With wood handle, wrist strap, and matching sleeve.
Reading Glasses Set
Give your eyes a break when reading small print!

Set of 3 reading glasses include two pair with clear lenses and one pair with tinted to protect sensitive eyes from harmful UV rays.

You have a pair for bedside reading, one as a spare (or to keep at work!) and a pair of sun readers for when you're on the go. Attractive frames are stylish on men or women.

Choose magnification:
  • (05) +3.0
  • (07) +4.0
  • (09) +5.0
  • (11) +6.0
Scooby Doo Eyeglass Case And Cloth
With the gang as backup, the always-alert cartoon canine keeps a lookout over your eyewear.

Lined, padded case includes a soft lens-cleaning cloth.

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USA Flag Hair Lights
Like fireworks for your hair!

Set of 4 illuminated fiberoptic strands clip into hair barrette style, then flash red/blue to show your spirit. Slide top of barrette to turn lights on/off.

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
Shoe Stretchers Set
Expand Shoes For A Perfect Fit!

Ever feel like the prettier the shoes, the more painful it is to break them in? You no longer have to sacrifice comfort for style! Practical design expands tight-fitting footwear, providing relief for wide feet and bunions... or breaking in your new shoes without the ache.

Shoe stretchers are easy to use. Simply widen to approximate size needed and insert into either toe box of shoe, or heel area. Turn mechanism to stretch.

Set of 2 pairs.
Leather Biker Vest With Patches
Functional, comfortable, and completely bad-*ss, this leather vest is the perfect addition to your biker gear. Vest features black snaps, laced sides, and 42 patches with truckloads of attitude and American pride stitched right in.

You were born to ride, now you can ride in style!
Lovers Candy G String And Bra
Sweet and sexy!

An adult spin on the classic candy necklace, these intimate novelties are tasty, racy, and perfect for Valentine's Day, anniversary, honeymoon, etc.

Due to health and safety concerns, these items are non-returnable.
Singing Happy Birthday Monkey Keychain
$4.50 - $5.98
Wild birthday fun!

Press his tummy and this plush monkey sings a silly happy birthday song, with a few screeches thrown in for good measure!

Colors vary; our choice, please.

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
The Beer Mitt
Now you don't have to choose between cold beer OR warm hand!

Specially-designed knitted mitten actually holds your beer can while keeping your hand warm--so important during outdoor activities this season!

Sold singly.
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