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Leopard Print And Orchid Colored Collared Dickeys
Spring into color with our fashionable collared dickeys!

Looks great under a lightweight sweater, summer dress, or your favorite V-neck. Provides the illusion of wearing a button down without the added bulk. Breathable and wrinkle resistant.
Bullet Hat Clip
Fisherman have hooks for their caps--now hunters have a bullet for theirs!

Made from a real 7.62/0.308 casing, this little hot shot clips right to the bill of your cap. A surefire way to keep your style right on target.

Hand polished and lacquer coated. Does not contain gunpowder or active primers; will not explode. Strongly resembles live ammunition and should not be taken where live ammunition is not permitted.
Freemason Money Clip
A classy way to keep your bills in easy reach while showing allegiance to your local lodge.

Hinged money clip clamps tight to keep your bills secure and features the iconic square and compass symbol of the Freemasonry.

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New York Subway Map Travel Umbrella
New York's subway system transports almost 5 million passengers each weekday!

Auto open/close umbrella features a printed canopy, wind-resistant frame, rubberized handle, and storage sleeve. Store in a purse, briefcase, or glove compartment.
The Walking Dead Daryl Wings Vest
This faux leather vest is inspired by the one worn by America's favorite zombie-stomping hero, Daryl Dixon!

Iconic angel wing appliqués are "splattered" with fake walker blood. Satin lining, 4 black metal snap-button closure, and 2 front faux pocket detail. Each vest handcrafted in the USA.

Crossbow not included.

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Skull And Crossbones Motorcycle Vest
A wicked-hot addition to your leathers collection!

4 front snaps have skull detailing to complement the big-and-bad flaming skull-and-crossbones patch sewn on the back. 2 front pockets are perfect for stowing keys, change, and those cotton-candy jelly beans you love so much (don't worry--your secret's safe with us!).

Leather lacings on both sides provide an adjustable, comfortable fit.
Humvee Safari Vest
Versatile vest boasts 20 pockets to hold all of your essential gear. Perfect for fishing, hunting, hiking, bird-watching, photography, sightseeing, and more, this jacket offers pockets of almost every dimension in every position.

Carry everything from binoculars, cameras and instruction manuals to pens, markers, and batteries. Pockets located in front and back, inside and outside. Fabric is soft and comfortable with a mesh lining and back vents to keep you cool in any condition.
HD Camera Bluetooth Sunglasses
Multi-functional shades have Bluetooth functionality, HD camera and video recorder, MP3 player, and a whole lot of awesome!

Pair with your Bluetooth-enabled phone to receive calls with included earbuds and built-in mic. Perfect for taking hands-free video of sporting events or roller coaster rides, or even traffic conditions while driving providing vital evidence for insurance claims!

"Hidden" camera has 2 megapixel resolution for HD JPG pictures, and 1280 x 720 video resolution for AVI videos. High-capacity built-in battery for approx. 4 hours of recording, and easy plug-and-play connection for transferring videos and photos to your PC.

Includes 4GB microSD card for storing video and playing MP3 or WMA files, charging/data cable, AC adapter, and instructions.

Note: Always check federal, state and local regulations regarding consent of parties to being recorded.
Steel Belt Buckle Flask
It's easy to "shoot from the hip" when your favorite spirits are as close as your belt.

Flask is made from high-quality stainless steel and clips right to your belt. Cowboy chic with brushed finished sides, and polished finish top and bottom.

Side catch keeps flask firmly in place when not in use and hinged tether on top means no lost cap when the party gets started.
Sons Of Anarchy Leather Vest
A replica of the biker vests worn on the critically acclaimed show, Sons of Anarchy, has not been available until now!

A genuine tribute to the motorcycle club that took America by storm. This faux leather vest features satin lining and fully licensed patches--SAMCRO banner on front, iconic reaper and large banner on back--embroidered with heavy twill base like the originals from the show.

Collarless vest zips up the front and has two chest faux pocket flaps. Individually made in USA.
John Wayne Eyeglasses Case And Cloth
$8.00 - $10.98
Let your favorite movie hero protect your eyewear!

Sturdy hinged eyeglasses case with padded cover and soft lining includes a microfiber cloth for scratch-free lens cleaning.

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Secret Color Hair Extensions - As Seen On TV
Just Like Pop Star Demi Lovato Wears!

Headband hair extensions are the perfect solution to adding color to your hair without a permanent commitment! Just slip the headband over your head, then slowly pull your real hair over and around the band to effortlessly conceal it.

The extensions look, feel and perform like real hair--you can wash, trim, straighten and curl them! Wear just one for an exciting burst of color, or add more for volume and real pizzazz!

State color: Red, Purple, Pink or Blue.

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