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Booty And Boob Inspector Badges Set
You're now an honorary member of the Departments of Titillations and Just-Tush!

These badges gives you the authority to put out an APB on a hot A-S-S and declare a 10-4 on a Double-D sighting! Perfect for bachelor or bachelorette parties, pub crawls, or random party crashing. Wear your official badges with pride, but remember to dole out "justice" responsibly.

Set of 2 metal badges have fastening pins on back.
Native American Golden Dollar Belt Buckle
The 2013 Native American Golden Dollar was a one-year-only design honoring the 1778 Treaty with the Lenape (the first treaty between the U.S. Government and a Native American tribe), and it's the centerpiece of this beautiful belt buckle!

Coin design features a howling wolf, turkey, and turtle--all symbols of the Lenape. Together, they make a stunning and memorable image that honors Native American culture and history.
Assorted Bra Extender And Tighteners
Innovative clips put YOU in control of how your bra fits!

If your bra pinches in the back, use a clip to give yourself more room. Or, if your bra feels too loose, that same clip can tighten it up for a more supportive fit.

Set of 3 clips fit 2- or 3-hook bra bands and include one each in black, white, and beige to blend in with virtually any bra. Just open the clip, slide it on, adjust to your comfort level, and snap into place.

Fully adjustable and can be transferred to other bras. No need to toss your favorite garments or spend money on pricey, permanent alterations!
Sock Monkey Stripe Hand Warmers And Scarf
$22.00 - $32.00
That cute fellow synonymous with retro fun is now part of your winter wardrobe!

The knitted scarf sports a whimsical red/brown striped pattern. Keep hands warm with these fingerless gloves, featuring sock monkey design and "Hi/Bye" greeting on palms.
Fiber Optics Multi Color And USA Flag Hair Lights Sets
Was: $10.50 - $13.98
Now: $10.50 - $13.98
Light up your hair! Just clip in the clusters of light strands, and they flash, twinkle and glow in a variety of colors! The fibers can be cut to any length and arranged in almost any style. Great for parties, holidays, prom night, clubbing, etc.

Like fireworks for your hair! Set of 4 illuminated fiberoptic strands clip into hair barrette style, then flash red/blue to show your spirit. Slide top of barrette to turn lights on/off.

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Buy any 2 or more, $11.00 each.
Leopard Print And Orchid Colored Collared Dickeys
Spring into color with our fashionable collared dickeys!

Looks great under a lightweight sweater, summer dress, or your favorite V-neck. Provides the illusion of wearing a button down without the added bulk. Breathable and wrinkle resistant.
Jean Tats Temporary Jean Tattoo Set
$9.98 - $10.98
Cool designs that are great for jeans, denim jackets, backpacks, sweatshirts and more!

Cut out tattoo, remove backing paper, rub tattoo onto garment with included wooden stick, and remove overlay. Simply launder to remove.

89 total tattoos that include Fun Flowers, Butterflies & Ladybugs, and Peace & Love.
The Original Bo-Po Scented Peel Off Nail Polish Set
No Nail Polish Remover Needed!

Great-smelling, fast-drying polish goes on super-smooth and peels off in seconds so it's easy to fix mistakes or make color changes--without polish remover! Set of 8 vibrant colors in tantalizing scents!

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
Bullet Hat Clip
Fisherman have hooks for their caps--now hunters have a bullet for theirs!

Made from a real 7.62/0.308 casing, this little hot shot clips right to the bill of your cap. A surefire way to keep your style right on target.

Hand polished and lacquer coated. Does not contain gunpowder or active primers; will not explode. Strongly resembles live ammunition and should not be taken where live ammunition is not permitted.
Hot Stamps - As Seen On TV
Stamp out boring hair styles!

Just press the glitter-filled stampers onto your hair for a dazzling effect. The sparkling shapes add temporary bling that combs out easily.

Set of 2 stamps--pink heart and blue star--work on all hair colors and styles.

Click here to see our entire As Seen On TV collection!
Musical Smile Keychain Set
$9.00 - $11.98
Add some "happy" to someone's day!

Set of 2 embroidered plush smile face keychains sing and giggle when you squeeze them. Attach one to the stroller or carseat, use as a gift tie-on... cute for lunchboxes and backpacks, too!

Assorted styles; our choice, please.
Kittens Travel Umbrella
You might actually look forward to a rainy day just so you can put these kittens on display!

Colorful canopy pops open with the push of a button to form a dry zone. Handle with wrist strap collapses for easy storage.
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