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Thomas Kinkade Coloring Book
Join the celebrated Painter of Light in a soothing atmosphere of beauty and inspiration!

Sixty-three of his most popular paintings are presented in line art (as well as the same full-color image for comparison), so you can create your own renditions of luminous lighthouses, frothy seascapes, candlelit cottages and more.
Dot To Dot Cats Book
A favorite childhood activity is all grown up.

Pull up a pencil and feel the stress melt away as you bring these sophisticated puzzles to life. Thirty-one intricate designs will simultaneously relax and challenge you.
Fix It And Enjoy It Healthy Cookbook
NY Times bestselling author Phyllis Pellman Good has teamed up with nutritional experts from the Mayo Clinic to bring you 400 delicious, healthy, easy-to-prepare recipes!

Includes tips for better eating habits, daily caloric and serving-size information, and more for a healthy lifestyle.
Dot To Dot Coloring Book
Finish the dot-to-dot puzzles, then color the scenes from around the world!

Add your own personal touch to ancient ruins, cathedrals and museums, skyscrapers and monuments, and much more.

Includes a set of 6 double-ended colored pencils (12 vibrant colors).
Dump For Diabetics Recipe Book - As Seen On TV
Just empty a few ingredients into a slow cooker, pan, or skillet, and you'll soon be enjoying a tasty, guilt-free dish!

Enjoy such favorites as Philly cheesesteak, sloppy joes, and even chocolate cream pie! Contains over 200 meals, side dishes, and desserts, plus nutritional information for each.

Click here to see our entire As Seen On TV collection!
Personalized Washington Post, Los Angeles Times And Dallas Morning News Newspaper Compilation Books
Select Your Historical Date From 3 Major Publications!

What made front-page news the day you were born? What had the world talking the day you were married? Special edition newspaper book features every front page newspaper reprint from the memorable day, date and year you choose, and annually thereafter.

Unique coffee-table edition features blank pages between each front page, ready to fill with personal photos or messages of your choice. The premium leatherette front cover is embossed with gold-lettered name and special date.

Depending on the date and newspaper you select, books will range from 80-200 pages, with most dates between 1900 and 2015 available.

State 2 lines to be embossed: Name, and Date in month/day/year format, up to 22 spaces each line.
Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Coloring Books
$10.00 - $11.99
It's been a colorful campaign so far, with much more to come before this November's elections!

Create your own vision of leadership with a Hillary or Donald coloring book. A great way to pass the time while the candidates battle it out... and a great election year keepsake!
Trump's America The Complete Loser's Guide Book
The founding editor of The Onion brings you the road map every citizen needs to thrive and survive in a "Trumpocalypse!"

Discover how "The Don" will improve the constitution, navigate foreign policy, take out Bigfoot, and more!

You'll even learn how to conceive superior children, become immune to poisons, and how to tell if your yacht salesman is a nobody! It'll be great!
Haunted Presidents Book
Discover stories about ghosts of late presidents--from George Washington to Ronald Reagan, reported experiences of unexplained phenomena, and odd encounters involving members of presidential families.

Such tales include Abraham Lincoln's prophetic dreams, Dolley Madison's spirit seen in the White House rose garden, the demon cat that materializes prior to national disasters, and more.
The Hitler Legacy Book
Underground Nazi networks exist to finance global terror and continues to threaten our security by infiltrating and manipulating religion and politics to push their dangerous ideology on the masses.

Now you can learn the truth about the genuine character of the Nazi cult and the people and political movements it has influenced in the decades since the end of WWII.
Ultimate Tattoo Coloring Book
Amazing Body-Art Imagery For You To Color!

Create colorfully badass works of art with over 170 different tattoo-style designs to fill in using your favorite coloring pencils, markers, or paint. Find dozens of snakes, crosses, skulls, dragons, intricate flowers, and more!

Each page is single sided, allowing you to remove and frame your completed masterpieces.
Ghosts And Poltergists True Stories From Beyond The Grave Book
Are you sensitive (or psychic) enough see and hear the ghosts and spirits that inhabit the world around us?

Re-examine recorded sightings from as far back as Roman times, not as chain-rattling spooks or cold clouds of vapor, but as actual entities that share our greater reality. Next, dig into mysterious accounts of poltergeists, who wreak havoc by throwing things around and playing tricks with light and sound.

Documented accounts from earliest times to present day shed some light on these mysterious beings from the "4th dimension" and their bizarre behavior.
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