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Miracle Candle Spells Book
Now you can improve the chances of having your prayers answered--all it takes is a few colored candles and the easy instructions laid out in this workbook and study guide.

Prayers include: protection, wish fulfillment, healing, business growth, fabulous riches, and much more! No matter what your faith, this book will do its best to propel you in an upwardly prosperous fashion.
How UFOs Conquered The World Book
The History Of A Modern Myth!

Neither a credulous work of conspiracy theory nor a sceptical debunking of belief in "flying saucers," this book shares the author's 40-year journey spanning from childhood fascination with UFOs to his later journalistic research investigating sighting reports, unearthing top-secret government files, and interviewing those who claim they have seen interplanetary craft and had met their occupants.

Learn about the origins of UFOs in the build-up to WWI and how reports of them have changed in tandem with world events, science, and culture.
100 Philosophers Book
Philosophy doesn't teach you what to think--it teaches you how to think.

Discover the true story of the world's greatest philosophers from all over the world inside the pages of this enlightening book.

Presented chronologically from ancient Greece and China to today, 100 philosophers are profiled with sketches of their personal lives, a summary of their thought development, and some of the conclusions they reached.
Simple Spells With Playing Cards Book
Learn how to see the future and cast spells with an ordinary deck of playing cards! Playing cards are not mere "playthings," but are, instead, a mystical link to the great unknown!

Discover how individual cards are like living entities with personalities and traits all their own, and how you can use them in conjunction with candles, incense, and reciting spells to make the "higher powers" do your bidding.

Being born with supernatural powers is not required!
Tattoo Coloring Book
Coloring's not just for kids!

Use your imagination and your artistic weapon of choice to bring these classic tattoo designs to vibrant life. You can create your own masterpieces with illustrated skulls, dragons, tribal patterns, intricate paisleys, swirls and more--all ready to fill in with color.

Each page is single sided, allowing you to remove and frame your art once complete!
Napoleon's Hemorrhoids Book
Do you know which book only came about because its author was laid up with an injury? (Gone With The Wind.) Or which famous cartoon character accidentally got his name from a Frank Sinatra song? (Scooby Doo). Or what was possibly to blame for Napoleon's lost Battle of Waterloo? (A painful case of hemorrhoids that prevented him from riding his horse).

You'll find loads of historical "what ifs" like these and others spanning the fields of science, arts, sports, and business inside this entertainingly informative book.
Double Dragon Leather Journal
Hand-tooled leather-bound journal with metal clasp features a pair of dragons locked in battle, and laced cording on the spine.

Perfect for jotting down thoughts, memories, dreams, or creating fantastical art.
Stuff You Missed In History Class Book
Discover history as you never knew it, with quizzes, trivia tidbits, sidebars & more!

A captivating collection of the coolest and craziest scandals, myths, mysteries, lies and crimes your teachers never wanted you to know!
The Truth Agenda Book
Why do so many people believe in conspiracy theories? Are we in a new era of massive change and consciousness shift? Why are authorities and religions secretly interested in paranormal activity? And how does it all tie together with Western agendas of control and surveillance?

Explore some of the most famous unexplained mysteries and global cover-ups in recent history. Researcher Andy Thomas pulls the many threads together for a credible overview that suggests our world might be very different from the picture presented by the "establishment"!
The Dash Book
Making A Difference In Your Life!

We are often remembered by the date we were born, and the date we die. But, as Linda Ellis so eloquently put it in her 1996 poem, it's really the "dash" of time in between those dates that matters most.

This beautiful book of touching anecdotes about enriching our own life, and that of others, is one you won't forget and an inspiring gift for anyone from grads to retirees.
The 250 Best Muffin Recipes Book
Here are 250 quick and easy recipes, using a variety of tasty ingredients perfect for breakfast or snack, and a few decadent dessert-type treats to round out the collection. Try Orange Marmalade, Cranberry Streusel, Lemon Yogurt, Maple Pecan--even Mashed Potato Muffins!

Includes tips & techniques for perfect muffins, every time!
PEANUTS Waiting For The Great Pumpkin Book
Was: $9.99
Now: $8.97
No matter how many times Halloween ends in disappointment, Linus still believes that one day the Great Pumpkin will rise from the patch.

Keepsake compilation of 4 pop-culture favorite tales by Charles M. Schulz highlight Linus' love, faith & perseverance.

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