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America's National Parks Centennial DVD Collection
In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed legislation to create the National Parks Service.

Today, there are 58 national parks throughout the country, and each one tells its own majestic story.

Slipcased set of DVDs contains magnificent cinematography and an insider's look at the "crown jewels"--Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, and Yosemite.
3rd Rock From The Sun The Complete Series DVD Set
From the moment the Solomon family arrived to study the inhabitants of Earth, their awkward moments (artfully played by John Lithgow, Kristen Johnson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, et al.) captured the hearts of fans and critics alike.

Revisit all 6 seasons of the out-of-this-world comedy with this disc set featuring all 139 episodes.
World Scenic Railroads DVD Set
Five spectacular scenic rail journeys!From the banks of the Rhine to the peaks of the Alps, this disc set treats you to magnificent sights in Austria, Germany, the Mediterranean, New Zealand, and Tibet!

See Beijing, Innsbruck, the ports of Palau and Sardinia, and much more.
The Three Stooges DVD And Memorabilia Collection
From their early Vaudeville days, through the Great Depression and two world wars, to the television era, the beloved knuckleheads brought us plenty of pokes, pratfalls and hilarious horseplay!

Nine-part chronicle of the legendary lunatics, narrated by Moe's son Paul Howard, is a DVD set of archival footage, newly-released private home movies, family photos, and of course, clips of their classic shorts.

Includes a memorabilia collection with such amazing artifacts as a comic book, sheet music, fan club kit, movie poster, and much more--everything but a pie in the face!

The ultimate tribute to the masters of mirth and mayhem!

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Wings The Complete Series DVD Set
For 8 seasons, the employees of Tom Nevers Field soared to the heights of hilarity in one of the funniest sitcoms of all time.

Pull up your first-class seat to all 171 episodes on this disc set, with memorable performances by Tim Daly, Tony Shalhoub, Steven Weber and Thomas Haden Church.
Forbidden Archeology DVD Set
Did modern Homo sapiens really exist on earth millions of years ago?

Over the past 2 centuries researchers have uncovered bones and artifacts that prove the existence of just such a people, but these finds remain largely ignored by the scientific community because they contradict the dominant view of human origins and antiquity.

Discover the hidden history of the human race with this comprehensive 2-DVD set that explores the conspiracies that have hidden this knowledge for centuries.
The Blue Angels DVD Set
Since their inception in 1946, over 500 million people have thrilled to their air shows. Now you can join the elite squadron in the cockpit through this virtual adventure!

Go behind the scenes and inside the inner workings of the demonstration team in this disc set, featuring all new footage.

Experience the jet-assisted takeoff in the massive C-130 Hercules, known as "Fat Albert." Fly wingtip-to-wingtip in Delta and Diamond formations. Take the F/A-18 Hornet to the edge as you roll, spin and dive with the best of the best.
Krav Maga Personal Protection DVD Set
Master krav maga instructor Alain Cohen has taught hundreds of security professionals and trainers all over the world. A former member of the Israeli Defense Forces, he teaches his techniques to some of the world's top security agencies, special forces units, and air marshals.

This disc set will take you from Yellow Belt to Black Belt with instruction on punches, hand & knee strikes, 360° defense tactics, falls & rolls, leg sweeps from the ground, choke, knife & gun defenses (even aboard airplanes), wrist & elbow locks, and real-world life-threatening scenario simulations--including how to disarm a live grenade!

Learn the tactics used by the world's elite fighting forces and protect yourself in virtually any situation.
Remember Pearl Harbor DVD
On December 7, 1941, the USS Arizona lost more than 1100 men in the attack at Pearl Harbor.

The US had many warnings of Japanese aggression, yet our defenses at Pearl Harbor remained lax up until the very moment of attack--even after the sinking of a Navy gunboat in the Pacific, and a US destroyer in the Atlantic.

Discover how American attitudes and politics got in the way of military wisdom, and doomed US forces in Hawaii.

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WWII Great Air Battles DVD Set
From the spitfires that won the battle of Britain, to the US Army Air Corps Mustangs that escorted the bomber assaults on Germany, this set takes you right over the front lines.

Archival collection features daring tales that turned the tables on Germany, Italy and Japan.

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Alchemy The Egyptian Connection DVD
Thousands of years before the first Europeans began the quest to turn base metals into gold, a craft-guild of alchemists existed in Egypt.

Without the most basic technology, or the benefit of modern science, they were able to produce extraordinary artifacts like the stunning golden mask of Tutankhamun. What were their closely guarded secrets? How did they accomplish amazing feats that we can't duplicate even today?

Join in a fascinating exploration of alchemy, the craft pioneered by the Egyptians.
Magician's Guide To Surviving The World's End
In the end... when magic is common... will you be prepared?

Get started now with the magician's guide to surviving the world's end with 13 secret tricks that fool magicians.

This illustrated packet shows you all the materials you'll need and a 36-minute step-by-step instructional DVD that guides you through vital skills for surviving the world's end.
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