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Zumba Gold Live It Up DVD Set
Groove at your own pace with lower-intensity workouts for any age.

DVD set includes step-by-step breakdowns for salsa, merengue, flamenco and other Latin rhythms that revitalize your body AND mind! Cardio session builds endurance, improves balance, and increases energy.

Includes warm-up and cool-down, tips from the experts, plus a bonus program guide to help maximize your results.
Haunted History DVD Set
Come along with Haunted History and travel the country exploring historic locations and the chilling paranormal activity that haunts them to this day.

Listen to the soldiers at Gettysburg; meet the restless souls inhabiting Salem, Massachusetts; and visit Chicago's famous "Murder Castle", where the spirits of the victims of the nation's first serial killer appear in front of astonished witnesses.

Also includes the Manson murders, New Orleans hauntings following Hurricane Katrina, and more.
Abducted By Aliens DVD
Countless individuals have very real memories of being taken against their will by alien entities and being subject to experiments.

Witness tales from abductees--both fantastic and tragic--of experiences aboard alien aircraft, including physical and psychological procedures, and how the US government and military may very well be aware of this phenomenon but are powerless to prevent it.
Bible Revelations The Sacred Codes DVD
What secret codes lie within the Holy Bible?

Man has been attempting to unlock the divine hidden messages from the ancient text for centuries, and today, we have the technology to unravel this vast code.

The question that now remains is whether or not these messages have been delivered by God Himself.
Revelation The End Of Days DVD
What if the apocalyptic prophesies of the Book of Revelation were to unfold today? That's the terrifying question posed by this thrilling new film.

When a series of bomb attacks rock Jerusalem, bringing down the Wailing Wall, it starts 7 years of torment that test the limits of mankind--monster coastal storms, a raging virus that kills millions, and children vanishing into thin air.

Humanity's only salvation lies in the hands of a TV reporter and cameraman, who set out to decode the secrets of Revelation and identify the Antichrist. If they survive, they stand a chance of bearing witness to the most extraordinary event of all--the second coming of Christ.
End Of The World As We Knew It DVD
Since the industrial revolution, man has continued to distance himself from the world--a world with which we were once deeply connected throughout our evolution.

Has the advanced technology that pollutes our air, food, water, and minds been erasing our true selves under the guise of progress?

Discover why many experts feel we are no longer in the age of "common sense," and how we're just steps away from an Orwellian existence.
John Wayne 15 Early Westerns DVD Set
Of the 142 pictures The Duke made, 83 were westerns.

This rare collection of 15 beautifully colorized early movies (including a musical) reflects the beginning of Hollywood's western movie genre.

DVD set stars John Wayne and such "sidekick" supporting actors as Noah Beery, Gabby Hayes, and many more. Hours of trail-ridin' tales that capture our nation's western heritage.

Click here to see our entire John Wayne collection!
Funniest Moments Of Comedy DVD Set
A treasure trove of classic scenes and beloved routines, including Abbott & Costello, Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Jackie Gleason, Martin & Lewis, Richard Pryor, The Three Stooges, The Smothers Brothers, Jonathan Winters, and many more!

Hours of the best comedic talents the world has ever known on a DVD set.

A must-have collection the entire family will enjoy again and again.
The Best Of The Colgate Comedy Hour DVD Set
Nothing today on TV even comes close to this hugely popular variety show from 1950-55!

Hilarious monologues, fresh comic sketches, and elaborate musical productions were the order of the day!

Enjoy the best classic Martin & Lewis performances once again with this DVD set containing hours of spontaneity and humor.
Intimate Instruction DVD Sets
Rekindle the flames or begin new adventures with our intimate instruction disc sets.

Pleasing Her contains explicit guides on orgasms, myths & techniques, and the G-spot. Older & Younger fully explores the benefits of lovemaking with older or younger partners.

Whatever your pleasure, you'll learn from the experts!

Sexually explicit. You must be at least 21 years old to order Intimate DVDs.

Buy any 2 or more, $21.98 each.
Grease Live! DVD
Will Danny and Sandy make their budding romance a reality?

Join the rollicking gang of Rydell High in this electrifying production of the popular musical, performed LIVE before a studio audience!

Features a cast of hot young stars, including Julianne Hough, Vanessa Hudgens, Mario Lopez and Keke Palmer, plus classic AND new tunes!
The Carol Burnett Show Treasures From The Vault DVD Set
Relive your favorite moments from the early years of the Emmy Award-winning Carol Burnett Show!

The first 5 years of the beloved variety show have been glaringly absent from reruns, streaming video, and DVD--until now!

Disc set features 15 uncut episodes as they originally aired on TV, as well as hilarious never-before-seen outtakes, 4 bonus sketches, and celebrity interviews.
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