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Bill Clinton Miss Me Yet Tee
Was: $1.25 - $16.98
Now: $1.25 - $2.87
Fans of former President Bill Clinton will get a kick out of this T-shirt with a post-presidential poke at the current administration.

All in good humor of course--we respect the presidential office.
Blue And Pink Star Shaped Hand Exercisers
Was: $9.98
Now: $6.97
Unique star shape easily fits in the palm of hand and between your fingers. Massages and exercises your entire hand as you squeeze.

Great for stress relief too!
Don't Shake It! Car Alarm And Breaking Glass Gift Alarms
Was: $5.00 - $6.98
Now: $5.00 - $6.98
Drop these credit card-sized sound devices into a wrapped gift. When those snoopers get a little too curious--busted! Shaking or moving the box activates a loud alarm that sounds just like a car alarm or breaking glass!

Use over & over, for Christmas, graduation, showers, birthdays, retirement, etc.
Eagle Military Tee
Army Marines Navy
Was: $1.25 - $20.98
Now: $1.25 - $20.98
Distinctive branch-specific fighting eagle designs are colorful and really grab your attention! Black T-shirt with large back design and front left chest logo.

Choose Marines, Army, Navy or Air Force.

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Santa Hat Chair Cover Set
Was: $14.98 - $16.98
Now: $9.77 - $14.98
Fanciful addition to your seasonal décor! Set of 4 "hats" cover chair or bar stool backs.
Betty Boop™ Santa Suit Ornament
Was: $13.50
Now: $9.97
Handcrafted ornament is styled in the tradition of European mouth-blown glass. A dusting of glitter adds a festive look.

Adult collectible, not intended for use by children.

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Mother In Law Candle Holder
Was: $11.98
Now: $9.97
Frosted glass enhanced with a pretty scroll design, and a verse that expresses appreciation for that special mother-in-law who means so much.

Holds small pillar candles, votives or tealights (one tealight included).
Stufz™ Slider Maker - As Seen On TV
Was: $9.98
Now: $8.97
Make Up To 3 Stuffed Sliders At One Time!

Delicious, sealed, and STUFFED with your favorite ingredients! This little contraption makes it easy to whip up tasty sliders of your own! It shapes and creates a "bowl" for your ingredients, then seals it all in.

Create custom beef, chicken or turkey sliders stuffed with anything from bacon, cheese and jalapenos, to mushroom and swiss, or even a "mac and cheese" stuffing! The ideas are endless!

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Animated Turning Screw Cap
Was: $2.98 - $24.98
Now: $2.98 - $7.57
Easy instant costume!

Turn on and the screw turns, like it's driving deeper into your skull, complete with the sounds of some poor sap suffering ("Ugggggg!")!

Cap is molded to look like a head of hair wrapped with a bloody bandage, complete with fun details, like the oversized bloody screw and bloody matted hair.
Put Your Phone Away Tee
Was: $1.25 - $14.98
Now: $1.25 - $14.98
Our grey tee reads: "Putting Your PHONE AWAY and PAYING ATTENTION To Those Talking to You? There's an App for that. It's called RESPECT".
American Gothic Socks
Was: $12.00
Now: $9.97
Wear one of the most reproduced--and parodied--images! Socks are designed with figures on each side.
Marvel™ Deadpool Magnet Set
Was: $12.00
Now: $8.97
He's not called "The Merc With A Mouth" for nothing!

Famous for his talkative nature and biting humor, Deadpool has become a favorite in the Marvel universe. Set of 3 magnets will appeal to any Deadpool fan (yeah, we're talking to you buddy!).

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