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PEANUTS Gang Two Dollar Bill
Genuine legal-tender $2 bill has been enhanced with colorized images of Snoopy and the rest of the PEANUTS gang!

Revolutionary colorization process yields high-definition images, handsomely showcased in a vinyl folio.

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The Wizard Of Oz Ruby Slippers Coin
Colorized half-dollar coin pays homage to Dorothy's magical ruby slippers from the iconic 1939 film.

This genuine legal-tender collectible arrives in acrylic case and includes display stand.

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The Wizard Of Oz Yellow Brick Road Two Dollar Bill
Stunning collector's item is created from an uncirculated, genuine legal tender $2 bill. It undergoes a high-quality colorization overlay that turns it into a genuine work of art.

The bill is displayed with a Certificate of Authenticity in a vinyl folio.

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Star Trek The Next Generation 30th Anniversary Currency Sets
Debuting in 1987, STAR TREK The Next Generation ushered in a new era of courageous Starfleet officers and crew aboard a 24th-century U.S.S. Enterprise.

Celebrate the popular sci-fi show's 30th anniversary with these commemorative currency sets from The Franklin Mint! Includes one each $2 bill and half-dollar coin featuring full-color overlays depicting The Next Generation Crew and Enterprise, or Captain Picard.

Sets are presented in custom folios with one Certificate of Authenticity per set.

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Vintage Flag Two Dollar Bill
America's first and foremost symbol of freedom and patriotism!

Genuine uncirculated $2 bill, selected from sealed currency packs, receives a high-quality colorization overlay, literally turning Old Glory into a work of art.

Displayed in a double-framed folio, with Certificate of Authenticity.
DC Comics Wonder Woman Rency Two Dollar Bill
Almost as amazing as the superheroine herself!

Genuine US legal-tender currency features a combination of graffiti and pop-art images by the street artist Rency. Hand signed on the reverse by the creator, the giclee artwork features special inscriptions and 3 dramatic images following the "Wonder Woman For President" theme.

The bill includes a clear holder for display.

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Rosie The Riveter Colorized Coin
The iconic figure honoring the women who worked in defense industries during World War II has since come to represent empowered women everywhere, in all walks of life.

Unique colorization process renders the famous illustration in high-definition on a genuine U.S. legal tender Kennedy half dollar coin.
John Wayne Americana Dollar Coin
A tribute to the rough, tough, larger-than-life movie star and American patriot!

Beautifully colorized, using an ink application that achieves a unique level of detail, color saturation, and durability, making it the perfect keepsake.

Genuine legal tender coin features the Eagle clutching olive branch, landing on the Moon design on the reverse. Includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Mint marks chosen at random.

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Ringling Brothers Circus Two Dollar Bill
It was a sad day when "The Greatest Show On Earth" announced the end of this 146-year old tradition, with its final performances in May 2017.

Unique colorized photo overlay preserves our memories of the magnificent elephant act on a genuine U.S. legal tender $2 bill.

Displayed in a double-framed folio, with vintage poster art on a Certificate of Authenticity.
Red, Blue, And Green Seal Bank Notes
Today's paper currency consists of Federal Reserve Notes with green Treasury seals. In the past, Americans used several different types of currency, each with a distinctively colored Treasury seal.

This collection features 3 types of paper currency with different colored seals and serial numbers.

You get one each: $5 red-seal U.S. Note dated 1963 or earlier, featuring Abraham Lincoln on front, and Lincoln Memorial on back; $2 green-seal Federal Reserve Note dated 1976 or later, with Thomas Jefferson on front and illustration honoring the signing of Declaration of Independence in 1776; and $1 blue-seal Silver Certificate (notes once backed by $1 in silver bullion in the U.S. Treasury) dated 1957 or earlier.

Collection arrives in handsome folio for display with historical information.
World's Largest Silver Certificate
All U.S. paper currency printed prior to 1928 were known as "horse blankets" or "saddle blankets" due to their large size.

Although similar in design to the dollar bills of today, the large-sized notes were almost one third larger than the smaller bills printed after 1928. Featuring the familiar portrait of George Washington, painted by famed artist Gilbert Stuart.

Introduced by an Act of Congress in 1878, Silver Certificates were backed by Silver held in the U.S. Treasury and could actually be redeemed for exactly $1 of silver bullion until June 24, 1968.

Silver Certificate is presented on an acrylic wall frame and can be viewed on both sides. Includes Certificate of Authenticity.
2017 Buffalo 50 Dollar Tribute Proof
Few coins have created such a stir or have been as eagerly sought by collectors as the $50 gold buffalo coin based on the reversed buffalo nickel circulated from 1913-1938.

This 14 mg. 2017 tribute proof features the American buffalo against a mirror-like background on reversed with classic Indian head (marked COPY) on obverse.

Proof is 24-kt. gold-clad bronze, arrives encapsulated, and includes Certificate of Authenticity.

A beautiful collectible (no monetary value).
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