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NFL Peyton Manning Touchdown Passing Record Coin Card
Was: $19.98
Now: $17.97
Commemorates the QB's NFL career record with color graphics of the actual touchdown pass, and his passing timeline on the back.

A 39mm silverplate minted coin is inset in the card, visible from both sides, and encased in a custom acrylic holder with display stand. Limited edition of 5000.
Banker's Bag Of Liberty Nickels
Prized by collector's, the Liberty Head nickel was designed by Charles Barber and minted of copper and nickel from 1883 to 1912. These pre-World War I nickels are each over 100 years old!

Your banker's bag holds 20 Liberty nickels!
The Instant Coin Collector Book
Was: $16.99
Now: $14.97
Here's everything you need to know to get started in coin collecting... for fun and profit!

Packed with useful tips and tidbits like which coins to start collecting (and why), collecting terms and definitions, how to maintain and store your collection, and advice for moving beyond the basics.

With more than 650 color photos!
JFK Half Dollar Money Clip
A classy way to keep your bills orderly!

Silvertone moneyclip is mounted with a genuine JFK Half Dollar (minted from 1964 to present). Perfect for coin collectors, history buffs, bosses or anyone who needs a way to keep their cash together.
English Penny Replica
Was: $4.98
Now: $2.87
The English Penny is a mainstay in the coin routines of magicians around the world, yet harder and harder to find.

This copper-plated brass replica (31mm in diameter) has a gorgeous mirror finish and is negligibly larger than a US half dollar (just like the original English Penny).

Will easily find its way into your magic repertoire!
First And Last Indian Head Penny Set
The Indian Head Penny was first struck by the U.S. Mint in 1859--over 150 years ago! The original coins from 1859-1864 were made of a copper-nickel alloy (all later coins were struck in bronze) and among the most prized U.S. coins from the 1800s.

Set includes one 1859 and one 1909 Indian Head Penny (the first and last years of mintage). Among the last surviving specimens of America's "Wild West" days!
Half Dollar Collection Set
Was: $129.98
Now: $128.98
You'll be in half-dollar heaven!

4-coin set includes: a Barber half dollar dated between 1892-1915; a Liberty Walking half dollar dated between 1916-1947; one 1964 Silver Kennedy half dollar; and one Franklin Half Dollar dated between 1948-1963.
White House Eagle Half Dollar
A fresh, colorful look at one of the most popular, collectible U.S. coins!

This JFK half dollar has a colorized portrait the White House and bald eagle (on a flag backdrop) on one side (reverse is untouched). A very patriotic collectible!
1840's Large Cent
The Large Cent was one of the first coins struck under the authority of the new U.S. government, and was minted from 1793 to 1857.

The coin is 13.48 grams of pure copper and measures 27 to 29 millimeters in diameter--more than 4 times heavier than our modern cents and nearly half again larger in diameter. Designs varied and were often given colorful nicknames like the "Blowsy Barmaid" and "The Drunken Diecutter's Obverse".

You are guaranteed to receive a Large Cent dated from the 1840's!
MLB Derek Jeter Final Season Coin Card
Was: $25.00
Now: $19.97
Our exclusive commemorative features a minted silver-plated coin and color card showing the stellar Yankee shortstop in action, along with the years he played. Card's reverse shows the back side of the coin, along with a cap-tip image of Jeter, his final career highlights & records.

Officially licensed by the MLB and made in the USA, sales of this must-have collectible benefit Derek's "Turn 2 Foundation."

Limited edition of 10,000.
Titanic Commemorative Medallion
This solid bronze collector's coin honors the memory of the history-making liner's tragic voyage.

The front depicts Titanic setting out to sea. The reverse details the ship's opulent grand staircase and dome ceiling. Encased in acrylic and displayed in velveteen box, with Certificate of Authenticity.

Limited Edition of 10,000.
First And Last Buffalo Nickel Set
Arguably the most striking of America's rare old coins, the Buffalo nickel is beloved by coin enthusiasts of all ages.

Set contains the 1913 (first year of issue) and 1938 (last year of issue) Buffalo Nickels, which are in short supply today. With each passing year, these coins become more and more difficult to find. Scoop these up now for your collection!

Coins are encased in acrylic to protect their condition and presented in a display box.
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