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Declaration Of Independence 2 Dollar Bill
Based on John Turnbull's painting depicting the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the reverse of this legal tender bill is artfully detailed using a special colorizing technique. A dazzling collectible and conversation piece!

Includes vinyl display portfolio.
Graded Quality Buffalo Nickel
The Buffalo Nickel was minted from 1913 to 1938 and even today remains a nostalgic favorite.

Artist James Earle Fraser used a composite American Indian profile to create the noble obverse, and depicted docile bison Black Diamond, famous denizen of the Central Park Zoo, on the reverse. This specimen will be graded by the American Alliance Coin Grading Service to be in Extra Fine 40 condition (XF40).

Comes in a sonically sealed acrylic case.
100 Year Old Silver Barber Half Dollar
The Silver Barber Half Dollar, struck in 0.900 Fine Silver was designed by chief engraver of the U.S. Mint, Charles E. Barber, and was minted from 1892-1915. The obverse design features the head of Liberty.

Comes in a sealed capsule inside a deluxe display case. Includes Certificate of Authenticity.
MLB World Series Coin Collectible
Relive your favorite team's World Series success!

The unique collectible features a commemorative ticket and 39mm minted commemorative coin in protective capsule, both encased in acrylic panel for display. The back of each ticket lists your team's championship dates, opponent, and scores.

The presentation rests on a handsome wood base, customized with an engraved team nameplate. A striking display for home or office.

Choose team from list.
Titanic Commemorative JFK Half Dollar Coin Collection
Over 100 years later, Titanic's tale of engineering, hubris and humanity continues to fascinate.

Four genuine JFK half-dollar coins enhanced with stunning colorized images, encased in acrylic, capture the history from the doomed ocean liner. Includes wooden display case.
Gold Clad 2014 Kennedy Half Dollar And Photo
In honor of the 50th anniversary of the first solid silver Kennedy half-dollar issued in 1964, treasure this uncirculated coin, lavishly clad in 10 mg of 24-kt. gold!

By special arrangement with the Barry M. Goldwater family, the coin is paired with a famous candid photo of President Kennedy taken by Senator Goldwater himself, and inscribed with a humorous note penned by JFK!

Encased in a protective acrylic frame suitable for display, and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. Limited edition.
Civil War 150th Anniversary Of Obsolete Coins Set
Imagine owning coins from the Civil War!

150th anniversary collection includes an 1865 3-cent nickel and an 1865 2-cent piece, in circulation during the war. Tremendous historical value, not minted in over 125 years!

Both are encased in sealed acrylic and housed in a beautiful wood display box. Includes a Certificate of Authenticity.
NFL Super Bowl XLIX Flip Coin Card
Was: $25.00
Now: $22.97
Commemorative 39mm silver-plated coin is a replica of the one tossed on the field to start the game!

Featured on the front is the symbolic Vince Lombardi Trophy as well as the dueling teams' logos (undecided at press time). The reverse is minted with the Super Bowl XLIX logo, date and location.

Each coin is individually numbered and displayed within a commemorative card detailing the coin toss tradition on the back, then sealed in protective acrylic.

Limited edition of 10,000.
Five Dollar Note Collection
Characterized by red seals and red serial numbers, the Red Seal Notes disappeared from circulation long ago. Silver Certificates have not been seen in circulation for over half a century and today are only found in exclusive private collections.

Collection includes Green Seal $5 Old Style Federal Reserve note, $5 Red Seal U.S. Note, and Blue Seal $5 Silver Certificate. The Old Style Note was replaced in March of 2008, but is, and always will remain, a true classic.

Comes in a beautiful frame along with a history sheet and a Certificate of Authenticity.
NFL Peyton Manning Touchdown Passing Record Coin Card
Was: $19.98
Now: $17.97
Commemorates the QB's NFL career record with color graphics of the actual touchdown pass, and his passing timeline on the back.

A 39mm silverplate minted coin is inset in the card, visible from both sides, and encased in a custom acrylic holder with display stand. Limited edition of 5000.
Banker's Bag Of Liberty Nickels
Prized by collector's, the Liberty Head nickel was designed by Charles Barber and minted of copper and nickel from 1883 to 1912. These pre-World War I nickels are each over 100 years old!

Your banker's bag holds 20 Liberty nickels!
English Penny Replica
Was: $4.98
Now: $2.87
The English Penny is a mainstay in the coin routines of magicians around the world, yet harder and harder to find.

This copper-plated brass replica (31mm in diameter) has a gorgeous mirror finish and is negligibly larger than a US half dollar (just like the original English Penny).

Will easily find its way into your magic repertoire!
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