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Elvis® Collectors Plate
The King is gone, but his music lives forever in the hearts of his fans.

Pictorial plate captures defining elements from his life: his comeback performance, Vegas marquee, million-selling records, automobile collection, and of course, his beloved Graceland.

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Mini Gun Knife Set
Fun pocket knife set for the firearm enthusiast! Weathered look is intended for a more authentic appearance.

Cannot ship to California addresses.
Eagle Head Flag Knife
An impressive knife for display (and handy in a pinch!).

Knife features a sculpted eagle's head with matching colorful insets on front and back. Blade locks into place for use, then releases when back lock is depressed.

Cannot ship to California addresses.
Freemason Pocket Knife
Thoughtful gift for your Mason brothers--and useful too!

Celluloid handle is decorated in the Freemason colors with square & compass logo. Blade locks into place for use, and releases once the midlock button is depressed.

Cannot ship to California addresses.
Rolling Stone Magazine Tee
Was: $1.25 - $22.00
Now: $1.25 - $17.97
With its roots in all things music, the very first issue of the ground-breaking publication hit the newsstands on November 9, 1967.

Heather gray T-shirt pays tribute to the iconic magazine.
Barbie® PEZ® Set
Introduced in March of 1959, Barbie remains one of the world's most popular toys!

Celebrate 55 years of fun, with a collectible embossed tin filled with 4 different Barbie dispensers, as well as 6 rolls of delicious US made PEZ candy.
U.S. Presidents Volume 3 PEZ® Set
Politics have never been so sweet!

Sculpted to represent our nation's leaders, this set of 5 PEZ dispensers includes brief bios on the back of the box, and 5 rolls of delicious US made candy.

Volume III: James Polk, Zachary Taylor, Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan.

Buy 2 or more, $15.00 each.
Light Up Motorcycle Knife
Folding bike knife has a distinctive serpentine look, plus, an actual working LED headlight! Too cool!

Knives cannot be shipped to California addresses.
Masonic Folding Knife
One of the most unique Masonic knives we've seen!

Knife unfolds and can be arranged for display in the Square and Compass shape. Tastefully decorated, it can be used as a regular pocket knife as well.

Truly a one-of-a-kind collector's item.

Knives cannot be shipped to California addresses.
Fire Engine Knife Set
Was: $20.00
Now: $11.57
Fire fighting has come a long way since the first bucket brigades.

Set of 2 knives with enameled handles depict trucks from the 1920s and the 1940s. Both feature stainless steel blades and liner lock handles.

Knives cannot be shipped to California addresses.
Gun That Shot Lincoln Replica
Was: $99.00
Now: $84.87
On April 14, 1865, Abraham Lincoln became the first US President to be assassinated, felled by Confederate sympathizer John Wilkes Booth.

Hold history in your hands with a re-creation of Booth's firearm, the Philadelphia Deringer. Non-firing replica features wood stock, barrel, and working percussion mechanism. This gun is so simple and unassuming, yet so pivotal in our nation's history.

Includes presentation box and story card.

Note: This is an adult collectible, intended for display only. Limited quantities.
Kewpie® 1949 Doll
Was: $49.00
Now: $45.00
Rose O'Neill first drew illustrations of her elfin doll in 1912 and by 1913 more than 5 million Kewpies had been sold. In 1949, the Effanbee Doll Company created the first hard plastic versions of the popular doll and today presents an exciting vinyl replica for its 50th anniversary.

Accurate to the last detail, this timeless creation even wears a romper based on the clothes she wore fifty years ago. She features jointed arms, legs and neck.

Warning: Choking Hazard-Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.