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Boobies Beer Cozy
Looks like it was lovingly crafted by someone's Nana... who has a wicked sense of humor!

Fits most beer cans and bottles.
Poop Joke Set
Plastic poops look just like the real thing--Eech! Never fails to generate laughs, gags and shrieks of horror!

3-piece set includes the "doggie doo doo", "toilet seat turd" (shaped to lay on toilet seat), and "stepped in doo".
Fake Parking Tickets Set
If you've ever gotten a parking ticket, you know these bright orange fakes could fool anyone at first glance.

Reverse side of the "ticket" has 15 offenses to choose from (or mark all that apply!) such as "Parking like a jack-ass" or "Too damn old to drive a car". Is the car a piece of crap? Check that box too!

So fill one out, slap it on someone?s windshield and prepare for the laughs!
Hypnotizer Glasses
Look into my eyes. You are feeling very sleepy...

Wear these glasses and you may find people slipping into states of suggestibility. As you move your head, the spirals appear to twirl in a very calming way.
Couch Potato Scratch-A-Matic®
$2.98 - $8.98
Push-button spinning finger is the ultimate gag for the guy who has everything!

All-in-one Butt-Itcher, Nose-Picker & Ball Scratcher is a multi-use man's best friend.
Tricky Dice
You're a natural. Trick dice will roll a 7 or 11 every time!
Sexy Golf Tees Set
Rest your balls on these sexy-shaped tees and start swinging!

Whether they'll add or subtract strokes from your game is totally up to you!
Money Snatcher
Snatch that bill right outta their hands! The reactions are priceless. (Money not included.)
Bagel Surprise
Looks delicious... but when they pick it up for a bite, a cockroach leaps up!
Cabana Boy Please Bell
Ring for service--you might be surprised at who answers! A fun and sassy novelty for poolside, or your bar!
Trick 2-Way Squirt Gun
Squirt your friend, then offer the gun to them so they can "get you back." But ha ha! When they try, all they get is water in their face!

Hidden squirt nozzle with front/back switch.

Assorted colors; our choice, please.
Sunscreen Lotion Tube Flask
Fake Sunscreen Tube Is Really A Flask!

Smuggle your booze anywhere inside this clever flask that looks like an ordinary tube of sunscreen. Easy to fill, easy to hide at the beach, pool, concerts, sporting events, amusement parks, cruises, etc.
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