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Animated Haunted Hedge
$2.98 - $19.98
Scare the be-jeebers out of those trick-or-treaters or party guests!

Place unit in a tree, hedge or plant. The motion sensor activates the 2 light-up orange eyes and growling sounds, while shaking the foliage!

A must-have prop for indoor or outdoor use.
Magic Tricks Onyx Edition
Prepare to astound!

This comprehensive collection of magic props and illustrated instructions (including access to 40 online tutorials) allows you to learn, practice, and master 200 tricks and illusions to amaze your audience!

All-inclusive kit contains 67 props for performing sleight of hand, transformation, vanishing, escape tricks, and more!

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
Humunga Chomp And Bling Dog Toys
Hilarious fetch toys give your pooch a great grin, whether just cheesin' for your camera, or posin' for the "pup-arazzi!"

Designed for large breed dogs, the hollow balls are made of natural rubber with a hole on top and bottom, and decorated with non-toxic paint.

Select Bling (rock star gold grill), or Chomp (pearly-white people teeth).

Buy any 2 or more, $12.98 each.
Beer Bottle Holder Necktie
Necktie is the perfect hands-free way to keep your brew cold and handy!

Great gag gift for the "professional" imbiber. Holds cans or bottles.
Donald Trump Toilet Roll Talker
$14.98 - $15.98
The bathroom can be the best place for political hijinks!

Swap your plain roller out for this little gem, and the next person who pulls off a handful of TP will get an earful of one 8 of the Donald's iconic election quotes in his voice!

Features superior sound quality and on/off switch.

Click here to see our entire Donald Trump collection!
Personalized No Soliciting Sign
Did we leave anything out?

Sign discourages anyone but family and friends (and cookie sellers!) from disturbing your peace. Not weatherproof--best suited for covered or protected entryway.

State name up to 14 spaces. "The" is included and does not count toward your personalization.
Now You See Me 2 Magic Set
Amaze your friends and blow their minds with 150+ magic tricks, including illusions performed by the "Four Horseman" in Now You See Me 2!

With this all-inclusive magic set, you'll learn how to read minds, defy gravity, throw cards, and more!

Kit includes metal chain with key and padlock, one deck each of marked anti-gravity and "invisible" cards, levitation gadget, jumbo 3-card-monte set, 2 paper clips, secret "thumb-tip" device, and user guide with directions for accessing bonus instructional videos in a sturdy metal secure carry case.

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
Dump Trump Toilet Paper
Was: $9.98
Now: $5.98
He's definitely not your #1 choice, but he's perfect for #2!

If you are a firm believer that politics is truly a laughing matter, join the movement to make this timely TP one of the most sought-after novelty items of the 2016 Presidential Campaign!

Click here to see our entire Donald Trump collection!
Guns Are Welcome, You Are In Range, And Prefer Guns Over Women Signs
Tongue-in-cheek sign warns visitors AND trespassers of your most-prized possession!

Ten Reasons illustrates how your favorite firearm's inability to make a sandwich is the only thing keeping it from claiming prime real-estate on the other side of your bed.

Guns Are Welcome lets friends, family, and pesky salesman know you support their right to bear arms--as long as they're also armed with skill and common sense.

You Are In Range spells out how venturing any closer could prove to be painful.

Tin signs feature rolled edges, embossed designs, and a durable, weatherproof finish.

Buy any 2 or more, $8.98 each.
No Trespassing Metal Sign
Our no-nonsense sign is so much more effective than those "No Soliciting" window decals that makeup peddlers and vacuum salesman are so fond of ignoring!

Tin sign features embossed details and simulated bullet holes to drive your point home.
Nut Pen Holder
Perfect desk accessory for mechanics, tinkerers, and do-it-yourselfers.

Pen holder is shaped like a staggered stack of hex nuts, complete with "thread" detailing. Great for containing pens, screws, or a handful of very manly daisies.
Wake And Bake Mug
Uniquely sculpted mug will assure warm and "toasty" mornings worth getting out of bed for.

Lime-green mug with tasteful coffee-company logo also makes a great gag gift for that coworker who takes his job far too seriously.

Holds coffee, tea, cocoa, cereal, cheese puffs, or pizza bites.
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