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Recordable Beer Pager
$2.98 - $24.98
Perfect for the person who always misplaces their drink!

Record a message up to 15 seconds--voice, sound, music, etc. Remote activates it up to 60 feet away, making your drink light up, call your name, play a song, whistle for you--whatever you've recorded.

The holder keeps your beverage chilled, and the remote clips onto belt or purse. Don't leave home without it!
Buzzer Alarm Clock
$2.98 - $22.98
Shake up your wake-up!

Alarm won't shut off until you use the looped wand to trace the wire without touching it. Touch the wire and you have to start all over again while the alarm keeps on going!

Great gag gift for the morning-challenged.

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
Farts In A Can
$2.98 - $11.98
High-fidelity canned fart sounds for your enjoyment!

Whether you're looking for a gag gift or just want to have some laughs, canned flatulence is the perfect answer.

Includes six super-satisfying fart sounds: silent but deadly; loud and proud; the big boy; uh oh! one too far; booty bomb, and the squeaker.
George Takei Fortune Teller And Talking Pen Set
Looking for answers? Ask the wise George Takei!

Talking Button gives hilarious answers to your most pressing questions. Includes 25 exclusive voice recordings with sound effects.

Press the top of the Talking Pen to hear George's signature "Oh myyy..." Perfect for home, office, or starship.

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
Gigantic Fake Plop Set
Our fake plop of poo is super-sized for extra-large laughs. With realistic color and texture, it's sure to fool everyone.

Set of 2 is great for indoor and outdoor pranks.
Magician's Guide To Surviving The World's End
In the end... when magic is common... will you be prepared?

Get started now with the magician's guide to surviving the world's end with 13 secret tricks that fool magicians.

This illustrated packet shows you all the materials you'll need and a 36-minute step-by-step instructional DVD that guides you through vital skills for surviving the world's end.
Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox
The perfect blend of fun and functionality to fully equip the new or soon-to-be dad!

Ultimate toolbox contains 14 items ranging from useful--diaper, wipes, pacifier, picture frame, etc.--to hilarious must-haves like goggles, tongs, rubber gloves, and biohazard bag! A hoot at the baby shower!

Dad can use the sturdy handled box for actual tools (if he makes it past the diaper stage!)
Donald Trump Toilet Paper Set
We like to have a little fun with politicians, just as the comedians and pundits have done for centuries. If you do too, we have the perfect prank gift for your political allies OR foes.

Caricatures of The Donald, printed on every sheet; won't smudge or smear. Set of 3 rolls (3-ply).
Original Sitting Rubber Duck
$8.50 - $9.50
A blast from the past for your bath!

Retro rubber duck is made of natural latex and handpainted with natural-dye paints. Fun stocking stuffer or retro gift for the collector.

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
The Prediction Magic Kit
Now you can correctly predict any spectator's selection of cards and medallions--and even fool your fellow magicians!

Kit includes special medallions and magical props you need to use with an ordinary deck of cards. Also includes a bonus impromptu version and instructional DVD for quick learning.

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
Newton's Cradle
The classic desk accessory is both art-in-motion and proof of Newton's Principle that "action and reaction are equal and opposite."

Lift one of the 5 steel balls at either end and let it swing back--the ball at the other end will swing out the same distance as the one you lifted, proving the scientific theory and mesmerizing you for hours.

Use it to waste time, relieve stress, tune out boring coworkers, or schooling youngsters in physics. Fair warning: it's totally addictive!
Earwax Candle Prank Gift Box
Prank Gift Box Will Leave You (And Them) In Stitches!

Highly-realistic printed box hides your gift in what looks like a ridiculous item that is sure to cause a laugh riot! Slip your "real" gift inside the empty prank box and wrap as usual. Your gift recipient will be speechless when they tear into their gift!

"Just what I always wanted... NOT!"
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