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Tie Dye, Pastel And Camouflage Cake Mix
Turn up the "wow-factor" at your next get-together when you serve up slices of an awesome rainbow, pastel or camouflage tie-dye cake!

Dry cake mix includes step-by-step directions plus liquid color tints, and options for 2-layer, 3-layer, 13"x 9", or tube pan. Just add your own eggs, oil, water, and frosting.
Over The Hill Backwards Clock
$2.98 - $14.98
Who says you can't turn back time?

Novelty clock face is printed in reverse and the hands run counter-clockwise, so it appears that time is going backwards! By golly, you'll feel younger by the minute!
Precious Moments™ Birthday Blessings Musical
Bestow birthday blessings upon someone special!

Wind-up figure on pedestal plays the tune "Happy Birthday To You." A cute collectible to be enjoyed each year!

Click here to see our entire Precious Moments™ collection!
Personalized Newspaper Birthday Books
The front page from the day you were born and every birthday thereafter, reproduced from the archives of the Washington Post or L.A. Times!

Bound in a large-format book, each year's spread includes a blank "Remember When" side for attaching photos, mementos or comments from that time. Gold-embossed leatherette front cover personalized with name and date makes this a truly unique keepsake.

State name up to 22 characters/spaces. State date (spell out in month/day/year format).
Curious George™ Birthday Plush
Having celebrated over 70 years of birthdays himself, George has befriended generations of youngsters.

Adorable plush depicts Margret & H.A. Rey's inquisitive little monkey dressed in celebratory party hat with birthday present.
Kaboom Flashing Candle Set
Set of bomb-shaped candles are perfect for making birthdays and other celebrations explosively fun!

These novelty candles spark (and relight) as they burn--as if they are about to explode!
Birthday Countdown Candle
Starting with your child's first birthday, burn the candle down to the next number, each year until they reach age 21!

A unique way to mark the milestones, and a tradition they'll look forward to every year.

Choose color: Pink or Blue.
Birthday Toilet Paper Set
$13.50 - $16.98
Roll out the birthday wishes!

3-pack of 2-ply TP might not be their #1 gift, but it will surely do for #2! Great gag for any age!
Prank Gift Boxes
Was: $6.98
Now: $5.97
Prank Gift Boxes Will Leave You (And Them) In Stitches!

Oh boy! Just what I always... wanted? A Blankeez for the whole family? A fake beard beer dispenser? Toe Tunes slipper speakers? What the heck?

These extremely-detailed and highly-realistic product boxes will leave your victim speechless while you're busting a gut on the floor. Just slip the "real" gift inside one of these prank boxes, wrap like usual, and put underneath the tree. Hilarity will shortly ensue!

Each (empty) box is about the size of a giant phone book. You supply the actual "gift", of course.
Don't Shake It! Sound Effects For Gifts
Was: $5.00 - $5.97
Now: $5.00 - $5.97
The first thing people do when they receive a gift is shake it to guess what's inside. To fool them, drop our credit-card sized sound device into the wrapped box. When your victim shakes it, they will be scared off (and ratted out) by the wailing sound of a car alarm!

Perfect for birthdays, Christmas, graduation, showers, retirement, etc. Use over & over!
Animated Blow Out Candle Birthday Bear Plush
$2.98 - $24.98
With Glowing LED Birthday Candle!

Soft plush bear is a delight for all ages! Press a paw, and the bear sways head and moves arms excitedly while singing "Happy Birthday." At the end of the song, the bear makes a whooshing sound and out goes the candle on the cupcake!
Personalized Birthday Tag Tees
$18.98 - $21.98
These sale tags actually make aging look like a bargain!

State name up to 12 characters/spaces including punctuation exactly as you want it to appear. State gender (he/she).
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