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Eight In One Tire Gauge And Emergency Tool
$2.98 - $19.98
A Must-Have For Your Emergency Kit!

Cut yourself out of a seat belt. Break out a window if you get trapped. Activate the emergency light to signal for help.

Never leave home without this emergency tool with tire-pressure gauge, LED flashlight, glass breaker, flashing emergency light, seat-belt cutter, tire-tread depth meter, tire-pressure release, lanyard, and magnet for easy hanging.
Angel Car Charm
A trio of hand-tuned chimes produces a soft, musical sound that soothes and relaxes as you navigate the busy highways of life.

Designed to hang from your vehicle's rear view mirror, but feel free to use as a ceiling fan pull, holiday ornament, or anywhere you choose!
Auto Escape Emergency Tool
Was: $10.50 - $12.98
Now: $9.97 - $10.50
Don't get trapped in your vehicle!

This 7-in-1 compact keyring tool can save you in an emergency with the spring-loaded glass striker, seat-belt cutter, and airbag needle punch.

Also features a tire-tread depth gauge, static eliminator, bottle opener, and utility knife.
Auto Emergency Light And Escape Tool
$2.98 - $12.98
Multifunction auto safety tool has everything you need to escape your vehicle in an emergency.

Features an LED lantern, flashlight with magnetic rim, spring-loaded glass striker, and seat-belt cutter in one device that easily fits into glove compartment or console.
Nurse On The Go Car Mirror Charm
Professional caregiver, coming through!

Enameled metal nurse's cap charm on shot bead chain, accented with 3 mini charms symbolizing faith, love & compassion, hangs from your car's rearview mirror.
Car Back Seat Organizer
Was: $15.98
Now: $11.97
Organize your car and keep your backseat passengers happy with this convenient seat-back storage bag!

Insulated main compartment keeps drinks cold, or heated food hot, and mesh side pockets are perfect for holding bottled beverages. Slip a tissue box into bottom compartment for easy dispensing.

Attaches to driver or passenger-seat headrest supports with adjustable buckled strap.
First Alert Parking Alert Sensor
$0.98 - $39.98
Traffic-light style parking sensor helps you park safely in your garage!

Illuminates green when you’re 16 ft. away, yellow at 5 ft., and red when you’re 1.5 ft. away from the sensor.

Works for both pulling AND backing in. Easily installs on wall, workbench, or shelf with included mounting tape.
Military Branch Car Floor Mats
2-piece set features raised edges that contain dirt & moisture, keeping your vehicle's driver & front passenger side carpet areas clean and dry.

Choose branch: Marines, Air Force, Army or Navy.

Click here to see our entire Military collection!
Car Lumbar Cushion
Travel in comfort with our memory-foam lumbar cushion!

Easily attaches to vehicle's seat and stays in place with the sewn-in elastic band. Great for everyday commutes, long road trips, and can even be used at a desk or with a wheelchair.
Grab And Pull Seat Belt Reacher
Convenient snap-on attachment makes your seat belt easier to reach!

Ideal for people with limited mobility, arthritis, shoulder pain, or back conditions. Quick, easy installation, and rubberized for comfortable grip.
Garage Parking Sensor
$2.98 - $34.98
Take the guess work out of parking your car in tight garage spaces without hitting the wall or damaging your vehicle.

Mount the small motion sensor on wall, workbench, or other surface using the Velcro and adhesive level with the center of vehicle's bumper, park in the desired zone, press red button to calibrate.

Set distance anywhere from 6 inches to 6 feet! Once programmed, light will illuminate green when a moving vehicle is detected, turn yellow to warn driver to slow down, then red to signal driver to stop.

Motion sensor has built-in walkway lighting.
Super Snow Shield
$11.50 - $12.98
No More Brushing Or Scraping Snow And Ice Off Your Windshield!

Protect your vehicle's windshield from frost, snow, sleet, and ice! Low-profile windshield cover has strong, sewn-in magnets to keep it from blowing away, and side flaps lock inside vehicle doors for additional security. Even helps prevent wiper blades from freezing.

Easy to set up and remove, and comes with drawstring carrying case.
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