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Leopard Mesh Back Support
Makes Every Chair A Better Chair!

Ergonomic design provides the essential low back support recommended by physical therapists, chiropractors and spine specialists. Adjustable buckle and nylon straps assure the perfect fit to make sitting more comfortable at home, in the car, at the office, or while traveling.
Guardian Angel Visor Clip
Guardian angel clip has the touching sentiment "Don't drive faster than your Guardian Angel can fly" written on it as a gentle reminder for your loved ones to stay safe while driving.
Catch Caddy™ - As Seen On TV
Catches Items Dropped Between The Seats!

Make good use of that awkward space between the seats of your car! Catch Caddy slides between the seats (or seat and console) to create storage, as well as catching dropped phones, change, crumbs or whatever else!

Flexible caddy fits most vehicles and slides with seats when moved forward or back.

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Car Visor Bluetooth Speaker
Syncs & Remembers 2 Different Phones!

Safely call and talk to family, friends and business associates while driving! Hands-free speaker clips to your visor and will automatically pair with up to 2 different cell phones. No need to press a button to switch between phone users--the speaker remembers for you.

With up to 18 hours of talk time available and a 40-day stand-by time. Charges quickly when needed.

Includes USB cord and 12-volt adapter for charging. Compatible with most Bluetooth-equipped cell phones.
Wireless Key Finder
$2.98 - $27.98
No More Misplaced Keys!

Wireless Key Finder Pages Your Lost Keys! Just attach one of the color-coded key chains (2 included) to your set of keys. Later, when you can't remember where you placed them, just go over to your transmitter and press the corresponding color button.

Transmitter will page your keys--key chain will beep to help you locate them! With a healthy 50-foot range!
Backseat Media Organizer
Long car trips are a breeze when the kiddos have everything they need within reach!

Three-pocket organizer holds your iPad and most other tablets, books, music, snacks, toys, games, etc. Adjustable strap attaches to front headrest. Vinyl window wipes clean, and protects devices.

(Device and other contents not included.)
Solar Powered Auto Fan
Prevents Heat Build-Up While Parked!

Why get hit with that blast of stale HOT air the second you open your car door after its been parked for awhile on a sunny day? Use this solar-powered fan instead to blow that hot air out and draw fresh air in. Also helps eliminate any tobacco or pet odors.

Fits any car window--no batteries needed!
Wipe New™ Tires - As Seen On TV
Apply Once & Lasts For 6 Months!

The only long-lasting tire shine that does not crack, peel or wash away! One application lasts 6 months--no matter what the conditions!

Unique formula cures dry to the touch without attracting dust or dirt. Also won't rinse away in rainy conditions or after a car wash. No greasy residue. Provides UV protection too.

Includes bottle, gloves and applicator sponge.

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Reward Card Organizer
Was: $9.98
Now: $8.97
An easy way to store and keep track of all your reward and loyalty cards!

Double-sided organizer holds up to 20 cards--keep it in your glove box or on your visor. Then just grab the card you need before heading into the store. Keeps your purse free of clutter!
Parking Space Goddess
Arghhh--can't find a place to park? This lucky charm might help.

Just say the included incantation* and wind up the angel to get her wings bobbing. Then, allegedly, a parking space will appear for you. We've had good results so far, even at the mall on a Saturday afternoon!

*"As I circle at a turtle's pace, please give me a parking space. One that's wide and in the shade, then protect my car from the meter maid."
Wipe New™ Headlight Restore - As Seen On TV
Foggy headlights make driving dangerous, makes your car look rundown, and can put your vehicle at risk for failing state inspections. Now, get crystal clear headlights in just seconds!

Wipe New is designed to bind to the lens to form a weather and UV resistant coating that will last for years!

Includes Wipe New infused applicator cloth, professional lens polishing pad, pair of nitrile gloves and microfiber towel.

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Sherpa Neck Support
Was: $14.98
Now: $12.97
Turn those car rides into a more comfortable experience!

Sherpa neck support slips over your headrest to provide soft ergonomic comfort for your head and neck. Can also be used on other chairs around the home and office.
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