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Arrive Alive Visor Clip
Like a guardian angel, this inscribed reminder encourages loved ones to keep their eyes on the road, their hands on the wheel, and their phones tucked away so that everyone arrives alive at their destination.

Fits most auto visors.
Cling Auto Shade
$6.00 - $6.98
Set of 2 self-cling sun shades mount on any window in car, RV, boat, and more without suction cups!

Static-cling film holds firmly in place. Easily removes and folds for storage.
Heated Seat Cushion
Our mobile heated seat cushion provides heat to the seat and lumbar regions for a more comfortable ride. Features high and low temperature settings and heats up in seconds!

Elastic strap system secures cushion to your car seat, and included power adapter works in any vehicle cigarette lighter or 12V power outlet. Folds for easy storage.
Heated Rear Seat Cushion
Satiny-soft quilted cushion features a built-in heater for vehicle bench seats!

Plugs into any 12V outlet and warms quickly to provide soothing warmth to back-seat passengers with 3 heat levels (high, low, and off).

Includes 2 elastic straps, and power cord.
Auto Litter Locker
Our leakproof litter locker is a convenient solution for holding trash and keeping it out of sight.

Features an adjustable mounting strap and sturdy clips for attaching to passenger-seat headrest or anywhere else in the vehicle. Velcro closure keeps waste hidden. Can even be used to store vehicle necessities.
NFL Light Up Hitch Cover
Show tailgaters at the game and on the road who you cheer for!

A perfect gift for any true NFL fan. Entire plate illuminates when you brake, and your turning signals activate LED on left or right side depending on your intended direction. Connects to towing-capable vehicle's 4-way adapter.

Choose team from list.
ODii The Ultimate Grab It Gadget
Easily retrieve fallen keys under the car seat, dropped jewelry from the sink drain, or even screws and tools while tinkering under the hood!

Revolutionary retrieval tool features an extendable 4-pronged claw and easy-grip handle to pick up lost objects, along with detachable magnet wand (for picking up screws, paperclips, and other magnetic items), and LED flashlight makes it easy to see under seats and between furniture.

Great for home, garage, and car.
College Travel Coasters Set
Was: $11.98
Now: $7.87
Coasters aren't just for tabletops!

Represent your favorite college on the go with this set of 2 travel coasters. Fits most automobile cup holders.

Choose college team.
Ladybug Mini Vacuum - As Seen On TV
Handheld mini vacuum cleans quick messes at home, office, or in the car--and goes where bulky vacuums can't!

Features crumb-busting brush bristles, a 12,000 RPM micro-vortex motor, and fusion-mesh air filter to eliminate crumbs, dirt, and debris from hard AND upholstered surfaces.

Small enough to fit in kitchen drawer or travel bag.

Click here to see our entire As Seen On TV collection!
Eight In One Tire Gauge And Emergency Tool
A Must-Have For Your Emergency Kit!

Cut yourself out of a seat belt. Break out a window if you get trapped. Activate the emergency light to signal for help.

Never leave home without this emergency tool with tire-pressure gauge, LED flashlight, glass breaker, flashing emergency light, seat-belt cutter, tire-tread depth meter, tire-pressure release, lanyard, and magnet for easy hanging.
Angel Car Charm
Was: $12.98
Now: $6.77
A trio of hand-tuned chimes produces a soft, musical sound that soothes and relaxes as you navigate the busy highways of life.

Designed to hang from your vehicle's rear view mirror, but feel free to use as a ceiling fan pull, holiday ornament, or anywhere you choose!
Auto Escape Emergency Tool
Was: $12.98
Now: $5.57
Don't get trapped in your vehicle!

This 7-in-1 compact keyring tool can save you in an emergency with the spring-loaded glass striker, seat-belt cutter, and airbag needle punch.

Also features a tire-tread depth gauge, static eliminator, bottle opener, and utility knife.
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