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Money Soap Set
Was: $19.97
Now: $15.97
Set of 2 delightfully scented bars of soap have a surprise in the center--cold cash! Once the soap wears down, you capture your prize--guaranteed to be one of the following: a real $1, $5, $10, $20, or even a $50 bill!

A unique gift AND a great incentive to get kids to wash their hands more often!
Poo Pourri Master Crapsman Bathroom Box Set
Every guy knows, big jobs require the right tools!

Spray-before-you-go bottles contain a combination of natural oils that create a barrier to bathroom odors. With its clever toolbox-style package, it's a gift that keeps on giving, and one that your handyman will thank you for!

Two stink-killing scents: Heavy Doody & Poo-tonium. Set of 2 boxes (total of 4 bottles).
President Barack Obama Later Gift Set
Was: $37.97
Now: $29.97
Track the absolute final day, right down to the last minute, until the current administration leaves office. Reusable because the timer can be re-programmed or it can be used as a desk clock.

Each day brings us one step closer to the end of his term! Twelve-month calendar counts down the days until the current President vacates the Oval Office. A full color photo and quote are featured each month, as well as highlighted "star-date" events from his term.

The perfect prank gift for your political allies or foes. Images printed on every sheet; won't smudge or smear. Set of 3 rolls (3-ply).

Offered in good fun--we respect the office of the President.

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M&M's Shower Curtain And Hooks Set
Was: $26.97
Now: $21.97
Brighten Your Bath With M&M's Decor!

Show your good taste in the bath with the oh-so-cute M&M's metal shower curtain hooks (set of 12). Shower curtain includes red plastic rings.

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Kama Sutra And Money Toilet Paper Sets
$7.00 - $7.98
Titillating Kama Sutra toilet tissue illustrates how to take care of business in the bedroom while you're taking care of business in the bathroom. Features a frisky couple demonstrating a different kama sutra position for every day of the week.

Adult content; not meant for children.

For the one constantly flushing his money down the toilet, these rolls of Benjamins are the perfect potty paper for the person who has more money than he knows how to spend.

Both are a set of 2 rolls.
Belgian Witbier And IPA Beer Soap
Grab one of these soaps next time you "hop" in the shower!

These bars are made with craft beer and lots of good-for-your-skin stuff. Work up a lather with the herbal and earthy IPA bar containing craft beer and ground hops, or suds up with the spicy, citrusy-sweet Belgian Witbier bar.

Does not smell like a stale dive bar. Does not contain alcohol. Please bathe responsibly.

Buy any 2 or more, $7.98 each.
Revolver Toilet Brush
Your turn to scrub the toilet?

Attack that dirty task with this revolver-shaped toilet brush and wipeout the grime in no time. Fun bathroom décor for gun enthusiasts (and useful too!).
American Eagle Towel
If you find yourself humming "America The Beautiful" or "Star Spangled Banner" type of songs while in the shower, then you ought to be drying off with this patriotic eagle towel!

Also great for pool parties, the beach, or even to hang on the wall.
Redneck Shotgun Plunger
$2.98 - $29.98
Real working toilet plunger means the poo is through!

Not only does it actually do the job, but it also makes realistic shotgun sounds when you pull the trigger. So, take aim and turn an unpleasant chore into a real "blast!"
Bathtub Lotion Dispenser
Tub dispenses your favorite liquid soap or lotion (not included) from the "faucet!" Just press to pump.

Fun bath accent!
Purse Shaped Hairstyling Caddy
Coated metal mesh organizer has plenty of dedicated space to hold dryer, irons, spray cans, gels, brushes, combs, ties, clips, etc. Easy to carry it all from room to room. Great for dorms, too!

Cute purse shape with jewel accent looks pretty on vanity or dresser.
Bunny Tail Cotton Ball Dispenser
Fill with cotton balls to create the bunny's sweet little cotton tail!

Easy-to-use dispenser looks cute in bath, bedroom, or nursery. Cotton balls not included.
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