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Bloody Shower Curtain
Everybody has that one friend who has to check the bathtub for axe murderers every time they use the restroom.

This shower curtain is the perfect way to illicit a shriek or 3 from that friend when they find not a murderer, but an image of a bloody victim begging for help!

Shower curtain is perfect for Halloween, costume parties, or anytime you want to frighten the snot out of your guests.
Clear Top Shower Curtain
With Storage Pockets!

Let the light in your shower without sacrificing privacy. Shower curtain has a clear upper portion to provide light and view, and frosted lower portion gives you the privacy you need.

8 individual mesh pockets provide storage for shampoo, conditioner, razor, loofah, and more--freeing up valuable space and keeping items within safe-and-easy reach.

Modern design with deluxe grommets (hooks not included) fits in with any décor. 3 weights on bottom hold curtain in place and it easily wipes clean with a damp cloth.
Two Tier Basket Drawers
Organize cleaning supplies under your sink or spices in your pantry, and free up valuable space with our basket drawers.

Sliding basket system makes it easy to stow and retrieve essentials. Baskets are also removable for even easier access.

Simple, tool-free assembly means you can get organized quickly, and non-skid feet keeps your necessities from sliding around.
Hard Water Wand - As Seen On TV
Easily remove toilet, tub, and tile stains caused by calcium, lime, and rust with this scrubbing wand!

Volcanic pumice stone cleans tough stains, leaving your toilet, shower, or sink sparkling clean! Gentle on porcelain, and extended-reach handle means you never have to get your hands dirty.

Just wet the stone and stained area, and easily scrub away the grime! Includes self-stick hanging hook for storage.

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Bowl Brite - As Seen On TV
$2.98 - $9.98
Unique night light activates when you enter the bathroom, and even "knows" whether the seat is up or down!

Prevents midnight surprises when you have to sit, and eliminates the need for having to turn on the dreaded "wake-up" light. Shines red when the seat is up, and green when the seat is down. Easier than changing the toilet paper--just peel and stick to the lid and it stays firmly in place for years of use.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.

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Home Spa Bath Pillow And Lumbar Cushion
$27.98 - $28.98
Comfortably relax as you soak in the tub!

Bath pillow and lumbar cushion made with open-air fibers allow air and moisture to flow through, giving you the support you need without worrying about mold and mildew.

Pillow's bolster neck rest cradles your neck and shoulders. Lumbar cushion's back rest is adjustable with Velcro® closures for custom comfort, and mat provides ample slip-proof coverage for back and bottom.

Both are quick drying and secure to tub with suction cups.
The Back Scrubber Set
Finally, a durable shower scrubber that is water-repellant, machine washable, and will last for years!

Revolutionary scrubber has handles for back scrubbing, and is perfect for exfoliating, cleaning, and invigorating the entire body. There is even a built-in pocket for leftover bar soaps--no more waste!

Mildly abrasive to gently rid your body of dead skin cells, but is also strong enough to remove motor oil without the endless scrubbing needed with mechanic soaps. Dries out completely, which means no moisture for bacteria or mold to breed! To clean, simply toss in your washing machine, then hang dry.

Set of 2 includes one white and one blue scrubber.
Ultimate Organizer
Was: $34.98
Now: $24.97
  • For cosmetics, craft supplies, and more!
  • Frees up counter & dresser space.
  • Includes mounting hardware.
Organizer has multiple compartments for storing all your necesseties. Main body and base can be mounted on the wall together or separately to free up even more surface space.

Clocks face/number style may vary. Cosmetics/accessories pictured not included.
Raised Easy Access Toilet Seat
Revolutionary raised toilet seat provides direct and easy access for wiping in addition to assisting with sitting and standing. No more leaning to one side or the other to wipe, compromising balance or risking injury!

Ideal for arthritis sufferers, post-surgical patients, and those with otherwise limited mobility. Raised seat easily locks onto toilet without tools.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
Double Sided Back Brush
No more struggling to clean your back in the bath or shower!

Long-handled, curved, ergonomic design with natural bristles on both sides makes it easy to find an angle comfortable for you to clean and invigorate skin all over the body.

Plastic handle with drilled hole for hang drying and storage.
Mirror And Lighted Tweezers Set
Was: $16.98
Now: $14.97
Mirror with over a dozen mini suction cups on reverse stays firmly in place and delivers 12X magnification for hands-free tweezing or makeup touch-ups on the go.

Lighted tweezers shines a bright LED so you can easily zero in on unwanted hairs (or even pesky splinters!) for simple, quick removal.

2 piece set comes in reusable travel bag.
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