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Really Dirty Hand Soap Set
Cleans Grease, Grime, Dirt, Oil & Odors!

Heavy duty hand cleaner that removes everything but the hands--even chemical and gasoline! Great for fishermen, mechanics, handymen, hunters or anyone who likes to get their hands dirty. With pleasant anise scent and natural exfoliants to leave hands in better shape than before you washed them.

Set of 2 4 oz. bars of soap are guaranteed not to melt and comes in a reusable container for storage.
Revolving Makeup Carousels
$27.98 - $29.98
Organize your vanity with a space-saving carousel!

Holds a variety of cosmetics, hair and nail accessories, personal care items, etc. all in one place--right at your fingertips. Base spins for easy access.

Attractive design compliments any décor. Versatile, too--buy an extra to organize your sewing notions, spices, or office supplies! Accessories not included.
WWE® The Rock And John Cena Musical Toothbrush
Enlist your favorite stars from the ring in your fight against tooth decay!

Press the buttons and the musical toothbrush plays two different theme songs--The Rock's "Electrifying" and John Cena's "The Time Is Now." Each plays for the dentist-recommended 2 minutes, so you can play one for morning brushing, and one for nighttime brushing!

Soft bristles and ergonomic handle design; includes replaceable brush head.
Halloween Sounds Soap Dispensers Set
Was: $21.98
Now: $19.98
Add spooky sounds to your kitchen and bath!

Set of 3 reusable plastic soap dispensers play music and sounds when you press down the pump! Decorative bottles are filled with scented soap.
M&M's® Shower Curtain And Hooks
Brighten Your Bath With M&M's Decor!

Shower curtain includes red plastic rings or show your good taste with the oh-so-cute metal shower curtain hooks (sold separately).

Click here to see our entire M&M’s® collection!
Bates Motel Shower Curtain
Tease your guests with one of Hitchcock's most compelling films! Shower curtain has fake blood spatter effect.
Rainfall Shower Head
Have you experienced the relaxing spray of a rainfall shower yet? This large showerhead installs in minutes, and is tool-free with easy-to-tighten joint nuts.

Includes adjustable angle extension arm. With mirrored chrome finish and rub-clean jets.
Eva Dry® Moisture Eliminator
Was: $8.98
Now: $6.97
These "place anywhere" tubs are filled with silica gel crystals that get rid of dampness and musty odors!

Place in closets, under sinks, storage bins, campers, etc. Absorbs 4 to 6 ounces of moisture and lasts up to 60 days. Indicator beads will change from orange to green when it's ready to dispose.
Fresh Spa Easy Bidet
No Electricity, Batteries Or Plumber Required!

An alternative hygiene method--and one that many prefer, especially those with sensitive skin, recovering from surgeries, or with limited mobility. Installs in just minutes using your existing cold-water toilet supply line.

Features all brass components, a self-cleaning adjustable nozzle, and adjustable water pressure. Everything you need for standard installation is included (bidet attachment, T-valve connector, flexible bidet hose and instructions).

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
Deluxe Portable Toilet Safety Frame
Portable, Free-Standing Support!
  • Snaps into position in seconds!
  • Footplate enhances stability & safety!
No need to permanently modify your bathroom! Easily fits around your toilet to provide assistance when sitting and standing. No loose parts and engineered with positive position locking. Folds slim for easy portability.

Please add $7.00 Additional Shipping to the Standard Shipping Charge for each item ordered.

We must receive your order by Dec. 13th to ensure Christmas delivery.
Talking Toilet Paper Holder
$2.98 - $12.98
It's Recordable!

Record messages up to 9 seconds long and change them as often as you like. The possibilities--and the laughs--are endless!

Your message plays back when the TP is pulled, surprising them when they least expect it!
Shittens™ Disposable Wipes
Was: $13.98 - $14.98
Now: $11.87 - $13.98
You'll be surprised at how "handy" these are!

Double-sided wet wipe is shaped like a mitten. Just slip your hand inside to keep it safe from... well, anything you don't want on your hands! Great for cleaning up all kinds of "messes."

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
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