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Polaroid® iF045 Dual Screen Waterproof Camera
$2.98 - $99.98
Truly a worry-free camera!

It's waterproof up to 10-feet, shockproof, dustproof, sand-proof and freeze-proof! Go ahead and capture those important memories, no matter where life takes you.

Digital camera has LCD screens on both sides--a jumbo rear screen and a front display so you can take photos and videos of yourself too. With 14.1 megapixels and 5x digital zoom for beautiful image clarity. Images are stored on microSD card (4 GB included) until you download to your computer.

Includes USB cable, software CD, hand strap, tabletop tripod, case, and access to Polaroid 24/7 Tech Help line. Windows and Mac compatible.
Wireless Weather Station
$2.98 - $34.98
Love keeping up to date (and up to the minute) on your local weather?

This weather station displays both indoor AND outdoor temperature, humidity and temperature trend. You'll also see the time, day and date, moon phase and temperature alerts.

No wires to mess around with! Outdoor sensor sends information wirelessly to the indoor receiver.
Library Of Radio Classics
  • More than 900 classic radio show episodes!
  • Plus 40 old-time radio ads!
  • No downloading needed--everything is already loaded!
Just open the box and you're ready to listen to some of the greatest classic radio shows of all time. Some of the radio shows included are Paul Harvey's The Rest of the Story, The Bob Hope Show, Calling All Cars, CBS Radio Mystery Theater and so many more!

MP3 player has a color display screen and easy to navigate menu, so you'll be listening to your old favorites in no time! You'll receive the pre-loaded MP3 player, earphones, car adapter and wall charger.

Click here to see the entire list of Library Classics!
Digital Cordless Dual Handset
Attractive, easy-to-use cordless phones offer a multitude of features!

Transfer calls (or use the intercom) between handsets--so if you answer the call in the living room, you can transfer it to your spouse who's in the bedroom. Speakerphone allows for hands-free operation anywhere in the house. Handsets also feature Caller ID*, selectable ringtones with adjustable volume control, mute, redial and flash functions.

The answering system offers digital recording, LED message counter, voice guided setup and operation, time/day stamp and call screening. System includes 2 wireless handsets with charging bases, AC adapters, and rechargeable batteries plus telephone cord and manual.

*Requires caller ID service from your local telephone company.
Portable TV And DVD Player
Great way to pass the time or use when your family is hogging the main television.

Portable widescreen LCD display swivels 270-degrees and boasts a built-in hybrid TV tuner, DVD/CD player, USB port and SD card reader. Meaning there are tons of ways to watch or listen to your favorite TV shows, movies and music!

Features speakers, auto channel programming, audio and video line output, selectable screen mode and built-in rechargeable battery. Includes remote control, AC/DC adapter, AV cables.
Riddex® Sonic Plus Pest Repeller Set
With Built-In Side Outlet!

You don't need dangerous chemicals, poisons or messy traps to keep your house pest-free. This repeller will emit ultrasonic waves to drive away pests like rodents, roaches, ants and other bugs. Just plug in! Works through walls and ceilings!

With bonus 2-prong outlet on the side so you don't lose plug space.
Deluxe Password Vault
$2.98 - $39.98
Too Many Passwords To Remember?

Input up to 400 accounts (passwords, log-ins, user names, ATM pin numbers and more) then just remember ONE password to access the whole kit and caboodle. A secure way to remember all your passwords while protecting your identity.

Unit auto-locks for 30 minutes after 5 consecutive incorrect PIN attempts.
Solar Observer Emergency Radio
$2.98 - $69.98
Great For Emergencies, Camping & Bug-Out Kits!

Lightweight, portable radio is powered via the built-in, adjustable solar panel or by the hand crank. Solar panel alone, for example, supplies 4-6 hours of radio playtime for every 8 hours of sunlight. And simply hand cranking for 90 seconds gives you 15-30 minutes of radio use!

This AM/FM radio also has an analog tuner with optional backlight display, 7 weather stations, flashlight, telescopic antenna, headphone jack and phone charger jack (with included USB adapter).

An indispensable tool that should be kept in emergency kits, cars, RVs, camping bags and such.
Motorized Rapid Coin Sorter
$2.98 - $29.98
Get your pile of loose change organized fast!

Just drop your coins in the sorting mechanism and watch as pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters AND dollar coins are properly sorted and stacked into the tubes. You can have them sorted into wrappers too (5 included to get you started), so they're ready to go to the bank. Coin sorter also has an overflow tray to catch coins after tubes are full.

Coin wrapper set includes 48 assorted preformed coin wrappers for pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.
Caller ID Speaker Phone
$2.98 - $19.98
Slim profile speakerphone offers many features without taking up too much space!

See who's calling before you pick up the phone, and use the hands-free speakerphone to enjoy a conversation without having a handset crammed into your face. With new call indicator, clock display, 90-name and number Caller ID* memory, plus handset, ringer and speakerphone volume control.

For desk or wall (bracket included). Available as a white or black phone, our choice, please.

*Requires caller ID service from your local telephone company.
Electronic Personal Scale
$2.98 - $19.98
For tight spaces, small living areas, and when you are on the go!

Mini glass top scale has large LED display and clinical accuracy. Easy to switch between lb. and kg.
Portable Rechargeable Speaker
Portable speaker gives you more than just music on the go!

You also get an alarm clock, flashlight, FM radio and microSD card slot. Includes multi-use USB cable with 3.5mm jack that is used to connect your MP3 device, as well as connecting to your computer to recharge the internal battery.
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