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Hercules Hose - As Seen On TV
$19.98 - $39.98
Virtually Indestructible!

Say goodbye to heavy hoses that tangle and break over time! Lightweight, portable hose features tough interlocking stainless-steel armor to keep water in and everything else out.

Industrial-strength connector prevents messy, expensive water leaks, and durable construction resists kinks, tangles, AND corrosion.

BONUS hose reel included!

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Swinging Reaper Prop
Place this frightful fellow in a tree or on the porch where the slightest of breezes sets him in motion.

The slower he swings, the creepier he looks!
Witch Butt Plush Yard Prop
She's crash-landed big time!

Posable striped and booted pair of legs protrude from the butt covered in tattered skirt. A flexible stake lets you plant in any location for a humorous effect.

Not for children under 3 yrs.
Goodbyes Are Not Forever Memorial Stone
Be reminded of loved ones who have passed on, and that one day, you will be reunited.

Engraved cast stone heart is weatherproof, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor display.
Solar Water Sprayer Animal Repeller
$39.98 - $42.98
Keep unwanted animals away without using dangerous chemicals or traps!

Solar-powered, motion-activated animal repeller sprays a burst of water to drive away raccoons, skunks, stray dogs, and more--day AND night! Connects to any garden hose and features 1000-sq. ft. spray range, and a 30-ft. detection range.

Connect multiple repellers for maximum protection.
Multi Cut - As Seen On TV
Three-In-One Precision Slicer, Wire Cutter, & Utility Knife!

Multi-Cut's razor-sharp blade slices through thick & rigid materials with ease, making it perfect for home repairs, yardwork, and crafting.

Retractable stainless-steel blade slices open boxes and clamshell packaging, and precision cuts drywall and carpeting! Titanium-coated wire cutter trims copper, aluminum, steel wire, and more.

With safety-lock feature, and 4 replacement blades.

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Ceramic Bug Zapper
Solar-powered decorative zapper attracts and kills bugs all night. Charges all day and automatically turns on at dusk.

Hang on hook or branch, or set on tabletop or railing.
Coffee Time Chime
Clever arrangement of cups, spoons, and other bits and pieces hangs waiting for the breezes that inspire thoughts of greeting the day with coffee on the back porch.
Green Tractor Bamboo Wind Chime
Enjoy the stress-relieving and soul-soothing tones created by artisans in the villages of Bali.

Environmentally friendly chime is crafted in bamboo and albesia wood, both of which are a fast-growing renewable resource.

Green tractor themed, hand carved and handpainted with non-toxic finishes.
Happy Campers Trailers Chime
Galvanized metal camper cutouts and acrylic beads are strung together in a pleasing arrangement, just waiting for a breeze to stir them. Retro colors and intentional distressing give it a vintage look.

Cute for cabin, lodge, campsite, etc.
Retro Camper String Lights
Over 45 million people can't be wrong! That's the estimated number of folks who enjoy camping each year.

Nifty strand holds 10 tiny plastic trailers, each with illumination. Suitable for use indoors or outdoor covered area. Double ended to facilitate stringing up to 3 strands together.
Rodent Sheriff - As Seen On TV
Did you know that pests HATE mint?

This fast-acting ready-to-use formula uses the power of ultra-pure mint, proven to repel mice, raccoons, roaches, and ants!

Perfect for gardens, around trash cans, entry points around the house, garages, attics, and more.

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