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Ultra Pocket Hose™ - As Seen On TV
$12.98 - $39.98
The Hose That Grows To Full Size!

New and improved! One minute it fits in the palm of your hand. Turn on the water, and the next minute, it grows to a full size hose! The secret is the accordion design that automatically expands and contracts as water is turned on and off.

Lightweight so it's super easy to handle and store! With upgraded tubing and connectors that make this hose 3x stronger than before!

Click here to see our entire As Seen On TV collection!
Mushroom Solar Garden Lights
Built-in solar panels absorb sun by day, and automatically provide soft LED lighting at night for up to 8 hours.

Sturdy stakes support the mushroom tops that shimmer with rich color, enhancing your outdoor area both day and night.

Available in Hummingbird and Ladybug designs.
Whimsical Garden Flags
$11.98 - $22.98
Flags with satin-stitched embroidery accents have built-in Velcro® tabs and loops that attach to garden flag pole.

Garden flag pole features heavy metal construction. Easy to assemble; collapses for storage.
Garden Spinners
Gleeful pup and fanciful pony pivots atop the stake while the middle portion circles in the breeze.

Cute in yard or garden!
Silentrap Insect Trap
Non-Toxic, Clean & Quiet!

Enjoy the silence as those annoying pests are dealt with! Traps common flying insects like mosquitoes, gnats, no-see-ums, fruit flies and black flies. Just plug into an outlet.

They'll come for the light, and stay glued to the board!
Universal Smartphone Holder
So simple it works!

Keeps your phone safe while driving. Fits into most cupholders (auto, lawn chair, boat, treadmill, etc.) and holds most smartphones. You can even stash some cash unseen in the underside of the holder. Flexible foam won't scratch your phone.
Prankster Tree Face
Attach the eyes, nose and mouth to your tree and give it a personality!
Gnomebama Gnome
Not Your Garden Variety Gnome!

From the White House to your house, ready to take command of your garden or outdoor area! Caricature statue of the President is suitable for indoor and outdoor display.

This is all in fun--of course we respect the office of the President.
Solar Firefly LED Lantern
Bring back memories of capturing fireflies in the summer!

Mason jar-style lantern charges by day in the sunlight, then lights up at dusk with random flickering lights that mimic lightning bugs! Screw-top lid has a bail handle for indoor/outdoor hanging.

Cute on a picnic table, too!
Grow Dammit Garden Stone
Thumb not-so-green? Try giving your garden some enthusiastic encouragement.
Gnome Couple Sign
Statuary offers a sweet sentiment shared by the loving gnome couple.
Solar Observer Emergency Radio
$2.98 - $69.98
Great For Emergencies, Camping & Bug-Out Kits!

Lightweight, portable radio is powered via the built-in, adjustable solar panel or by the hand crank. Solar panel alone, for example, supplies 4-6 hours of radio playtime for every 8 hours of sunlight. And simply hand cranking for 90 seconds gives you 15-30 minutes of radio use!

This AM/FM radio also has an analog tuner with optional backlight display, 7 weather stations, flashlight, telescopic antenna, headphone jack and phone charger jack (with included USB adapter).

An indispensable tool that should be kept in emergency kits, cars, RVs, camping bags and such.
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