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The Beatles All You Need Is Love And Let It Be Wind Chimes
Individually-tuned chimes represent specific notes from the melodies of these two favorites--"All You Need Is Love" and "Let It Be." Each breeze stirs the chimes, blending the notes in a different combination every time.

Song titles are repeated on the laminate striker and the lyrics are printed on the metal chimes to complete the experience.

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Solar Powered St. Francis Figure
The patron saint of animals and the environment stands ready to welcome furry friends to your yard by day, and warmly glows to greet woodland creatures by night.

Solar panel gathers energy from the sun to power St. Francis's internal light, and gracefully handpainted detail illustrates his loving nature with animals.

Light-up figure includes ground stake and easy-to-follow instructions.
Grass Shot - As Seen On TV
Grass Shot gets rid of bare lawn spots using the same hydroseeding techntology employed by professionals to grow beautiful grass on golf courses and other commercial landscapes.

Sprays on green to immediately cover high-traffic zones, pet burn spots, and shaded areas. Nozzle mixes the seeds and liquid grass solution--just attach to your hose and turn it on!

Comes with one pound of seed and 2 oz. bottle of solution. Refills contain 2 pounds of seed and 2 bottles of solution.

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Bamboo Coconut Wind Chime
Enjoy the mellow, tropical musical sounds inspired by nature!

Hand-carved from renewable bamboo and coconut shell, sealed with varnish, then hand-tuned by professional musicians. (Slight imperfections in bamboo chimes are to be expected.)
Retro Campers Wind Chime
Handcrafted metal chimes turn a breeze into a tune with glass gazing ball strikers, and die-cut trailer shapes.

Hang it at your campsite to remind you why you love the great outdoors!
Floating Gator With Red LED Eyes
Perfect for keeping obnoxiously loud geese out of the backyard pond... or for scaring the crap out of the neighbors!

Our gator decoy floats freely across the water with life-like motion from wind or waves. Great for preventing nuisance birds like geese, ducks, or egrets from crowding your pool or lake.

3 pieces--head, body, and tail--connect via lobster-claw clasps and LED eyes light up or blink for that extra air of sinister.
Tree Spirit Greenman
Symbol of rebirth... or the stuff of nightmares?

Made of pliable vinyl composite, this woodland spirit molds to the trunk of your favorite tree, blending right in. Sure to make neighbors and passersby perform a double take to see that your tree has seemingly taken on a life of its own.

Predrilled for mounting and includes four screws.
Decorative Lantern Bug Zapper
Nothing bugs us more than mosquitoes, flies, and bees crashing the party!

Hang this glow-in-the-dark zapper from a tree branch or set on a table to blow those winged pests away with over 2700 volts of electric justice! Bright UV LEDs attract insects and never need replacing.
Disney Frozen Elsa And Olaf Solar Statues
Add delight and excitement to your garden day and night!

Solar-powered figure of Olaf with light-up nose rests on a bed of flowers, while the Elsa figure stands on an icicle base, holding a light-up snowflake!

Both statues feature handpainted details and a dusting of glitter so they sparkle in the sunlight AND the moonlight!
The Wizard Of Oz Yellow Brick Road Stepping Stone
The magic of Oz is just a step away!

Stepping stone with relief design enhances your garden or pathway. Or, mount it on a patio wall for a different look!

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Bass Downspout Extension
A unique way to divert rainwater an extra 6" away from your foundation!

Highly detailed "widemouth" design fits over the end of standard residential 3" x 2" downspouts.
Mini Garden Flamingos Set
$17.98 - $19.98
Dress up your potted plants, flower garden, outdoor walkway, etc. with a set of 4 plastic flamingos!

Kitschy fade-resistant birds feature all-weather durability and rust-proof metal stakes.
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