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Light Up Rotating Globe
$2.98 - $21.98
You'll literally have the world spinning at your fingertips!

Place it on your desk, table, shelf, nightstand, etc., and the globe rotates automatically. As night descends, it lights up and transitions through 3 different colors! You can also press the top of the globe to change the direction of rotation.

Nice gift for world travelers!
Dachshund Letter Organizer
Charming 50s-style desk companion keeps letters in an orderly fashion, with hole for pen or pencil (not included).
Light Up Snake Computer Mouse
Yes--that IS a real snake entombed within this clear computer mouse!

This will either be something your friends try to steal from you or run away from screaming like a little girl. Lights up and cycles through a variety of colors, like purple, red, yellow and blue.

Mouse offers left/right click with scroll wheel on side. Plugs into USB port; compatible with both PC and Macs.
Same Shit Different Day Desk Calendar
Flip to any month and, yup, it's the same shit pictured!

Hang or stand near your desk for maximum sarcastic effect. Calendar is undated so you can literally have the same shit, year after year! (Or, you know, fill in the dates if you want.)

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MAXIM 2015 Hometown Hotties Daily Calendar
Start each day with a sexy photo of these "girl-next-door" hotties, who are discovered through Maxim magazine's annual contest.

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The Walking Dead™ 2015 Wall Calendar
Millions of fans worldwide are hooked on this sizzling series, now beginning its 5th season! What will happen to Rick, Daryl, Maggie, Michonne and the rest of the grim crew as they battle not only the dead, but the living?

16-month wall calender with full color photos of the cast.

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Tactical Girls™ 2015 Wall Calendar
It's 13 months of beautiful women with guns!

Pictured in realistic tactical settings, these are some of the world's most exotic weaponry (we're talking fully functioning, full-automatic, class 3 machine guns, submachine guns, sniper rifles and assault rifles in use by elite members of military units and law enforcement agencies around the world).

With gun specifications and trivia.
Maxim Lingerie 2015 Wall Calendar
If you want smokin' hot babes hanging on your wall, then look no further. Maxim magazine's lingerie edition gives you plenty of sexy eye candy.

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Sharks 2015 Wall Calendar

It's an up-close-and-personal look at a different shark every month. Perfect for anyone who is glued to the TV for "Shark Week" every year!

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Beach Chair And Adirondack Book Rests
$24.98 - $29.98
Chairs For Your Books & Electronic Tablets!

Cute replicas of backyard chairs provide an easy-to-read resting place for your tablets, e-readers, and conventional books. Both adjust to the perfect angle for use on a table, bed, countertop (for recipe books), even the beach!

Tabs on the front keep book pages open, and an opening on the ledge accommodates charging cords.
President Barack Obama 2015 Countdown Calendar
$12.99 - $13.99
Each day brings us one step closer to the end of his term!

Twelve-month calendar counts down the days until the current President vacates the Oval Office. A full color photo and quote are featured each month, as well as highlighted "star-date" events from his term.

Offered in good fun--we respect the office of the President.

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Mini Trash And Recycle Cans Desk Set
Keep your desk clean!

Novelty versions of the trash and recycle bins we roll out to the curb each week look just like the real thing! Lids open, wheels roll--perfect for organizing pens, pencils, scissors, etc.
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