Household Helpers

Household Helpers

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Soft Sculpted Rooster Doorstop
According to an ancient legend, a rooster in the home symbolizes protection and good fortune.

Our handsome doorstop rooster is stuffed with polyfill and weighted with plastic pellets.
Beach Chair And Adirondack Book Rests
$24.98 - $29.98
Chairs For Your Books & Electronic Tablets!

Cute replicas of backyard chairs provide an easy-to-read resting place for your tablets, e-readers, and conventional books. Both adjust to the perfect angle for use on a table, bed, countertop (for recipe books), even the beach!

Tabs on the front keep book pages open, and an opening on the ledge accommodates charging cords.
3 Way Pet Beds
Was: $44.98
Now: $29.97
Pets love to burrow!

This "bed" morphs into a sleeping bag, a nest, or stretch it out flat like a mat for crate, couch, or car seat. Luxurious fleece with the look and feel of real fur is so cuddly, your pet may never leave it!

Color choices: caramel brown and ocelot spots.
Purrfect Arch™ - As Seen On TV
A multi-purpose solution your cat will love!

The durable plastic bristle arch serves as a self-groomer, gently removing loose hair to reduce shedding around the home. The carpet base provides a handy scratching place, PLUS it's infused with catnip to keep kitty entertained and coming back for more!

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Washer Lint Ball Set
Cleaner, More Efficient Laundry!

Just toss a few of these balls into your washing machine. Any lint, hair, or other small debris that is shed by your clothing during the wash is grabbed by the balls instead of being redeposited on laundry. That means cleaner, "unspeckled" clothes!

Set of reusable polypropylene lint balls. Safe for use with most clothing. Will not clog washer drains.
Air Revitalizer
Breathe Fresher, Healthier Air!

Infuse your personal space with fresh, aromatic air! Air revitalizer removes dust and indoor contaminants to disinfect the surrounding area, and refreshes the room with therapeutic aroma! The cord plugs into standard outlet or USB port for use anywhere.

Includes bottle of liquid aromatic infuser and instructions.
Extendable Easy Reach
Extend Your Reach!

Ordinary chores just got easier! No more bending, climbing or straining when it's time to change a light bulb, put away groceries or pick up objects from the floor.

Easy Reach extends your reach by almost 3 feet, and features a one-finger trigger locking system with suction cups for a secure grip.

Strong enough to hold up to 5 lbs., and precise enough to pick up a safety pin! Portable too--use indoors or outdoors, then fold up for easy storage.
MicroKlen Broomy™
Full-size broom and dustpan fold down to one compact unit!

Stores almost anywhere, even in drawers! Use at full length, as a hand broom, or somewhere in between. Handle telescopes out and can be adjusted to shorter heights if desired.

Colors may vary, our choice, please.
Cordless Submersible Pump
Pump out clogged drains, washing machines, wading pools and more! Can also attach to garden hose for extra-long siphoning.
Foldable Drying Rack
Have delicates that can't go in the dryer?

When you don't have much space, this folding drying rack does the trick. Unfolds and can be placed on a table or counter top.
SpeedOut™ - As Seen On TV
Removes Any Stripped Screw In 10 Seconds Or Less!

Never be slowed down or frustrated by a stripped screw or broken bolt again! SpeedOut easily removes any stripped screw... even if the entire head of screw or bolt is broken off, you can still extract it right out!

Kit includes 4 hardened steel bits so you can remove any size screw or bolt (phillips, flat, hex, even painted over screws). Works with any .375" variable speed, reversible drill (not for use with impact drivers).

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St. Joseph Home Seller Figure
Sell Your House With Saint Joseph's Help!

Legend has it if you bury a Saint Joseph statue in your yard with a heartfelt prayer that your home will sell fast... even if it had been sitting on the market for months or years! Many people will attest to how St. Joseph has helped them.

So if the real estate market has you frustrated, this may be the "miracle" you're looking for.
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