Household Helpers

Household Helpers

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Ultra Pocket Hose™ - As Seen On TV
$12.98 - $39.98
The Hose That Grows To Full Size!

New and improved! One minute it fits in the palm of your hand. Turn on the water, and the next minute, it grows to a full size hose! The secret is the accordion design that automatically expands and contracts as water is turned on and off.

Lightweight so it's super easy to handle and store! With upgraded tubing and connectors that make this hose 3x stronger than before!

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Wireless Weather Station
$2.98 - $34.98
Love keeping up to date (and up to the minute) on your local weather?

This weather station displays both indoor AND outdoor temperature, humidity and temperature trend. You'll also see the time, day and date, moon phase and temperature alerts.

No wires to mess around with! Outdoor sensor sends information wirelessly to the indoor receiver.
Side Socket™ - As Seen On TV
No more hard-to-reach outlets!

Fit your furniture flush against the wall. Side Socket has one set of outlets that faces to the side, and the other set swivels 90 degrees so it can face forward OR sideways. Cleans up messes of cords in garage, home, office!

Original turns 2 outlets into 6 while the Elite turns 2 outlets into eight and has a built-in testable surge protector.

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Sound Wizard® II
Was: $2.98 - $299.98
Now: $2.98 - $15.27
Sound Wizard Base Receiver transforms muffled sounds into clear reception. Omni-directional microphone provides crisp, clear amplification. Tone control allows you to increase both high and low frequencies to shape the sound.

Infrared Module plugs into base unit to create a high-powered IR receiver. Picks up signals from 95 KHz transmitter and brings sound directly to earbuds. Mini Earbuds plug directly into base unit.

Phone Module telephone amplifier connects to base unit, then connects between phone base and handset to amplify and clarify. Turns any wired phone into an amplified phone.

Wireless TV Receiver Headphones work in conjunction with Infrared Transmitter to listen to your TV/VCR, Hi-Fi, or radio at a comfortable volume without disturbing others. Transmitter plugs into audio output jacks then sends audio signal by infrared light. Headphones capture the infrared waves and converts back to sound. With left/right volume control and on/off power.
Silentrap Insect Trap
Non-Toxic, Clean & Quiet!

Enjoy the silence as those annoying pests are dealt with! Traps common flying insects like mosquitoes, gnats, no-see-ums, fruit flies and black flies. Just plug into an outlet.

They'll come for the light, and stay glued to the board!
Foot Funnel Shoe Aid
No Twisting Or Reaching!

Hands-free way to get your shoes on! Just place the foot funnel into your shoe, then place shoe on floor and insert your foot. The smooth, straight surface allows your foot to glide right in. Then use your other foot, or, the included lanyard, to remove the funnel. Easy!
Room Humidifiers Set
No Batteries Or Electricity Needed!

An elegant solution to dry environments that aggravate skin and breathing conditions. Simply fill the bowl with water, then place clay ball on top. The porous clay will slowly absorb water and naturally release moisture into the air.

Just refill with water as needed.
Pac Vac N' Stack Set
Easy-To-Use Space-Saving Storage System!

Use this airtight, vacuum bag system to create storage space you didn't know you had! Just place your items into the bag, seal, then use your own vacuum hose to suck the air out. Reduces volume up to 75%! Perfect for seasonal clothing, bedding, jackets and more.

Stored items spring back and fully recover their original shape, size, softness and will be as fresh as the day you put them in. This is also a handy way to pack a suitcase!

Set includes 4 large bags with zipper-vac seals.
Flip A Grip Doorway Handle
$28.98 - $29.98
Don't Trip! Flip A Grip! Doorway Handle Helps Prevent Falls!

Flip it down to use, flip up when done! Designed for use where large grab bars won't fit--like doorways where there is a step up or down.

Cushioned grip is non-slip and latex-free. Even glows in the dark so you can find it easily.

Includes single unit, screws and instructions for mounting. Not recommended for install onto drywall.
Digital Cordless Dual Handset
Attractive, easy-to-use cordless phones offer a multitude of features!

Transfer calls (or use the intercom) between handsets--so if you answer the call in the living room, you can transfer it to your spouse who's in the bedroom. Speakerphone allows for hands-free operation anywhere in the house. Handsets also feature Caller ID*, selectable ringtones with adjustable volume control, mute, redial and flash functions.

The answering system offers digital recording, LED message counter, voice guided setup and operation, time/day stamp and call screening. System includes 2 wireless handsets with charging bases, AC adapters, and rechargeable batteries plus telephone cord and manual.

*Requires caller ID service from your local telephone company.
Dryright Hanger Set
No more bumps, creases or stretched out sweaters and shirts!

Shoulder forms fully adjust to accommodate sizes from petite to triple XL, and lock onto nearly every style hanger. Plus, hanger straps help double your closet space by allowing you to have hangers perfectly hung below one another in a straight line. No-twist lock design is easy to apply.

Set includes 3 shoulder forms and 5 hanger straps. (Hangers not included.)
Gleener® - As Seen On TV
Quickly bring your wardrobe back to life!

Effective on so much more than sweaters, this fuzz and lint remover works on everything from heavy-duty wool to synthetic blends to fine silks and knits. Remove unsightly pills, fuzz balls, lint and pet hair!

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