Household Helpers

Household Helpers

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Furniture Feet - As Seen On TV
Flexible Floor Protectors!

No more scratched, scuffed, or worn floors! Slip onto furniture legs of any shape to keep floors looking like new. Clear, flexible sleeves stretch to securely fit over legs while blending into furniture--no nails, tools, or glue needed!

Durable, woven-fiber pads effortlessly, noiselessly glide to protect tile, wood, AND linoleum floors. Great for chairs, stools, tables, couches, and more!

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Dryer Sheep - As Seen On TV
Soften fabrics naturally, reduce wrinkles, and dry laundry faster!

Toss Dryer Sheep (2-3 for small loads, 4-6 for large loads) in with laundry and they'll tumble with clothes to lift and separate, allowing hot air to flow more efficiently.

Dries loads up to 25% faster while naturally fluffing fabrics without the need for costly, skin-irritating chemical softeners or sheets. Even helps make towels more absorbent!

Set of 2 pure New Zealand wool balls are hypoallergenic, eco friendly, super quiet, and reusable up to 1000 loads.

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Snake Bit - As Seen On TV
Extend your drill reach and get into those hard-to-access spots!

Get around pipes under the sink, or water lines to your hot water heater, or safely maneuver over your unicorn figurines cabinet (that rainbow one is totally cute, by the way...).

Durable steel body attaches to your power drill and works in tight spots and bends in any direction. Also included is a bonus ratchet tool (that works great with the Snake Bit!) and 6 circular driver heads.

Ideal for DIYers, carpenters, hobbyists, boaters, mechanics, and more.

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Bit 360 - As Seen On TV
6 screwdrivers in one!

Unique driver holds 6 common bits in its rotating chamber, ready to use. Select the right one for the job in 3 easy steps: pull to remove bit from tip holder, twist chamber to select desired bit, and push the unit down to lock in place and use selected bit. Magnetic tip holds screws in place.

Includes Phillips #1, #2, & #3, and #3, #4, & #6 flat-head bits.

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Dual Hanger With LED Light
$2.98 - $14.98
Quadruple Your Closet Space In Seconds!

Space-saving, fold-up hanger holds up to 10 garments, swivels 360°, and has built-in LEDs to illuminate dark closets. Dual-arm open slots evenly space out garments for wrinkle-free clothes and fold up to give you plenty of extra closet space.

Great for storing jackets and bulky coats. Pull-down center hook is perfect for scarves, ties, and belts.

Set of 2 hangers organizes 20 garments and more.
Snuggle Up - As Seen On TV
Breathable poly-fleece chair cover keeps you comfortably cool in summer and toasty warm in winter!

Features easy-access pockets for remote, phone, glasses and more. Great for covering worn or stained upholstery AND protects your recliner from spills and pet hair!

One-piece design custom forms to your recliner and secures with elastic straps.

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Extendable Magnetic Flashlight
Powerful, multi-tasking flashlight has super-strong magnets built into the cap!

Perfect for retrieving keys, hardware, and other metal valuables easily dropped out of reach, and 3 extra-bright LEDs make it easy to see behind appliances, under furniture, and around dark corners. Flexible neck has 360° rotation. Includes pocket clip.

Ideal for garage, home, camping, and emergency kits.
Blister Pack Opening Tool
No More Struggling To Open Foil-Packed Medicines!

Innovative tool makes it simple to open foil-packed pills and medicine bottles. Ideal for anyone with arthritis or limited dexterity.

Pointed tip easily cuts through blister packs and protective seals on pill bottles. Looks like an ordinary ballpoint pen.

Conveniently fits in purse, briefcase, cosmetic case, or emergency kit.
Mighty Max Personal Dolly
Hauling bulk groceries or moving heavy boxes is now a breeze when you let our personal dolly do the work for you!

Dolly boasts "beefy" all-terrain wheels. Oversized, "treaded" wheels easily navigate sand, stairs, curbs, cobblestone--virtually any uneven surface, and padded handle makes it comfortable to push, pull, and steer.

Folds nearly in half to fit in trunk, backseat, or closet. Engineered to reduce the weight of your load with a honeycomb toe-plate design for reinforced strength.
Adjustable Bedside Table
Uniquely designed table slips between mattress and box spring to put what you need within reach. Ideal for eating, reading, crafting, and more!

Height adjustable for added comfort. Excellent for anyone recovering from surgery or those with otherwise limited mobility. Quick and easy tool-free installation.

Tray is made of durable, easy-to-clean black plastic with sturdy metal brace.
Socket Genie
A convenient, cord-free universal charger with a charging dock right on top!

Even with multiple appliances plugged in, you can still charge your phone in any room in the house. Exchangeable adapters on top allow you to swap out any adapter and charge all varieties of phones, tablets, ereaders, and more!

Adapters store in back of the unit. Also includes 2 USB ports on the side to charge 2 additional devices, and multiple Socket Genies can even be stacked (plugged into each other) to give you more power-up space!
Easy Push Drill Driver
This 2-in-1 drill and screwdriver eliminates the need for a power drill!

No need to fuss with plugs or charging batteries when you need to drill through drywall or wood to hang pictures or install cabling or wiring. Just insert a bit or driver, and push to start drilling!

Reversible ratchet allows for both clockwise and counterclockwise motion at the flip of a switch, and quick-release chuck makes it easy to change out bits and drivers.

Includes 0.08", 0.09", 0.13", 0.16", and 0.19" drill bits, PH0, PH1, and PH2 Phillip's-head drivers, and 0.13" and 0.22" flat-head drivers--and all pieces store in handle for easy access.
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