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Cat Hammock
What a life!

Cozy material provides a soft and warm place for Kitty to cuddle. Stylish wood frame requires minor assembly; all hardware, small tools and instructions included.

Suitable for other small pets as well.
Flex And Hold Mobile Phone Mount
Was: $15.98
Now: $11.77
Heavy-duty, adjustable gooseneck mounting clip is ideal for attaching cell phones onto desks, chairs, headboards, or shelves, and enables hands-free enjoyment of music, videos, game playing, and more. Even makes a handy platform for snapping photos or taking video!

Convenient flexible arm with sturdy grip can be precisely adjusted to any angle while the swivel clip offers rotating capability for easy viewing.

Assorted colors; our choice, please.
Cat And Dog Grass Planter Grow Kits
Was: $8.98
Now: $7.97
Treat Fluffy and Fido to fresh grass you grow indoors! All you do is water regularly.

Each kit includes planter and saucer, peat growing medium, wheatgrass seeds, and instructions.
Hammerhead Fishing Lure System
Was: $19.98
Now: $5.07
Offers A Buffet Of Meal Choices No Fish Can Resist!

More is always better! Attract a larger variety and quantity of fish by giving them a gourmet selection of meals.

Hammerhead bar is a tangle-free fishing system with multiple hook positions (both horizontal and vertical) for bottom fishing, trolling, surf casting, and more. Can be used with other lures and/or bait too!

System includes hammerhead bar, 12 snap/swivel connectors, 5 hooks, 3 grub lures and fishing tips booklet.

Note: Check local and state regulations for numbers of hooks allowed for your fishing waters.
Motorized Rapid Coin Sorter
$2.98 - $29.98
Get your pile of loose change organized fast!

Just drop your coins in the sorting mechanism and watch as pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters AND dollar coins are properly sorted and stacked into the tubes. You can have them sorted into wrappers too (5 included to get you started), so they're ready to go to the bank. Coin sorter also has an overflow tray to catch coins after tubes are full.

Coin wrapper set includes 48 assorted preformed coin wrappers for pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.
Challenge Dynamite Hot Peppers
Grow Your Own Crazy Hot Peppers!

These three peppers rank high on the Scoville heat unit (SHU) scale. Until very recently, both the trinidad scorpion and moruga peppers had held the Guiness World Record as hottest chili pepper in the world! But don't be fooled--the ghost chili will burn up your mouth too.

Here's an easy way to grow your own pepper plants at home. Just add water and place in a warm sunny spot. Soon you'll be daring your friends to eat one of your HOT peppers!

Buy any 2 or more, $5.50 each.