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Dog Poo Key Hiding Spot
Eeech! Is anyone going to take a chance and pick up that pile of mess looking for your spare key? Doubtful!

Realistic pile of doo has secure compartment in base.
First Alert® Wireless Home Alert
Was: $1.00 - $42.98
Now: $0.98 - $39.97
Want to know if someone is in your driveway before they reach the door? Or, place sensor in an area (like a back porch) to be alerted to unwanted "visitors". When the infrared sensor detects movement, it sends a wireless signal (up to 300 feet away) to the receiver, which will alarm or chime.

Features hi/low sound switch, low battery indicator and trigger flash LED indicator. Simple to install--mounting hardware included.
Window And Door Alarm Set
Peel & Stick--DIY In 5 Minutes!

Easy, quick way to add security to your home! Compact unit allows for discreet positioning near entry points. The powerful 110db+ siren sounds when window or door is opened, separating the two panels.
Motion And Voice Activated Camstick
  • Slim Design With Rechargeable Long-Life Battery.
  • Place Anywhere For Low Profile, Long-Term Surveillance.
  • With High-end Motion Detection Sensors.
Need to record possible activity at your home while on vacation? Watch an area of low traffic for a week at a time? Portable camera unit clips practically anywhere!

Video is motion activated using PIR sensors with a range of 3 meters. Shifts to standby mode until motion is detected again. Automatic voice activation (triggered by noises greater than 65dB) for audio recordings only.

Battery lasts for up to 8 days on standby, with 90 minutes of continuous recording. Recharges via wall outlet or your computer. Optional automatic overwrite feature removes the need to manually delete innocuous footage. Uses microSD cards up to 32GB (not included). Video resolution is 640x480 in AVI format. Windows/Mac friendly.*

Kit includes USB cable, AC adapter, clip and instructions. *Time/date stamp option compatible with Windows operating systems only. Note: Always check federal, state and local regulations regarding consent of parties to being recorded.
Window Security Bars
$7.50 - $89.98
Extra Protection Against Intruders!

Window bar easily locks into place onto frame, adding another line of security toward protecting your home.

Sold singly or in a set (12 bars).
Solar Spotlight
Was: $2.98 - $62.98
Now: $2.98 - $54.77
Spotlight is always ready--because it holds a charge for up to 7 years!

Recharges using any light source, like the sun or indoor lights, or use the wall/car adapter or USB cable (both included) for a recharge. One full charge gives you 3 hours of light. Also with battery backup.

Impact-resistant plastic is extremely durable. Floats too! LED panel indicates when charging and which power source you're using.
Self Defense Skull Keychain
Just slip your fingers into the eye sockets and the "teeth" become a deadly spike, turning your hand into an effective self-defense weapon.

Indestructible polyresin is lightweight to carry around, yet won't let you down if a situation gets serious quick.
How To Be Safe Book
Was: $15.99
Now: $14.97
How To Protect Yourself From Theft, Predators, Scammers & Intruders!

Jam-packed with unique tips and handy guidelines to deal with muggers, burglars, stalkers and worse, you'll learn what attracts criminals to you and arms you with proven tactics to scare them off.

Written by the founder of Guardsmark, one of the world's largest security service companies. Covers every aspect of personal safety, from your home to your workplace and beyond.

Includes information on computer security--from eBay scams and fake work-at-home offers to protecting data theft from laptops and other devices.
Steel Shot Leather Gloves
Was: $29.98
Now: $26.98
For when it counts--defensive gloves have 8 ounces of steel shot sewn into the back of the hand to provide a more effective impact!

Quality leather construction with double-layer goatskin palms, extra padding in the fingers, and spandex backs for a secure yet breathable fit.

NOTE: Steel shot gloves may not be legal in all states. Please contact your local authorities.
Holster Sling Pack
Need another conceal carry option?

Sling pack offers 4 zip pockets to store your on-the-go stuff. The main zippered compartment has an interior "wall" of Velcro® to which you can attach the included universal fit nylon holster. Pistol pictured not included.

Note: Check your state laws regarding carrying concealed weapons.
RFID-Blocking Credit Card Sleeve Set
$8.50 - $9.98
Use With Your Existing Wallet!

Identity theft, by scanning the RFID chips (found in most of our credit cards and IDs) through our wallets, is fast becoming widespread. But there's no need to stop using the wallet you love.

These sleeves are made of a patented tear-resistant material that protects your cards from RFID scanners. Just slide card into sleeve and put in your wallet as usual. Then go about your day knowing you are protected.
Deluxe Password Vault
Was: $2.98 - $39.98
Now: $2.98 - $30.97
Too Many Passwords To Remember?

Input up to 400 accounts (passwords, log-ins, user names, ATM pin numbers and more) then just remember ONE password to access the whole kit and caboodle. A secure way to remember all your passwords while protecting your identity.

Unit auto-locks for 30 minutes after 5 consecutive incorrect PIN attempts.
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