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The Wizard Of Oz Birdhouse
Decorated with a rainbow, ruby slippers, and a red-shingled roof, this ornamental birdhouse is a bright accent to your home or yard-and a place your feathered friends can call home!

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Floating Light Up LED Pool Disk Set
$14.98 - $15.98
Enhance your pool or pond with a colorful display!

Set of 2 disks feature water-activated multicolor LED lights that blink, flash and flicker to create beautiful reflected patterns.
President Barack Obama Hot Sauce
If talking about the end of the current administration gets you all fired up, we have just the sauce to celebrate his departure.

Of course we respect the President, but we like to have some fun with the office, just like the comedians and pundits have done for centuries.

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Flip-It Cap Set - As Seen On TV
No More Waiting... No More Wasting!

No more shaking, pounding, or precarious bottle balancing to get every drop of lotion, ketchup, or dish detergent from the bottle!

Flip-It! caps feature an easy-to-operate push/pull valve to control flow and are made of food-grade parts (no BPA!) Remove your product's existing cap, choose the right adapter/gasket and screw onto bottle, screw a base cap/gasket onto the adapter, tighten, flip, and dispense.

Set includes 6 caps, 6 adapters, and 24 adapter gaskets to fit a variety of bottle sizes.

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SoftNail Sandals
Makes Clipping Toenails Easier!

Trimming your toenails is finally easy! Up until now, you had to soak your feet to make nails soft enough to cut. Our innovative sandals are designed for people on the go, so you no longer need to sit while you soften.

Fill the toe section half full with warm water, wait 20 seconds, then pour water out and squeeze out excess. Then, slip them on for 15-20 minutes or until toenails are soft. Heel pads can also be moistened to soften heel callouses!
Taggies Plush Lamb
Babies find tags irresistible!

Ultra-soft textured lamb with sweet embroidered details and lively gingham accents is adorned with the colorful silky Taggies ribbons that little ones love.
Hippies And Peace Emblem Tin Sign Set
Recall the psychedelic era of tie-dye, peace and free love!

Set of 2 tin poster-style signs add retro flair to rec room, bedroom, den, etc.
Eye Fatigue Adjustable Glasses
Combat "digital eye strain" with these adjustable focus glasses!

Custom yellow lenses filter out harsh blue, or HEV (high energy visible) light emitted from computers, smartphones, and tablets to reduce eye fatigue caused by viewing these backlit screens for prolonged periods. Use the dials on either side of the frame to adjust focus and enjoy browsing, texting, and playing games on your favorite devices with ease!

Adjusts to almost any prescription (but does not correct astigmatism). Lightweight, flexible, and includes a protective case and user guide.
It's A Ruff Life Doormat Rug
Oh, to live the life of a dog!

Beautiful indoor/outdoor rug is woven in colorful looped yarns, with textured backing that keeps it in place.

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Coke 100th Anniversary Bottle
Celebrate the centennial of the iconic Coca-Cola bottle!

In 1977, the United States Patent Office recognized the Coca-Cola contour bottle as a trademark itself, referring to it as "the most perfectly designed package in use."

Commemorative limited edition bottle is a real glass Coke bottle that has undergone a paint metallization and glazing process in gleaming crimson.

Special anniversary hang tag included. Hand numbered. Limited quantities.

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Coke Delivery Truck And Vending Machine Bank Set
Saving money to buy more Coke is always a good idea!

Drop your coins into the embossed Coke vending machine and the Coke delivery truck featuring real rolling wheels! Lift lids to retrieve coins.

The set of 2 tin banks is a unique addition to your Coca-Cola collectibles.

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Wine Glasses Doormat Rug
Beautiful indoor/outdoor rug offers a welcoming toast!

Woven in colorful looped yarns, with textured backing that keeps it in place.

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