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Tai Chi For Arthritis Improved Edition DVD
Promoted by the Arthritis Foundation, Tai Chi for Arthritis guides you step-by-step through 12 lessons with warm-ups, and offers demonstrations so you can see the moves from the front and the back.
Star Shaped Hand Exerciser
Unique star shape easily fits in the palm of hand and between your fingers. Massages and exercises your entire hand as you squeeze.

Great for stress relief too!
Imak Arthritis Gloves
Relief for painful hands and stiff fingers!

Arthritis gloves provide mild compression for warmth and increased circulation which ultimately reduces pain. Comfortable for all day and night wear.

Open fingertips allow for full freedom to feel and touch.
Active Gloves
Was: $27.98 - $27.98
Now: $23.87 - $25.97
You don't have to give up your daily activities due to hand pain!

Active gloves provide mild compression for warmth and helps increase circulation to promote healing. Aids in relieving aches, pains and stiffness of the hand. Open fingertips and anti-slip grip allow full freedom to feel, touch and grip.

Comfortable to wear all day and night!
Soft Form Wrist Supports
Was: $29.98 - $29.98
Now: $12.57 - $13.67
Ideal for carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, mild wrist strains or sprains.

Low-profile design has a low palmar crease for full finger dexterity and hand use. Removable metal stay maintains wrist in neutral position. Made with soft fleece-lined Lycra material. With loop lock closures.
Finger Massage & Accupressure System
A blessing for arthritic fingers!

Easy to use roller and rings stimulate nerves, relieve discomfort and enhance circulation and sense of touch. Great for strain, fatigue, stiff joints and soreness.
Tai Chi For Arthritis DVD
Helps Increase Balance & Mobility! The Chinese have known for centuries that Tai Chi is effective for arthritis.

Learn how to gently relieve pain as you tune your body to greater mobility. DVD includes warm-up exercises, 6 Basic Movements that form the core of the program and 6 Advanced Movements to improve your skill.
Arthritis Toe Socks
Was: $22.96 - $22.98
Now: $13.97 - $22.96
Find relief from foot arthritis by wearing these unique "toe socks" that provide mild compression. The increase in blood circulation promotes warmth and healing.

Soft cotton material allows skin to breathe and keeps feet dry. Comfortable day and night.
Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet
Ideal for carpal tunnel, tendonitis, arthritis. rheumatism, migraines and more!

Stainless steel bracelet has north-facing neodymium 300 gauss magnets in every link. It's believed that wearing it at certain areas on your arm will assist with different ailments (see below). For maximum benefit, bracelet should be worn at all times.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
The Complete Arthritis Health, Diet Guide And Cookbook
Was: $24.95
Now: $13.47
Arthritis-Friendly Good Choices!

What you eat can actually reduce local inflammation in affected joints--so this cookbook is very useful for management of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Learn how the body deals with inflammation and get the scoop on best medications, supplements, food and other lifestyle choices.

Includes 125 recipes, cooking tips and menu plans.
Therall Arthritis Gloves
Was: $42.98 - $42.98
Now: $33.87 - $34.97
Arthritis Gloves Offer Natural Pain Relief!

Light compression gloves retain your body's natural heat to provide soothing, therapeutic warmth and long-lasting pain relief to aching wrists, fingers and hands. Open-end fingertips are perfect for the active person, allowing for freedom of movement.

For men and women.
Yaktrax Traction Device
When you walk or run with Yaktrax Traction Device, every step you take places over 450 biting edges in direct contact with the ice beneath your feet. These innovative footwear traction devices create a solid, secure grip provided by the patented Skidlock™ coil system. As you step, each tiny coil presses downward, becoming embedded into the ice below. As you transfer weight onto your foot, hundreds of Skidlock surfaces squeeze into the ice, providing you with stability in all directions -- forward, backward, and side to side. When you lift your foot, the Skidlock coil system stays snugly with your shoe, offering unhindered ease of movement. You'll feel the same solid, predictable grip you're accustomed to feeling on dry surfaces. The flexible molded plastic frame slips easily over the sole of your shoe or boot and remains firmly in place. The steel coils are specially-treated for durability and rust-resistance. And, without spikes or sharp edges, Yaktrax won't damage carpet or wood floors. Perfect for everyone who has to negotiate slick snow and ice, including walkers, runners, delivery people, construction workers and public safety officers. Only 2.8 oz. each. Specify shoe size: S (Men's 5 - 8-1/2; Women's 6-1/2 - 10); M (Men's 9 - 11; Women's 10-1/2 - 12-1/2); L (Men's 11-1/2 and up; Women's 13 and up).