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Thermoskin Arthritic Gloves
Was: $52.98
Now: $49.97
Specifically designed to help relieve arthritic pain in the fingers and hand. Patented lining not only helps capture heat, it also allows your skin to ventilate and remain comfortably dry for long periods of time. Textured palm area provides additional grip.

Wear during your regular daily activities and/or while sleeping for consistent warmth, reduced swelling, gentle compression, and improved mobility. One pair.
Dr Berry's Pain Relief Creme
Get relief from arthritis pain, muscle aches, joint pain, and more!

Combing 8 of nature's most powerful pain relievers, this deep-penetrating anti-inflammatory creme absorbs quickly to start working within 20-30 mins. Non-greasy, odor-free formula is safe for daily use and lasts 6-8 hours.

Contains arnica montana to sooth pain from nerve injury and muscle spasms, capsicum annum for relief from aching muscles, and 6 other natural analgesics. Massage a generous amount on neck, shoulders, elbows, hands and wrists, lower back, hips--anywhere you experience recurring pain.

Use 3-4 times daily for first week, and as needed thereafter.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Xtensor® Deluxe Hand Exerciser
Designed By A Physical Therapist!

The Xtensor is a reverse grip hand exerciser that counteracts the repetitive gripping we do everyday. Helps improve neurological function, slow the progression of osteoarthritis, and create more flexible fingers faster!

Slips on like a glove and features adjustable, industrial strength elastic bands on each fingertip to exercise them with gentle, effective resistance. Also helps strengthen elbow against tennis elbow. Just do 1-3 sets of 10-20 repetitions every other day.
Yaktrax Traction Device
When you walk or run with Yaktrax Traction Device, every step you take places over 450 biting edges in direct contact with the ice beneath your feet. These innovative footwear traction devices create a solid, secure grip provided by the patented Skidlock™ coil system. As you step, each tiny coil presses downward, becoming embedded into the ice below. As you transfer weight onto your foot, hundreds of Skidlock surfaces squeeze into the ice, providing you with stability in all directions -- forward, backward, and side to side. When you lift your foot, the Skidlock coil system stays snugly with your shoe, offering unhindered ease of movement. You'll feel the same solid, predictable grip you're accustomed to feeling on dry surfaces. The flexible molded plastic frame slips easily over the sole of your shoe or boot and remains firmly in place. The steel coils are specially-treated for durability and rust-resistance. And, without spikes or sharp edges, Yaktrax won't damage carpet or wood floors. Perfect for everyone who has to negotiate slick snow and ice, including walkers, runners, delivery people, construction workers and public safety officers. Only 2.8 oz. each. Specify shoe size: S (Men's 5 - 8-1/2; Women's 6-1/2 - 10); M (Men's 9 - 11; Women's 10-1/2 - 12-1/2); L (Men's 11-1/2 and up; Women's 13 and up).