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Miniature Rotary Shaver
$2.98 - $14.98
Remove unwanted hair quickly and easily with our compact rotary shaver!

Small and comfortable to hold, it can be used on legs, under the arms, and even on delicate skin like the face or bikini line. It easily fits into a toiletry bag for traveling.

Water resistant, push-button operation, and twist-off shave head for simple cleaning.
LashPRO Advanced Eyelash Enhancing Formula
Get longer, fuller lashes without breaking the bank--and WITHOUT a prescription!

Equally as effective as popular prescription brands, LashPro offers real results within first week of use! High-potency polypeptide formula promotes lash regrowth, protects against loss, and provides key nutrients to nourish roots and follicles.

Other brands can cause unwanted hair growth on skin, eyelid discoloration, and even permanent iris discoloration! LashPro delivers better, quicker results without the side effects.

Just use the applicator brush on clean upper eyelash base once daily before bedtime for beautiful lashes. Non-irritating, prostaglandin-free, paraben-free formula.
The Back Scrubber Set
Finally, a durable shower scrubber that is water-repellant, machine washable, and will last for years!

Revolutionary scrubber has handles for back scrubbing, and is perfect for exfoliating, cleaning, and invigorating the entire body. There is even a built-in pocket for leftover bar soaps--no more waste!

Mildly abrasive to gently rid your body of dead skin cells, but is also strong enough to remove motor oil without the endless scrubbing needed with mechanic soaps. Dries out completely, which means no moisture for bacteria or mold to breed! To clean, simply toss in your washing machine, then hang dry.

Set of 2 includes one white and one blue scrubber.
Crystal Peel Vitamin E Lip Therapy And Lip Renewal Exfoliator
For Soft, Smooth Lips!

Lip renewal exfoliator is the 30-second solution to younger, softer, healthier-looking lips. Jojoba beads gently polish away chapped and peeling skin, reduce lines on and around the lips, and return lips to their fresh, youthful color and texture. Apply in circular motion for 30-60 seconds and remove with damp cloth.

Follow up with vitamin E lip therapy, enriched with vitamin E, and infused with shea butter and aloe barbadensis to soothe, smooth, and hydrate dry lips after lip exfoliation, or any time at all! Hydrates and helps heal the severest of dry lips.

Save 10% when you buy any 2 or more!
Camouflage Cordless Shaver
Rugged, leaf-camo design makes this shaver ideal for hunters and nature enthusiasts in need of a quick, clean shave--even when they're on the go!

Cordless, rechargeable design is perfect for home AND travel. 3 pivoting heads with 18 blades deliver a close, ultra-smooth shave, while pop-up trimmer in back tackles longer hair, beards, and sideburns. Push-button release for easy cleaning.

Includes travel pouch, charging cable, and detail cleaning brush.
Miss Belt - As Seen On TV
You've seen it on the red carpet and social media sites--this year's hottest fashion trend, the corseted look!

The Miss Belt's double-compression technology gives women that coveted instant hourglass shape for much less than other waist-shaping garments. Just pull and adjust to your comfort level.

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Rechargeable Personal Pedi - As Seen On TV
$7.98 - $29.98
Easily Rolls Calluses Away!

Never feel self-conscious about revealing your feet again. Personal Pedi mineral roller loosens and lifts even the most stubborn calluses, operating at a speed of 2,500 rpms. There are no blades, so no danger of cutting skin. Safe to use--even in the shower! Perfect for men and women.

Included buffing roller massages and polishes your skin. Rollers rinse clean with water. Kit also comes with detail-cleaning brush. Refill contains one each exfoliating and buffing roller.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.

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Verseo Wave Sonic Brush
$2.98 - $29.98
Detangle hair and massage your scalp at the same time!

Specially curved waterproof brush with anti-slip grip has massaging "fingers" that contour to your head to rejuvenate and stimulate the scalp while untangling wet hair. Use while your hair is lathered in bath or shower or while you're drying off for the ultimate relaxing experience. Portable for use while travelling.

Designed to work with wet hair but cannot be submerged under water.
Hot Stamps - As Seen On TV
Stamp out boring hair styles!

Just press the glitter-filled stampers onto your hair for a dazzling effect. The sparkling shapes add temporary bling that combs out easily.

Set of 2 stamps--pink heart and blue star--work on all hair colors and styles.

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Mirror And Lighted Tweezers Set
Mirror with over a dozen mini suction cups on reverse stays firmly in place and delivers 12X magnification for hands-free tweezing or makeup touch-ups on the go.

Lighted tweezers shines a bright LED so you can easily zero in on unwanted hairs (or even pesky splinters!) for simple, quick removal.

2 piece set comes in reusable travel bag.
Invisible Finish Line Stopper
Just a few dabs will help wrinkles, lines, and puffiness disappear!

Use it on your face or all over for a smoother, more youthful look. Can be used with or without makeup and dramatic results last up to 8 hours.
BodiPro 3 In 1 Groomer
Get professional-quality skin treatment at home!

Groomer comes with 3 interchangeable heads to exfoliate, shave, and epilate, making your skin smoother and even more beautiful.

Mineral-roller exfoliator gently removes calloused skin from toes, heels, sides, and balls of the feet. Razor shaves hair from skin surface virtually anywhere on the body, and epilator delivers long-lasting smoothness by removing hair from the root.

Easy-to clean heads are detachable and washable, giving you consistently great results with every use! Comes with AC charging cable, detail cleaning brush, and drawstring velveteen storage pouch.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
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