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Better Sleep

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CPAP Max Pillow
$14.98 - $62.98
Help reduce CPAP mask leaks and pressure, and actually find a comfortable position to sleep all night!

CPAP Max pillow has large cutouts on either side to accommodate CPAP mask, as well as a built-in tether to prevent hose from moving around at night.

Ventilated foam is cool and reduces perspiration, and 2-in-1 design lets you choose a plush memory foam surface, or flip pillow over for a traditional fiberfill feel. Even includes a removable center foam layer so you can control your pillow's thickness. Memory and polyurethane foam pillow with quilted mesh zippered cover.

Pillowcases available in 3 stylish colors. Sold separately. Choose from White, Beige or Navy.
Full Roll Pillow
Comfortably support your head and neck to relieve muscle tension in your back and shoulders.

This pillow helps align the spine while promoting proper sleeping posture to prevent pain and discomfort all night. Also great for pelvic, knee, or ankle support and makes an ideal travel companion for long car rides or flights.
Super Absorbent Quilted Underpads
Was: $11.98 - $16.98
Now: $11.98 - $16.98
Super Absorbent Ultra-Soft Bed Pads Assures Dry Comfort!

Brushed quilted surface is kind to the skin as it works to draw moisture away from the body. Waterproof bottom layer is coated to protect bedding.

3-ply pad protects with 2 soaker layers while the 4-ply pad protects with 3 soaker layers for heavy-duty absorption.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
Mattress Wedge
$19.98 - $39.98
Stop losing pillows, phones, books, remotes... and sleep!

This handy wedge fits between your mattress and headboard or wall to close that annoying gap where so many things can go missing. Made of high-density comfort foam, it stays cool in summer, and insulates in winter to make for an even better night's sleep.

Includes 2 detachable, easy-to-reach side pockets for stowing glasses, remote, phone, and more. Can also be used at the foot of the bed to keep sheets and blankets off sensitive feet.

Choose either Twin, Queen or King.
Derma Sleep - As Seen On TV
Was: $9.98
Now: $4.57
No More Restless & Sleepless Nights!

Fall asleep fast and stay asleep! Topical spray delivers melatonin (the sleep-inducing hormone) through your skin and directly into the blood stream. It's then absorbed slowly, over time, giving your body small doses of melatonin throughout the night.

Fast acting, and non-habit forming. Spray once on each side of the neck 20-30 mins. before going to sleep.

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Bed Boost - As Seen On TV
Was: $19.98
Now: $16.77
Makes Your Bed Like New!

Why spend $1000 or more on a new mattress when you can easily give your sagging bed a boost? Just slip this inflatable support under any mattress and pump it up. Quickly inflates with included handheld pump for fully adjustable custom comfort and support.

Can also be used to incline the head of the bed to ease back and neck pain and even help combat snoring and acid reflux. Or use it to raise the foot of the bed to relieve achy lower back and reduce leg and foot swelling.

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Flip 10 In 1 Pillow
$14.98 - $39.98
10 Pillows in 1!

Revolutionary pillow accommodates every position. Use for sleeping, reading (on your stomach, or back!), or watching television. Elevate your tired feet, or raise your knees to ease back muscles, or use two for full-body support! An attractive alternative to foam wedges, it looks great on your bed or chair.

Custom-fit cover (sold separately) available in a choice of three stylish color: white, navy and beige.

Save 10% when you buy any 2 or more!
Cervical Dream Pillow
Was: $19.98
Now: $17.87
Sleep comfortably once again!

Unique hourglass design supports the neck and aligns the spine, helping to eliminate morning aches and pains. Plush fiber fill molds to the neck and shoulders.
E-Z Sleep™ Cervical Pillow
Cervical pillow actively supports your head and neck while you sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free.

Unique center design cradles the head, plus you have the choice of sleeping on either the 4" or 3" thick side. Choose the side that is right for you!

Good for both side and back sleepers.
Sleep Patch-It® Patch Kit
Was: $39.98
Now: $13.07
Sleep Well & Revitalise!

Ready for soothing, relaxing and restful sleep? Patches are specially formulated with a calming blend of pure essential oils such as lavender, ylang ylang and sage, designed to relax and revitalize. Apply 1 patch to sole of each foot before bed, remove in the morning.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Sleep Buddy Knee Pillow
Say goodbye to that morning back, knee and hip pain!

Knee pillow relieves pressure on your knees, hips and spine. Patented wrap-around design snuggles your knee and thigh, keeping it in place throughout the night without having to use a strap (which could cut-off circulation).
Sheepette® Bed Pad
$22.98 - $39.98
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