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Ultimate Olympic Weightlifting Book
Learn how to train like an Olympian and supercharge your muscle-building and lifting abilities!

Packed with exercises for all muscle groups, the program in this book teaches you insider techniques used by professional weight lifters to get the most out of every workout.

Includes everything the aspiring Olympic athlete needs from self-assessment of your current fitness level to advanced techniques and recovery stretches.
Speed Abs - As Seen On TV
Strengthen and sculpt your core muscles, and get chiseled abs, arms, chest, and more! Designed with an inner steel coil, this revolutionary wheel provides resistance going forward and assistance coming back.

Ultra-grip tire with curved rubber tread won't slip or slide, giving you stable, precise motion in any direction on hardwood floors AND carpet. Rubberized pro-grip handles maximize comfort and control while reducing hand fatigue, and included ultimate abdominal workout guide will get you on the road to ripped muscles fast!

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Ann Smith The Wisdom Of Movement And The Art Of Aging DVD Sets
Classic Exercise For An Ageless Body!

In each DVD collection, dancer Ann Smith demonstrates a simple system of continuous movement accompanied by classical music that has inspired and motivated not only seniors, but people of every age.

Wisdom Of Movement and Art of Aging both feature unique exercises and stretches ideal for those struggling with arthritis or osteoporosis, helping you get and stay mobile and limber.

Buy any 2 or more, $18.98 each.
Super Waist Trimmer
This wrap pulls double duty by burning fat AND helping to relieve lower-back pain!

Excels at burning fat around the waist by retaining therapeutic heat to shed excess water weight. This soft belt is comfortable and easy to use, and it will help shape the abs you've always wanted.

Wear it at the gym or on the go, and wear it for any back pain or to relieve muscle aches.
Fitness Bands Set
These stretch bands are ideal for Pilates exercises and senior therapy, helping to strengthen, firm, and tone the body!

Increase flexibility and balance with low-impact exercises illustrated on bands and inside included exercise booklet. Compact, portable, and designed with easy-grip handles for comfortable stretching.

Set includes red upper-body band, and yellow leg band.
Chair Exerciser
Tone up your arm and chest muscles without ever leaving your seat!

Sturdy fitness device secures to virtually any chair with Velcro straps. Elastic Power Cord bands with cushioned handles are anchored to seat bottom to provide resistance for toning muscles and even relieving muscle tension from the comfort of your desk chair. Low-impact workout doesn't stress joints and allows you to exercise at your own comfort level.

Comes with instruction and exercise booklet. No assembly required. With two resistance bands.
Roots & Branches 5 Element Qi Gong DVD
Transform your body, mind, and spirit by learning and practicing the system of Qi Gong. The Chinese term means to cultivate the Life Force within, and this art has been known to strengthen, heal, clarify, and inspire.

Roots & Branches 5 Element Qi Gong brings together T'ai Chi and classical 5-element (water, wood, fire, earth, and metal) Chinese medicine.

DVD set explains and teaches postures, walks, breathing, and movement, as well as several daily workouts to fit any lifestyle--regardless of age or ability!
Special Forces Fitness Training Book
Gym-Free Workouts To Build Muscle & Get In Elite Shape!

Do you have what it takes to be a special-ops solider? Here are 30 gym-free, hard-core workouts that help you build massive strength, increase speed and agility, extend fatigue threshold, improve balance and flexibility, and boost mental fortitude.

No gym equipment required!
Billy Blanks Taebo Platinum Collection DVD
Was: $16.98
Now: $12.97
4 Full Workouts On DVD!

The ultimate in cardiovascular and strength training! This platinum collection mixes the best of the original Tae Bo moves with rejuvenated cardio routines and focused abdominal training.

A full body workout that gets you slimmed down while powering up!
Single Action Rowing Machine
  • Rowing is low-impact--no jolting impacts to back or joints!
  • Burns calories rapidly, strengthens heart, tones muscles.
  • Works all major muscle groups for total body exercise.
Rowing is a friendly method of exercise for older bodies! This rowing machine has 12 levels of resistance and a padded, molded seat that slides smoothly thanks to the oversized aluminum rail which is angled for easier seat return.

LCD monitor displays calories burned, time, stroke count and total count. Large foot plates with adjustable straps, tough nylon rowing strap, and floor protectors to safeguard against skidding. Folds upright for convenient storage.

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Inmotion Compact Elliptical Strider
  • Space saving.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Adjustable tension for a low-impact workout.
  • Pedals forward or reverse to target different leg muscles.
  • Can be used while standing OR sitting.
  • Included resistance bands for upper body toning.
  • Electronic fitness monitor displays total strides, calories burned, and more.
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The Perfect Martial Arts Workout DVD
This time-tested workout is performed exactly as it was created many decades ago!

Series of exercises has their lineage from the martial arts system, Goju Ryu Kara-te, and the very movements helps promote a stronger body and mind (even if you are new to martial arts).

Focus, discipline, balance and coordination are also strengthened... there is a reason these moves have not changed in sequence for over 100 years!
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