Massage/Back Care

Massage/Back Care

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Thermo Pulse Massager
$2.98 - $49.98
Long day?

Release stress and tension, promote blood circulation and relieve aches and pains! Use on back, neck, shoulders, tummy, arms, legs--pretty much anywhere you need it.

Included optional hot/cold pack enhances the vibrating massage and helps soothe a variety of conditions.
Tri-Support Inflatable Pillow
Multi-Use Pillow With 3 Zones Of Support!

Cleverly designed with 3 separate air compartments that you can fully or partially inflate to meet your needs. Use as a lumbar support, under-the-leg support, as a footrest or even a head pillow!

Great for wheelchairs, long car trips and plane rides--you can finally recline in comfort with no uncomfortable gap between you and the seat!
Women's Deluxe Lumbar Support Belt
Back Support That Moves With You!

Deluxe back belt is engineered to promote proper posture and body mechanics, which leads to less back pain and helps prevent back injuries due to lifting, twisting, bending and other everyday activities. Tailored for the female physique for optimal support and comfort!

Elastic abdominal side panels give you the option to have as much or as little compression as you want or need. With built-in ventilated lumbar pad and breathable nylon mesh bands to minimize perspiration build up.
Electronic Slim Massager Belt
Muscles practically sigh with relief!

Electronic slim massager offers 4 modes: constant vibrating, pulse, wave and cyclic vibrate. Turn on heat mode for a warming sensation that'll ease tension.

Use on your waist, arms, legs and abdomen to soothe and tone muscles.
Cushion Neck Massager
Instant relief is at your fingertips!

The cushioned "golf" balls provide for gentle, yet firm, pressure to reduce muscle tension, neck stiffness and soreness. Treated with natural germanium, a trace mineral believed to have numerous health benefits, like improving blood circulation.

Place massager at back of neck and rotate handles, or press and hold for deep tissue penetration.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Magnetic Shoulder Pad
For neck and shoulder pain that originates between your shoulder blades, try this shoulder pad with 9 powerful magnets sewn inside. Believed to help increase blood circulation, which can relieve pain.

Slips on easily over the head and can be worn under clothes for all day relief.

Should not be worn by individuals who have implanted medical devices.
Car Lumbar Support Cushion
Black Tan
Was: $18.98
Now: $16.97
There's no reason to suffer from back pain when you have to be in the car. Our lumbar cushion provides proper cervical alignment when used in vehicles with bucket seats (or similar style chairs in the home or office) which reduces strain and back pain.

Mesh cover ensures maximum air circulation to keep your back cool. Adjustable strap helps secure cushion in place.

Colors: Black or Tan.
Dr Ho's Heat Therapy Belt
Was: $44.98
Now: $37.87
Enjoy both muscle-relaxing warmth and support while you're on the go!

Back support belt has self-conforming air cushions to provide support for low back, plus an extra large heating area that provides relief where you need it. Just drop the included heat pad into the thermal pocket for 20-30 minutes of soothing heat.

Reusable pad is "reset" by dropping into boiling water (it will activate again once you snap the metal discs inside). Lightweight, snag-resistant material can be worn underneath clothing.
Ice Wraptor Flexible Wrap
Was: $14.98
Now: $12.97
It's not easy to ice a body part with an inflexible ice pack, right?

Our body wrap comes with 2 ice sheets that are flexible EVEN when frozen. You can actually fold them around the body part that needs cold therapy. Plus, they do not drip, leak or leave wetness behind.

The ice sheet is paper thin until you soak in water, at which point they plump up to .75" thick. Then you simply freeze! Reusable and stay colder longer than regular ice packs, too.

Includes 2 ice pack sheets sized to fit into wrap.
Angled Head Infrared Heat Wand
Infrared heat is well known to penetrate below the skin to stimulate blood flow which helps speed healing, reduce joint stiffness and relax muscles.

Our infrared heat wand has an angled head to help make difficult areas easier (and more comfortable) to reach. Use on back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs and feet for relief of minor aches, strains and cramped muscles.
Infrared Folding Massager
Massage for your whole body!

Built-in magnets in the infrared lens creates a magnetic field to help increase blood circulation. This, in turn, helps alleviate muscles aches and arthritis pain.

The opposite side of the head holds 1 of 4 interchangeable massage heads (roller, joint, body and concentrator). The long-reach handle bends up to 90-degrees which makes it easier to reach spots on your back and shoulders.
CorFit® Lumbosacral Spinal Support System
Amazing compression ability is at your fingertips!

Patented PowerWrap® tensioning system reduces the amount of force required to create the amount of sacral and lumbar support you need. The 2 independent pulls (easy for weak or injured patients to use as well) provide focused compression where you want it.

Keeps you cool and comfortable all day!
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