Massage/Back Care

Massage/Back Care

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Brush Scalp Massager
$2.98 - $12.98
Give yourself a relaxing, tingling scalp massage!

A side benefit is that the increased blood circulation to your scalp encourages the growth of hair follicles. Ergonomic massager fits comfortably in palm of your hand.

Assorted colors, our choice, please.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
Go Relax™ Lumbar Cushion
Was: $2.98 - $26.98
Now: $2.98 - $24.97
Vibrating Acupressure Relief!

Relieve stress and fatigue while driving, at work, or in the comfort of your own home. Unique pressure activated switch turns on the vibrating massage when you lean or press against the cushion, and shuts off automatically as soon as pressure is released.

The 6 acupressure nodes work to increase blood circulation to your lower back (or wherever you need it).
Magnetic Lumbar Back Support
Neoprene wrap has 28 high power magnets strategically integrated throughout so your lumbar area is treated with the magnetic fields thought to increase blood circulation.

Lightweight support is low-profile and discreet under clothing.
Happy Feet Thai Back Massager
Recreates The Feel Of A Barefoot Shiatsu Massage!

Place cushion in your favorite chair, plug in, and use the attached remote to select either a lower back, upper back or full back massage. The "feet" massage heads will move up and down your back accordingly, providing relaxing pressure to tense muscles. You can also turn on the heat function for enhanced blood circulation.

Cushion seat also has two massage motors, which can be turned on/off independently of the back massage, and feature 3 selectable speeds. Attaches to most chairs with Velcro® strap.

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Mini Massager
$9.98 - $19.98
On The Spot Massaging Pain Relief!

Here is a hands-free, drug-free way to find pain relief! If you have a sore knee, for example, just place this mini massager on it and let the pulsations relax that muscle!

Gel-like pad allows you to place massager anywhere on your body (and it's reusable up to 25 times too!). Offers adjustable intensity settings so you can set to your personal comfort level.

Extra massager pads available as a set of 3.
Wireless Remote Control TENS Therapy System
$2.98 - $99.98
  • FDA cleared.
  • Receive targeted, effective, safe pain relief.
  • Move around freely--no wires attached!
On-the-go pain relief, where ever and whenever you need it! Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) uses electrical pulses to block pain signals and is clinically proven for safe and effective pain relief.

Unique TENS design gives you 2 gel pads which allows you to surround the area of pain for a more effective treatment. Features a 30-minute combination program with 3 therapeutic phases of alternating therapy.

Plus, there are 25 levels of adjustable intensity, so you can easily find a comfortable level of relief using the remote control. Flexible pad contours to almost any body part, is discreet under clothing, and is reusable up to 30 times. Refill includes 4 sets of 2 reusable self-adhesive pads.

Should not be worn by individuals who have implanted medical devices.
Comfy Donut Posture Pillow
It's truly hard to slump when sitting on this pillow--which means a happier back!

Special curved donut shape with "cut-outs" supports comfortable and correct sitting as it relieves pressure on the hips, spine and sitz bones. Also folds in half to be used as a pillow for head or legs.

Perfect for use at home, car, office or for travel.
Backjoy Relief Seat
Was: $44.98
Now: $39.97
Improve Your Posture - Relieve Your Pain!

Unique seat automatically provides you with optimal sitting posture by tilting your pelvis and shifting your weight off your tailbone. This "shock absorber for the spine" allows you to sit for longer periods with less fatigue, less pressure, and less pain.

Use at home, office, auto, restaurant, theater--anywhere you sit!
Leopard Mesh Back Support
Was: $24.98
Now: $13.77
Makes Every Chair A Better Chair!

Ergonomic design provides the essential low back support recommended by physical therapists, chiropractors and spine specialists. Adjustable buckle and nylon straps assure the perfect fit to make sitting more comfortable at home, in the car, at the office, or while traveling.
Memory Foam Seat Cushion
Makes Any Seat Instantly More Comfortable!

Use in your car, on your chair at home or in the office, even at sporting events! Memory foam cushion contours to your back and thighs, for a seat that is actually comfortable to sit in.
Self Heating Lumbar Back Support
Support belt provides a double whammy of natural therapy!

The combination of magnets plus natural far-infrared heat from the tourmaline boosts blood circulation to help soothe achy joints and sore muscles. Plus, the lumbar belt helps support your back!

Can be worn inconspicuously under your clothing.
Magnetic Back And Shoulder Support
Was: $22.98
Now: $21.98
A discreet way to improve your posture (and, in turn, relieve back aches and pains). There are 12 magnets (500 Gauss) sewn into the support that run down the spine to encourage better blood circulation.

Choose either women's or men's.

Should not be worn by individuals who have implanted medical devices.
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