Massage/Back Care

Massage/Back Care

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Auto Inflating Lumbar Cushion
Inflates And Deflates In Seconds!

Provides comfort and support for your lower back. Reduce stress and pressure on your spine and improve your posture while sitting.

Lumbar cushion auto inflates for quick positioning, making it an ideal portable lower back aid for those with respiratory issues.

Roll up to deflate and easily stash away in a bag or nightstand drawer. Arrives fully inflated.
Far Infrared Back Support
Was: $21.98
Now: $19.98
Our unique back support reduces back pain, improves posture, and provides constant, long-lasting heat (reflected from your body).

Velcro® closure makes for an adjustable, comfortable, custom fit. Gentle, self-generated heat therapy may even help with abdominal cramping.
Electronic Pulse Stimulator
$2.98 - $29.98
Helps Relieve Pain Sensations!

Stimulator generates small pulses of electrical current that interacts with the nerves at the site of pain, causing temporary relief from the pain! Use on shoulder/neck, soles of feet, waist/back, arms and legs/joints.

Easy to use handheld control unit with LCD screen offers 8 different modes: massage, beat, knead, slim, acupuncture, scraping, cupping and immune. There is also adjustable intensity (you are in full control of how strong or weak the stimulating pulses are), speed, and multiple timer settings.

Includes 4 self-adhesive gel pads and instructions. Replacement pads (set of 10) available. Pads last up to 80 uses.

Should not be used by individuals who have implanted medical devices.
Flip 10 In 1 Pillow
$14.98 - $39.98
10 Pillows in 1!

Revolutionary pillow accommodates every position. Use for sleeping, reading (on your stomach, or back!), or watching television. Elevate your tired feet, or raise your knees to ease back muscles, or use two for full-body support! An attractive alternative to foam wedges, it looks great on your bed or chair.

Custom-fit cover (sold separately) available in a choice of three stylish color: white, navy and beige.
Fleece Donut Gel Insert Cushion
Sit comfortably for long periods of time in your office or easy chair!

Cushion reduces pelvic and tailbone pressure while the gel insert evenly distributes weight to provide maximum comfort. Fleece cover is plush to the touch, and provides improved air flow to the skin.
Hot And Cold Gel Bead Back Support
This gel bead back support delivers hot OR cold relief!

Simply put the gel bead pack in the fridge or freezer, and wear to deliver cool relief from pain and swelling. Warm up in hot tap water or the microwave and use to increase blood flow and relax lower-back muscles. Storage zipper pouch doubles as an optional comfortable cover.

Choose: Regular or Large.
BAX-U Discreet Posture Corrector
Correct slouching and ease back strain with this easy-to-wear posture support. Designed by a chiropractor, it's the only brace of its kind that is soft, easy to use, gets results, and you can't even tell it's on!

Adaptable design makes it a comfortable fit under your favorite top, and it can be used during a variety of activities from running errands, to working a puzzle at your kitchen table.
Brush Scalp Massager
$2.98 - $12.98
Give yourself a relaxing, tingling scalp massage!

A side benefit is that the increased blood circulation to your scalp encourages the growth of hair follicles. Ergonomic massager fits comfortably in palm of your hand.

Assorted colors, our choice, please.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
Go Relax™ Lumbar Cushion
Was: $2.98 - $26.98
Now: $2.98 - $18.97
Vibrating Acupressure Relief!

Relieve stress and fatigue while driving, at work, or in the comfort of your own home. Unique pressure activated switch turns on the vibrating massage when you lean or press against the cushion, and shuts off automatically as soon as pressure is released.

The 6 acupressure nodes work to increase blood circulation to your lower back (or wherever you need it).
Magnetic Lumbar Back Support
Was: $19.98
Now: $12.87
Neoprene wrap has 28 high power magnets strategically integrated throughout so your lumbar area is treated with the magnetic fields thought to increase blood circulation.

Lightweight support is low-profile and discreet under clothing.
Happy Feet Thai Back Massager
Recreates The Feel Of A Barefoot Shiatsu Massage!

Place cushion in your favorite chair, plug in, and use the attached remote to select either a lower back, upper back or full back massage. The "feet" massage heads will move up and down your back accordingly, providing relaxing pressure to tense muscles. You can also turn on the heat function for enhanced blood circulation.

Cushion seat also has two massage motors, which can be turned on/off independently of the back massage, and feature 3 selectable speeds. Attaches to most chairs with Velcro® strap.

Please add $7.00 Additional Shipping to the Standard Shipping Charge for each item ordered.
Mini Massager
Was: $9.98 - $19.98
Now: $6.87 - $12.87
On The Spot Massaging Pain Relief!

Here is a hands-free, drug-free way to find pain relief! If you have a sore knee, for example, just place this mini massager on it and let the pulsations relax that muscle!

Gel-like pad allows you to place massager anywhere on your body (and it's reusable up to 25 times too!). Offers adjustable intensity settings so you can set to your personal comfort level.

Extra massager pads available as a set of 3.
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