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Sherpa Seat Belt Covers
Don't like the way your seat belt cuts into you? Sherpa seat belt covers (you get one pair) reduces that rubbing and chafing.

Feels nice and comfy on your skin!
Lap Bean Cushion
A lap cushion can make a world of difference! It provides a comfortable, elevated surface to rest your arms and elbows, not to mention a book, reading tablet, or even a food tray.

This "bean" cushion is filled with 100% polystyrene beads that contour to your body, and has a hook & loop belt to hold cushion in place.

Includes removable, water-resistant cover.
Crumb Catcher Adult Bib
Was: $14.98
Now: $12.97
For anyone who needs a little extra help when eating!

Terry cloth protector shields clothing from food stains while the water-repellent backing further protects from spills. Crumb catcher pocket keeps food particles from bouncing off the legs and onto the floor.
Instant 20/20™ Focus Eyewear
Dial-In Perfect Vision!

Adjustable unisex eyeglasses focus for far- or near-sightedness with the turn of a dial! Corrects 90% of spherical errors--adjusts to almost any prescription!

Use them to replace broken glasses or lost contacts; keep them as a spare pair on the nightstand or when traveling.

Will not correct astigmatism.
Body Mint® Deodorant Tablets
Mint Reduces Body Odor Head-To-Toe! Body Mint all-natural edible deodorizer tablets work from the inside out, reducing body odor from head-to-toe. Take twice daily like a vitamin, unique chlorophyllin formula reduces bad breath, underarm, and foot odors. Originally a popular staple in Hawaii to suit active outdoor lifestyles and a warm climate--and now sought after around the world for relief of everyday odors.

Complete Feminine Odor Protection! Taken twice daily like a vitamin, this unique chlorophyllin formula contains NO chemicals, is derived from healthy greens, and packed with natural antioxidants.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Buy any 2 or more, $23.98 each.
Wrist Support With Gel Pad
Was: $12.98 - $12.98
Now: $7.97 - $8.98
Relieves Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis & Muscle Spasms!

If you're troubled by an aching wrist, find comfort with this gel support. Unique gel pad helps relieve pain symptoms as the support cradles wrist.

Choose: Left or Right.
Lint Removers 6 Pack Set (2 Sets Of 3)
Was: $9.98
Now: $4.67
Super portable!

Compact squares have an adhesive backing so you can just peel and pat to remove lint, hair and other particles from your clothing.
Horizon Wrap Sunglasses Tortoiseshell/Copper
Was: $29.98
Now: $13.67
Stylish Sunglasses Fit OVER Your Glasses! Eliminate the need and high cost of prescription sunglasses!

Premium-quality polarized sunglasses fit over your own glasses, providing incredible glare protection with zero distortion.
Foam Seat Riser Cushion
Seat Cushion Adds 5 Inches Of Lift!

Find yourself sitting for long periods of time? Seat cushion distributes body weight evenly and absorbs pressure to insure maximum comfort. The 5" lift also helps to make it easier to stand if you tend to have difficultly rising from a chair.

Works wonderfully in the car if you need help seeing over the steering wheel.
Extendable Claw Back Scratcher Set
$7.50 - $9.98
Right........there! Ahh!

Metal claw on telescoping handle with cushioned grip provides instant itch relief in those hard-to-reach spots.

Assorted colors; our choice, please.
Extendable Sock Aid
You don't have to bend or stretch awkwardly to put on your socks--let this extendable sock aid help you!

Just slide your sock onto the front, make sure the poles are extended to your preferred height, then slide foot through opening. Works with hosiery and compression socks too.
Power Band Hernia Supporter
Was: $19.98 - $19.98
Now: $11.57 - $14.87
With Power-band For Adjustable Pressure!

Just dress normally--there's no additional bulkiness or bulges here. Hernia supporter, with its two built-in panels, effectively immobilizes the hernia while fitting neatly under regular clothes. Power-band gives you the ability to adjust the amount of pressure applied to hernia.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
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