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My-O-Balls 7 And 5 Ball Massaging Systems
Pressure Point Massage System!

Unique massager wraps your aching muscles in a pressure-point hug to provide immediate relief from plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, Achilles tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other musculoskeletal issues.

Features simultaneous myofascial release and compression technology to ease knotted muscles, scar tissue discomfort and more.

Simply insert the arm or leg through the foam-ball stretch band, roll into desired position and let it apply pressure for 30-90 seconds, continuing up or down the limb as needed. Band stays in place where you leave it.

Available in snug 5-ball style or choose the 7-ball model for a looser fit.
Relax Fusion Lumbar Cushion
Sit longer without pain and fatigue!

Deluxe cushion is made of soft, super-conforming, high-density memory foam topped with cool-relief gel layer to alleviate stress, minimize heat buildup, and refresh the body.

Double mesh cover wicks away moisture and heat, and built-in elastic strap with adjustable buckle keeps cushion in place. Can also be used without strap for easy transfer.

Great in the car, at work, public transport, easy chair, etc.
Deluxe Vibration Massage Mattress
  • 9 massage motors for full-body massage.
  • Rolls or folds for storage.
  • Portable with built-in carry handle.
Massage mat delivers therapeutic relief along with optional soothing lumbar heat. Dual-speed controller lets you choose full-body or individual areas to massage, and at what intensity.

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Biomechanical Gel Heel Cushions
Strop Struggling With Nagging Heel Pain!

Innovative heel cushions were designed by a podiatrist to relieve heel, back, knee, and painful plantar fasciitis pain.

Featuring a deep, angled heel cup for extra stability and pronation control, contoured shock-absorbing arch support, along with flexible indentions and an extra gel pad on the bottom for natural movement and protection.

Fits comfortably in your favorite shoes to make exercising, work, and everyday activities easier on your feet and legs!
Royal Posture - As Seen On TV
You don't need a big, bulky back brace to correct your posture!

This back support gently pulls your shoulders back to correct slouching, ease neck, shoulder, and back pain, AND help circulation. You'll sit and stand straighter, and feel more energized!

Virtually undetectable under clothing, and completely customizable with Velcro® closures and adjustable buckles.

Click here to see our entire As Seen On TV collection!
Five Toe Forefoot Sleeve
Foot sleeve provides relief from inflammation and pain in the ball of the foot by gently separating toes to reduce friction, and inner gel pad absorbs shock from walking or running.

Open-toe design easily slips on and stays in place, and fabric is comfortable in most footwear.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
Relax A Bac Lumbar Swivel Seat Combo
The ultimate solution for complete car-seat comfort!

Contoured lumbar cushion features fashionable, dual-tone fabric to compliment any car interior, adjustable strap with buckle to secure to seat, and removable insert for increased support.

Matching swivel seat made with high-grade foam swivels 360° to help prevent back, knee, or hip strain caused by twisting when getting in and out of car, and has a non-skid base for extra security.

Also great for standard chairs!
Butterfly Pillow
Contoured orthopedic pillow offers luxurious support for neck and back. Ergonomic shape maintains proper neck and spine alignment, and can also be used to elevate knees and calves.

Perfect for home or travel with removable sleek satin cover.
Dual Pull Crisscross Back Support
Relieve Lower-Back Pain And Improve Your Posture!

This high-quality support features dual super-stretch side pulls and a sturdy, crisscross back panel for high compression and posture reinforcement.

Flexible plastic stays prevent sides from rolling.
Extreme Comfort Ankle Support
Low-profile support features gel pads to cushion ankle and enhance all activities ranging from relaxing and recovery, to housework and exercise.

Just slip support onto either ankle, position gel pads, and adjust as needed for the perfect fit.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
MagniLife Pain Relieving Foot Cream
Cream Calms Damaged Nerves!

Calms shooting, stabbing and burning sensations caused by diabetic nerve pain. Helps soften hardened, callused skin to eliminate painful cracks and fissures.

Safe to use between toes.
Massaging Knee Wrap
Comfortable knee wrap helps increase circulation and reduce swelling while providing stabilization with compression above and below the kneecap.

Soft neoprene fabric allows for natural movement during exercise and daily activity. Wraps around knee with Velcro® closures, massage insert pads on each side provide gentle stimulation for additional comfort.
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