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Light Up Gyro Powerball
Replaces Up To 15 Lbs Of Free Weights!

No batteries needed! Give it a few spins to get it started (or use included power string started) and it lights up as it spins, adding a fun element to this surprisingly powerful way to strengthen your forearms, wrist and hands!

Spins up to 9,000 rpms. Great rehab exercise for hand/arm injuries too.
Massaging Liquid Shoe Insoles
Liquid Insoles Massage With Every Step!

Feels like you are walking on a soft, sandy beach! Unlike others that use gel or foam, these insoles utilize dynamic fluid technology (liquid glycerin) for a fluid orthotic that is custom to your feet.

Feel immediate relief of back, hip, knee and feet pain. Massages your feet with every step!
Isotoner® Compression Full Finger And Fingerless Gloves
Eases pain and swelling from arthritis, surgery, repetitive motion and other hand injuries.

The massaging qualities of the material and gentle compression provide immediate relief. Wear anytime, day or night, when hands are sore or swollen. Therapeutic gloves are designed with the seams on the outside in order to lessen stress on tender hands.

Available in full finger for complete coverage, or, fingerless for active hands. Both styles have open cuff for easy on, easy off.
Posture Seat Plus Cushion
Was: $45.98
Now: $32.97
  • Reduces back pain & supports good posture.
  • Even weight distribution prevents pressure sores.
  • Increases airflow--Seat temperature reduced by 10 degrees!
Being in a wheelchair or any chair usually means feeling uncomfortable all day... but no more! Revolutionary cushion, made of dual-density EVA foam, resists compression to properly distribute your weight AND encourages better airflow which creates a cooler surface for you to sit on! No more worries about being uncomfortable all day, or about developing pressure sores.

Plus the contoured surface encourages better posture, support and comfort. Completely waterproof (it's even dishwasher safe), so no moisture is absorbed, plus it's also anti-microbial.

Includes optional washable cover.
Veino Energizing Tights
Was: $42.98 - $42.98
Now: $27.87 - $39.97
Soothes Heavy, Swollen Legs!

Always feels comfortable and fresh! Micro-encapsulated in the fabric is red vine, citrus oil, cypress oil and shea butter.

This advanced technology provides a continuous and uniform release of these all-natural ingredients to your skin. Plus, you'll have silky, smooth skin.

Seamless fabric is also a light compression to stimulate blood flow and re-energize tired legs. Active ingredients are effective all day and night, up to 5 washes.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
Zippered Compression Knee Wrap
Was: $14.98
Now: $9.87
With Easy Zipper On/Off!

Wrap up that sore knee in this form-fitting, flexible Quadstretch™ support. The compression helps increase blood circulation and reduces swelling while the 4-way stretch material allows for movement.

With durable zipper for easy on and off.
Fashion Compression Sock Sets
Leopard/black Paisley/black
Enjoy support and relief in fashionable style!

Graduated compression socks help to enhance circulation, reduce fluid retention and decrease leg fatigue, aching feet and swollen ankles. Each set includes one patterned pair and one black pair.

Choose: Paisley or Leopard.
Multi Use Versa Cushion
Was: $20.98
Now: $18.97
One cushion to serve many of your needs!

Versatile foam cushion supports your back, legs, knees, head or arms. Flip it over and now it's a lap desk.
Fold And Go Comfort Carry Cushion
Was: $15.98
Now: $10.87
Carry Comfort Wherever You Go!

There are far too many hard, uncomfortable seats out there! Fortunately, it's easy to carry a soft seat for your tush wherever you go.

Our fold & carry cushion gives you a seat and folds with convenient closure and handles.
Double Hernia Belt
Was: $42.98 - $42.98
Now: $27.87 - $29.97
When you need temporary relief, look no further than this double hernia support belt.

Lightweight, discreet, and simple to adjust the pressure so you can spend many comfortable hours on your feet. For reducible inguinal hernia(s).

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
Doc's Muscle Magic™
Use alone, or with a partner, on calves, hamstrings, back, IT band, plantar fascia and other body parts that need a good rolling. You control the depth and pressure of the massage!

Rolls knots out of muscles, providing myofascial release and trigger point therapy. This therapeutic motion warms muscles, increases range of motion, promotes flexibility and accelerates recovery.
Magnetic Shoulder Support
The magnetic fields generated by this shoulder support may help stimulate blood vessels and blood oxygen levels to relieve pain and inflammation.

High-quality neoprene provides mild and uniform compression while reflecting your own body heat back to the shoulder for increased healing time. Incorporates the high energy of 21 magnets, each with a field strength of 1000 Gauss.

Should not be worn by individuals who have implanted medical devices.
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