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Personal Care

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Magnetic Supports
Was: $34.98 - $39.98
Now: $27.87 - $39.98
Give your knee or ankle a boost!

Magnetic therapy is thought to increase blood circulation and aid in the healing process. Knee support has 34 sewn-in magnets at 500 surface gauss rating each; Ankle has 14 magnets (same rating as knee).

Each has adjustable Velcro® straps so you can customize your desired degree of support. To determine size for knee, measure circumference at kneecap with knee bent 90-degrees.

Individuals who have implanted medical devices such as pacemakers should use caution when handling magnets.
Car Lumbar Support Cushion
Black Tan
Was: $18.98
Now: $16.97
There's no reason to suffer from back pain when you have to be in the car. Our lumbar cushion provides proper cervical alignment when used in vehicles with bucket seats (or similar style chairs in the home or office) which reduces strain and back pain.

Mesh cover ensures maximum air circulation to keep your back cool. Adjustable strap helps secure cushion in place.

Colors: Black or Tan.
Dr Ho's Heat Therapy Belt
Was: $44.98
Now: $37.87
Enjoy both muscle-relaxing warmth and support while you're on the go!

Back support belt has self-conforming air cushions to provide support for low back, plus an extra large heating area that provides relief where you need it. Just drop the included heat pad into the thermal pocket for 20-30 minutes of soothing heat.

Reusable pad is "reset" by dropping into boiling water (it will activate again once you snap the metal discs inside). Lightweight, snag-resistant material can be worn underneath clothing.
Military Branch Walker Totes
Was: $32.98
Now: $28.87
Proudly display your military branch of choice!

Durable denim tote has plenty of space for your personal items, plus an extra pocket on the front with military emblem. With Velcro® closures and adjustable buckle straps to attach to your walker.

Choose: Marines, Army, Navy or Air Force.
Ice Wraptor Flexible Wrap
Was: $14.98
Now: $12.97
It's not easy to ice a body part with an inflexible ice pack, right?

Our body wrap comes with 2 ice sheets that are flexible EVEN when frozen. You can actually fold them around the body part that needs cold therapy. Plus, they do not drip, leak or leave wetness behind.

The ice sheet is paper thin until you soak in water, at which point they plump up to .75" thick. Then you simply freeze! Reusable and stay colder longer than regular ice packs, too.

Includes 2 ice pack sheets sized to fit into wrap.
Active Gloves
Was: $27.98 - $27.98
Now: $23.87 - $25.97
You don't have to give up your daily activities due to hand pain!

Active gloves provide mild compression for warmth and helps increase circulation to promote healing. Aids in relieving aches, pains and stiffness of the hand. Open fingertips and anti-slip grip allow full freedom to feel, touch and grip.

Comfortable to wear all day and night!
Warm Skin® Insulating Balm
Was: $12.98
Now: $10.97
Shields skin against bitter cold and wind!

Non-greasy barrier cream protects exposed skin to cold, wet, dry or windy weather, helping your skin retain moisture and stay warmer. Also soothes cracked skin and restores a healthy balance with natural skin protectors and antioxidants such as cranberry seed and pomegranate oils.

Great for all seasons and all skin types!
Custom Memory Foam Heel Cushion
Mens Womens
Was: $9.98
Now: $8.97
Like Shock Absorbers For Your Heels!

Painful heels need instant relief! This custom heel cushion lifts, supports and provides wraparound protection for tender heels caused by Plantar Fasciitis, spurs and Achilles Tendon.

Made with memory foam to mold and cradle your heel, with protective heel tab and "springboard" heel cushion to absorb shock.
Elastic Ankle And Knee Supports
Was: $7.98
Now: $5.87
Grandma's Beauty Bar Sets
Was: $12.98
Now: $8.77
Pure and natural, just the way Grandma would have made it!

Beauty bars are made with goat milk which moisturizes skin naturally. Plus, the alpha-hydroxy acids in goat's milk gently exfoliates--great for sensitive skin!

Made with saponified oils of lard, olive and castor, goat milk, oatmeal and essential oils.
Talking Medical Alert Watch
Was: $32.98
Now: $27.87
With Built-In USB That Stores Your Medical Data!

With the Medical Alert symbol and "Medical data on USB, Press play for message" on the watchband, emergency personnel will be alerted to play and listen to your own 12-second message (like name and contact info) and check the USB device for other important information. USB can store a photo, documents like DNR, Living Will, medical tests, plus information about your medical condition(s), medication(s), physician(s) and more.

Watch also features optional hourly announcements and alarm.
Custom Memory Insoles
Mens Womens
Was: $10.98
Now: $7.97
Slip these custom insoles into your shoes to relieve tired, achy feet!

They'll mold to your feet as you wear them and have a "springboard" heel cushion that absorbs shocks with every step. Plus, the lightweight design includes a heel tab to protect sensitive Achilles tendon, and a flexible shell for arch and heel support.
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