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Barber Three Coin Set With V Nickel
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Barber Three Coin Set With V Nickel
Heirloom-quality collection includes set of 3 Barber coins, all with obverse images of Lady Liberty.

The Barber quarter and Barber dime, issued from 1892-1916, both feature Lady Liberty on obverse, wearing a Phrygian cap and laurel wreath with "Liberty" stamped across the band.

Quarter's reverse design is an adaptation of the United States seal, and dime's reverse depicts a wreath of foliage and produce surrounding "One Dime".

The liberty "V" nickel was first minted in 1883 and last struck over 100 years ago, with obverse portrait of Lady Liberty surrounded by 13 stars, and reverse Roman numeral "V" encircled within a wreath.

Coins are individually encapsulated and collectively giftboxed. Mint years vary.
Barber Three Coin Set With V Nickel