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Faces Of Liberty Coin Collection
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Faces Of Liberty Coin Collection
Ever since America's founding, Lady Liberty has personified our nation. She is seen as the defender and champion of freedom for all people.

This historical set of 5 coins traces the fascinating history of Lady Liberty through more than a century of U.S. coin designs.

The 1883-1912 Liberty Head Nickel was the first nickel to feature Liberty. The Standing Liberty Quarter, struck in 90% silver, was the first full-length image of Lady Liberty on a silver coin. The Mercury Dime, also struck in silver, features Liberty in a winged cap, and the silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar depicts Lady Liberty wrapped in an American flag. The 2001 New York State Quarter shows the Statue of Liberty--the first time the statue has been shown on a circulating coin!

Collection is displayed in a coin wallet with historical information. Mint years vary.
Faces Of Liberty Coin Collection