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Posture Seat Plus Cushion
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Posture Seat Plus Cushion
  • Reduces back pain & supports good posture.
  • Even weight distribution prevents pressure sores.
  • Increases airflow--Seat temperature reduced by 10 degrees!
Being in a wheelchair or any chair usually means feeling uncomfortable all day... but no more! Revolutionary cushion, made of dual-density EVA foam, resists compression to properly distribute your weight AND encourages better airflow which creates a cooler surface for you to sit on! No more worries about being uncomfortable all day, or about developing pressure sores.

Plus the contoured surface encourages better posture, support and comfort. Completely waterproof (it's even dishwasher safe), so no moisture is absorbed, plus it's also anti-microbial.

Includes optional washable cover.
Posture Seat Plus Cushion
Was: $45.98
Now: $22.77