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Wicked Weapons Kubaton Ripper Set
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Wicked Weapons Kubaton Ripper Set
It may look like an innocuous valve shut-off key, but this lightweight, super-strong defense aid is capable of instantly ruining an attacker's day!

Similar to a kuboton (a tried-and-true "instrument of attitude adjustment"), this compact metal "ripper" keychain fits in your pocket and can be used for pressure-point manipulation and takedowns with one added benefit: the notched end is designed to grab onto your target's flesh and not let go!

Just strike with the ripper, and twist to inflict instant, painful damage, buying yourself time to escape.

Set of 2 rippers includes easy-to-follow instructional DVD demonstrating how to use them as well as a BONUS stick-fighting video.

Note: May not be legal in all states. Please check with your local authorities.
Wicked Weapons Kubaton Ripper Set