Animated Wisecracking Insulting Parrot

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He's Got A Foul Mouth!

If you want a cute, lovable pet, then this guy is DEFINITELY not for you! Motion-activated beak moves & his wings flap as he lets fly one of 6 rude comments whenever someone walks by. Off-color statements like "You got a pretty big a** for such a small brain," and "If you think my beak is huge, you ought to see my d**k!" will have everyone laughing in surprise.

Colors and phrases may vary; our choice please.

Adult language; not suitable for children.
$19.98 $12.97 $19.98
Total number of Reviews: 1
"this thing is a real scream, my lady friends now want one too. waaaay tooo funny!"
– gene wick, ocean shores, WA
About 7" tall.
Parrot says:
  • If you think my beak is huge, you aught to see my d**k.
  • You got a pretty big a** for such a small brain.
  • It's not polite to stare unless you got big tits.
  • Don't just look at me. Get me a f**k'n cracker.
  • Just get me a f**k'n cracker and mind your own business.
  • Hey your a hottie, wanna f**k.
Uses 3 AA batteries, not included.