Aroma Therapy Essential Oils Pack Of 12

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Just rub in a drop or 2 of one of these essential oils as directed or add to a warm bath for a wide range of health and wellness benefits!

Set of 12 bottles includes: Bergamot (known to build confidence and enhance mood), Coconut (skin care; antifungal), Eucalyptus (breathing support and skin purifier), Frankincense (stress and pain relief), Jasmine (helps relieve stress, anxiety, and lowered libido), Lavender (promotes relaxation), Lemongrass (helps relieve stress and anxiety), Peppermint (sore-muscle relief), Rosehip (helps relieve dry, itchy skin), Rosemary (memory enhancement; may help prevent hair loss), Sandalwood (relief for colds, coughs, and infections), and Tea Tree oils (hair care support; antifungal).
$27.98 $24.97 $27.98
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