Be Active - As Seen On TV

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Leg Brace Targets LOW BACK Pain!

Our body is interconnected, so it makes sense that you can relieve low back pain by targeting a sciatic nerve point on your leg! Patented pressure pad in this leg brace applies firm trigger point pressure that provides sciatic and related back pain relief. Reduces both short term and chronic sciatic back pain!

Works on both right or left leg and is easily hidden under your clothing. Stays in place comfortably while exercising or at work.

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$14.98 $10.97 $14.98
Total number of Reviews: 1
"This product really works from the moment you put it on! I have a disc that's almost gone and couldn't line dance because the pain would just stop me. I stopped dancing for five years and I almost gave up. I started dancing again but had pain. I heard about Be Active on TV and thought I would give it a try and my God, it truly works! It's incredible how my pain disappeared when dancing or walking or doing anything. I highly recommend this product."
– Maria Rangel, San Jose, CA
Adjustable; one size fits most.