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2019 Guide To The Night Sky Book
Here's the perfect guidebook for all sky events in 2019.

This guide helps amateur astronomers navigate the night sky any time of year with monthly star charts and diagrams, moon calendars, meteor showers, sky and constellation maps, and so much more.

A must-have resource for backyard astronomers or anyone with an interest in the cosmos.
Marijuana Chef Cookbook
What better way to satisfy the munchies than with more of your favorite "greens?"

Discover 50+ recipes for whipping up mary-jane appetizers, entrées, desserts, and more!

With easy-to-follow instructions, including 4 different cannabis-extraction methods, PLUS a how-to section for help with passing drug tests using natural methods.
The Golden Girls 'Twas The Night Before Christmas Book
You're invited to spend Christmas Eve with Blanche, Rose, Sophia and Dorothy!

But with a hurricane brewing and a visit from down-on-his-luck Stan, it feels like St. Nick has forsaken the ladies from Miami! Could things get any worse?

Maybe--but what these 4 faithful friends realize is that they already have all they need to make their holiday jolly (including cheesecake!)
The Nightmare Before Christmas Pop Up Books
$65.00 - $250.00
Journey back to Halloweentown with a petrifying pop-up of nightmarish proportions!

With stunning colors and images, it's a mind-blowing retelling of the classic story with gravity-defying pop-up art on every single page.

Marking the 25th anniversary of the groundbreaking movie, this celebration of Tim Burton's film is a must-have for fans, holiday ghouls, and collectors.

Autographed and numbered edition is signed by pop-up master Matthew Reinhart, and comes in a slipcase with a special cover exclusive to this edition. Very limited quantities.

Click here to see our entire Nightmare Before Christmas collection!
Everyday Fashions Books
$15.95 - $22.95
Catalogs were once a substitute for the window displays of Paris or the fashion shops of New York.

See the styles of yesteryear with this carefully curated collection of catalog ads compiled into books.

For historians, nostalgia buffs, and casual browsers, these pages provide a rare, accurate glimpse of how average people dressed in the early part of the 20th century.
You Had Me At Meow And Woof Books
Woof features 50 funny photos and quotes from man's (and woman's) best friend about playtime, food, smells, misbehaving, and more.

Meow is the purr-fect gift for your favorite cat lady (or dude), with 50 photos and catty quotes about naps, fur, purring, and that dreaded dog.

Buy any 2 or more, $11.98 each.
Bored Chap And Lady Leisure Challenge Books
Quirky puzzle books for distinguished gentlemen and ladies of leisure!

Each is full of witty challenges and activities to tease the brain and occupy the mind. Books each feature pages of boredom busting, brain bending conundrums and puzzles.

Buy any 2 or more, $12.00 each.
World War I, World War II, And Patriotic Documents Poster Sets
Each collection includes 20 posters, documents, and images printed on sturdy card stock, suitable for framing and collecting.

WWI includes important newspaper reproductions, propaganda posters, and war cartoons.

WWII commemorates the fierce global conflict, including the iconic "Kissing The War Goodbye," plus photos of MacArthur, Churchill, Roosevelt, and more.

Patriotic Set features America's most revered documents, including the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and more.

Perfect for collectors, students, teachers, and history buffs!

Buy any 2 or more, $11.99 each.

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Instant Pot Recipe Collection
Home cooking is fast, easy, and fun with Instant Pot! This versatile multi-cooker takes the hard work out of homemade meals, soups, and desserts.

Includes over 150 recipes, 145 full page photos, and pressure cooking times for common ingredients like meats, beans, grains, and vegetables.
Love Is A Sausage Dog Book
Anything a dog can do, a doxie can do better!

Those mischievous pups have us head over heels in love. Whether you own one, want one, or just think they're super-cute, this little book will prove that not just any old dog can be man's best friend!
The Cat Lover's Compendium Book
You'll purr with delight as you relax with a good read and a sweet, furry feline curled up on your lap!

This compilation brings together cat facts, fables, poems, quotations, trivia, and behavioral tips. Makes a sweet gift for any cat lover.
Great Grandma Brag Book
Being a grandmother is grand; being a great grandmother is grander!

White faux suede brag book holds images of the greatest grandkids in the world. With fabric flower detail on cover.
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