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The Three Stooges Comic Book Collection
These blasts from the past are rib-tickling cartoon tales based on Dell Comics originally printed in the 50s and 60s!

The hilarious trio is featured in four issues: "TV Time Special," "Shemptastic Spectacular," and "April Fools' Day Special," all in full color; as well as "Matinee Madness" in black and white.

The set also includes collectors cards with portraits of personalities who appeared with the Stooges, drawn by the artists who contributed to the comics.

This is a must-have addition to your collection!

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The Beatles London 1963 Book
Britain's greatest photographer meets Britain's greatest band!

Norman Parkinson's revealing, insightful, and funny collection of photos captures The Beatles near the start of their spectacular career.

Covering nearly 30 rolls of film, these images of the Fab Four at the President Hotel and famed Abbey Road Studios offer a rare insight into the making of an iconic rock band.

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Grandma's Favorites Cookbook
Grandma always knew how to make delicious meals that would please the whole family--even finicky eaters. Find some of your favorite home-cooked meals in these handed-down recipes from cooks around the country.

With over 200 recipes, you're bound to find something to please everyone in your family, too! Spiral bound for easy reference.
America The Beautiful Book
Our country is filled with sights that delight, awe, and inspire.

Photographic road trip is a coast to coast journey overflowing with scenic landscapes, eye-catching monuments, busy bridges, remote lighthouses, thundering waterfalls, picturesque mills, ornate mansions, unique architecture, and more.
66 On 66 Book
A Photographer's Journey!

Known as America's "Mother Road," Route 66 was the path for travelers, tourists, and fortune-seekers. When it fell out of use after the Interstate system was built, a treasure trove of roadside attractions, greasy spoon diners, and neon artifacts remained, lighting the way along a road now less traveled.

Featuring 66 color photographs, this is a stunning visual chronicle of the storied route from Missouri to California.
The Book Of Lost Recipes
Signature Dishes From Historic Restaurants Rediscovered!

An engaging journey into America's legendary restaurant cuisine gems! Experience the M&L Chopped Liver at New York's Moskowitz & Lupowitz, and the Baked Cannelloni at Paoli's in San Franciso.

Delight in the Blintzes from Ashkenaz's Deli in Chicago, or the Famous Baked Beans at Horn & Hardart in Philadephia.

Beautiful photos and a little historical background information on each venue accompany each recipe.
Esoteric Hollywood 2 Book
Delve into the deep, dark, mysterious undertones of Tinsel Town's biggest films.

Backed by years of research, this compilation of essays explores the connection between cinema and philosophy, comparative religion, symbolism, and geopolitics.

Watch old movies with new eyes as you unveil secret meanings hidden in your favorite films.
Vault Of Frankenstein Book
Trace the history of Mary Shelley's creature from abomination to hero to pop culture icon.

Features removable treasures and memorabilia such as manuscript pages, movie posters, a photo of Boris Karloff on set in 1931, and more.
The Faith Of Dolly Parton Book
Whether writing songs, performing live, acting or producing for TV and movies, or expanding her wildly successful Dollywood amusement park, the Queen of Country Music has never been shy about crediting her Christian faith for her success.

Giving back to the world through literacy projects and millions of dollars in donations to charities and people in need, Dolly's devotion extends far beyond the stage and personal triumphs.
The Sixties Book
Freedom, Change & Revolution!

This chronicle of the chaotic decade lays out a timeline of 100 key events driven by people, technology, politics, pop culture, and more. Each spread covers a single year with succinct text and captivating photos.

A must-read about this extremely important era in US and world history.
Rock Chronicles Book
More than 250 legendary bands (more than 1,750 individual musicians) are profiled in this encyclopedic edition, with color-coded charts identifying who was in what band, when, and which albums they played on.

Fifty top bands (such as the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and the Who) get an additional 2-page spread of color photos! Numerous cross-references abound, including an index that lists all performers covered in the book.

A must-have for any rock music fan.
The Legion Of Regrettable Supervillains And Superheroes Books
You know about Batman, Superman, and Spiderman, but have you heard of Doll Man, Doctor Hormone, or Spider Queen? Meet 100 of the strangest superheroes to ever see print, complete with backstories, vintage art, and colorful commentary.

Some super-crooks are incompetent, some are comical, and some are just... weird. Discover 100 of the strangest, most stupefying super villains ever to grace the pages of comics, including Brickbat, Swarm, Robbing Hood, and a surprising number of law-breaking apes.

With intentionally distressed graphics for a vintage look.

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