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Wheel Of Fortune Cookbook
From The Mr. Food Test Kitchens!

Teaming up to bring you more than 160 quick and easy recipes inspired by the show! For most of America, watching Wheel of Fortune while eating dinner and relaxing after a hard day is one of life's simple pleasures.

Jam-packed with recipes from the WOF team, including Pat and Vanna, plus recipes inspired by past contestants, and some from winners of the Mr. Food/Wheel of Fortune recipe contest!

Expect everything from Vanna Banana Pudding, Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, Hawaiian Roast Pork, and much more. Also includes behind-the-scenes photos, fun facts, and priceless stories.
Harry Potter Pop Up Guide To Hogwarts Book
Unique book features magnificently-engineered, pop-up dioramas of key locations inside and outside Hogwarts Castle.

The spreads connect to each other and open flat to form an impressive pop-up map of Harry Potter's world, including the castle, its grounds, and the Quidditch pitch.
The Unstoppable Ruth Bader Ginsberg Book
On the 25th anniversary of her appointment to the Supreme Court, this retrospective honors the "unstoppable" justice, affectionately known as "Notorious RBG."

Not only does she possess one of the greatest legal minds of our time, she has become an admired pop culture icon.

With 130 photographs, inspiring quotes, insightful commentary and highlights from notable speeches and judicial opinions, this lavishly-illustrated book pays tribute to the woman whose unprecedented career indelibly changed American society.

Foreword by Mimi Leder, award-winning director of the 2018 film, On The Basis of Sex.
Stars Wars Scum And Villainy Book
Case Files On The Galaxy's Most Notorious!

Lavishly illustrated profile of the misdeeds of infamous smugglers, pirates, gamblers, bounty hunters and thieves throughout galactic history takes you through the case files compiled by 3 generations of law enforcers like never before.

Explore their case reports, surveillance images, warrants, artifacts, and much more in this slipcased book that introduces all-new details and characters, shedding new light on the galaxy's most notorious.

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Hollywood Beach Beauties Book
This glamorous and nostalgic book looks at summer's loveliest sea sirens and sun goddesses from the 1930s-1970s!

Showcased in 150 stunning vintage photos are popular female celebrities, models, and starlets including Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch, Nancy Sinatra and others, lounging and playing at the beach!

A sizzling collection of both candid and styled photos that capture the beauty of both the seaside AND the sexy stars in a fresh and captivating way.
The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle The Complete Series DVD Set
Premiering in 1959, the original series introducing us to Rocky, Bullwinkle, Dudley Do-right, Fractured Fairy Tales, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Boris & Natasha, and more!

Comprehensive collection includes every adventure, plus insightful bonus features and an episode guide!
The Road To Oz Book
A complete retelling of how The Wizard of Oz was influenced and created, and how it attained its iconic status.

Examined through newly-discovered period interviews, media resources, transcriptions, and contemporary interviews with those who were there, and never-before-seen imagery accompanying the text.

Tantalizing highlights include a thorough synopsis of L. Frank Baum's 1900 story and the script of the 1903 Broadway musical comedy inspired by the book; and an overview of prior silent film adaptations of Oz and how they influenced the MGM film.

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Queen Book
Lavishly-illustrated history of one of the best-selling rock acts, and possibly the most dynamic stadium act in the world. Covers the band's formation in London, through the death of gifted frontman Freddie Mercury.

With 100 black & white and color photos throughout.
Operation BBQ Cookbook
200+ recipes from championship-winning barbecue teams from across the U.S.

You don't have to be a master chef to make these meals--they have been scaled for the home cook wielding tongs at a backyard BBQ.

Learn how to make Bone-Sucking Baby Back Ribs, JalapeƱo and Applewood Bacon Burgers, Whiskey-Infused Steak Tips, side dishes, desserts, and more.

A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to Operation BBQ Relief.

"There are so many amazing recipes in this book. If you buy only one cookbook this year, Operation BBQ needs to be it." --Aaron May, Food Network Judge
Donald Trump Coloring Book And Pencil Set
Whether he's crossing the Delaware or playing chess with Putin, see our 45th President like you've never seen him before! Over 50 line-art drawings give you plenty of options for showing The Donald's true colors!

Includes 36-pack of traditional, metallic, and neon coloring pencils.

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Weather Disasters Book
How To Survive Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Blizzards, And Other Catastrophes!

Discover vital information on prepping for AND surviving every major type of weather disaster. Each chapter of this guide is devoted to a different catastrophe and lists: the science behind it, essentials you'll need to get through it, helpful prepping tips, statistics behind the disaster, resources to reach out for help, and what to do in the aftermath.

No matter who you are or where you live, catastrophe can strike at any time. Be prepared!

"This guide is now one of the most important tools in my safety kit!" --John Harris, Chief Meteorologist For KAMR 4
Cosmopolitan Sexopedia Book
Your Ultimate A-Z Guide To Getting it On!

Cosmo's team of sexperts explore the gamut of explicit topics, like fantasy, role-playing, sex positions that optimize your pleasure, and sexual health.

A whopping 157 topics organized in alphabetized chapters, probably including more than a few topics you never knew existed!
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