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Muzzy In Gondoland Language Courses For Children DVD Sets
Children begin their journey to bilingualism with Muzzy, an extraterrestrial who flies around the universe making new friends. Through captivating 3D animation, children are introduced to 1200+ words and concepts.

Research shows that learning a second language at an early age boosts problem-solving, critical-thinking, and listening skills, in addition to improving memory, concentration, and the ability to multitask!
John Wayne 10 Movie Collection And 10 Unforgettable Westerns DVD Sets
$20.00 - $30.00
The western once dominated Hollywood and the nation's imagination more than any other genre. Revisit your favorite cowboy films with this 10-movie set of Unforgettable Westerns starring such legends as John Wayne, Clark Gable, Jane Russell, Hopalong Cassidy, and more.

If it's The Duke you adore, saddle up with this 10-movie set of John Wayne films. The silver screen hero shares top billing with stars including Kirk Douglas, Katharine Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, and others in Seven Sinners, Hellfighters, Rooster Cogburn, and 7 more.

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Burt Reynolds 4 Movie Collection DVD Set
Burt Reynolds was the top star at the box office for five years in a row.

Relive his glory days with four unforgettable movies starring the Hollywood heartthrob (and that mustache!) collected in this DVD set.
Laurel And Hardy The Essential Collection DVD Set
They were, and still remain, one of the most critically-acclaimed comedy teams of all time. Stan's dim-witted innocence and Ollie's exasperated reactions (and camera glances!) were the essence of their success.

Produced between 1929 and 1940, these classics are available for the first time in one comprehensive disc set!

Selections include Berth Marks, The Music Box, Brats, Hog Wild, Chickens Come Home, Sons of the Desert, Way Out West, Their First Mistake, Pardon Us, and dozens more! A special bonus disc features interviews from Dick Van Dyke, Jerry Lewis and Tim Conway; plus selected dubbed foreign selections, cameo appearances, and original trailers.

Digitally restored picture and sound, ideal for family viewing.
Great World Train Journeys DVD Set
Ride the rails around the world without leaving your recliner!

DVD set takes you along on 7 exotic and adventurous destinations. Enjoy the sheer elegance of the British Orient Express; the wondrous vistas of Spain, the amazing terrain of South Africa; the natural splendor of the rugged Sierra Madre, and more!
America's Amazing Train Rides DVD Set
You, too, can experience the magic of an old-fashioned train ride!

Western Trains takes you for a ride on famous excursion railroads from the High Country of Colorado and New Mexico, west to the magnificent Sierra Nevada mountains of California, then to the rugged Redwood Coast of the Golden State.

Eastern Trains takes you on a tour of historic railroads from New York to West Virginia.
101 Masturbation Secrets For Lovers DVD
Was: $16.98
Now: $12.98
Masturbation is a healthy and important part of a person's sexual expression. Learn how to increase your orgasmic potential and sexual pleasure using this explicit guide!

Includes instruction for exploring male and female masturbation, G-spot techniques, enhancing and delaying orgasm, and more.

Contains nudity and explicit sexual instruction. You must be at least 21 years old to order Intimate DVDs.

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Erotic Prostate Massage DVD
The prostate influences healing of the body, mind, and spirit, and also plays a major part in a man's sexuality. Massing the "male G-spot" can be a completely new sexual experience... one which can lead to multiple orgasms!

Discover proven techniques in the art of prostate massage with this "in-depth" guide.

Contains nudity and explicit sexual instruction. You must be at least 21 years old to order Intimate DVDs.
Robot Planet DVD
Their Beginning Is Our End!

We're living in an age of robots and artificial intelligence once only dreamed of by science-fiction writers. Using today's technology, mechanical robots will soon be replaced with biologically engineered humanoids connected to each other across the globe.

They will self-repair, gather energy from the sun, and live forever. They will know all and see all. They will be like gods. Prepare to meet your future--it's already here!
Trail Of Tears Documentary Collection DVD Set
This harrowing compilation of award-winning documentaries chronicles the struggles of the Native American culture, from the forced relocation known as the Trail of Tears, to the current issues they face today.

Those who survived the Trail of Tears arrived in a new territory with no past and no future.

Cast members include James Earl Jones, James, Garner, Crystal Gayle, and more.
2020 Nostradamus DVD
According to new interpretations, the infamous quatrains penned by Nostradamus are believed to have predicted our immediate future, and it would seem the end times are soon at hand.

These interpretations suggest a mighty Islamic army will rise up and set in motion WWIII, that China will conquer the entire East and much of the globe, and that a complete collapse of technology will spin the world into chaos as the Antichrist rises in the West.

Explore the prophecies and decide for yourself!
The Dragon Way DVD
Learn proven martial-arts skills and techniques from 11-time world title kickboxing champion, Don "The Dragon" Wilson!

His workout routines show you how to build your body and prepare your muscles to be the best. You'll learn how to effectively think in the ring and how to set up your opponents for a knockout.

Includes basic martial-arts self-defence techniques as well as tips on nutrition and health.
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