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Serenity Prayer Two Dollar Bill And JFK Half Dollar Coin
$10.98 - $18.98
A beautiful gift for a faithful friend, a loved one in recovery, or anyone who could use reassurance on their spiritual journey.

Genuine U.S. legal tender $2 bill and Kennedy Half Dollar coin each feature the Serenity Prayer and vibrant images accomplished through a revolutionary colorization process, creating collectible works of art.

Bill comes in blue folio for display, and coin arrives in sonically sealed acrylic capsule with display stand. Each includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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POW/MIA, Wounded Warrior, And Vietnam Veteran Coins
Stunning challenge coins make beautiful gifts for military veterans and their loved ones!

POW/MIA, Wounded Warrior, and Vietnam Veteran coins feature colorized artwork on both sides, honoring those who served and sacrificed so much in the line of patriotic duty.

Buy any 2 or more, $14.98 each.

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George H.W. Bush Two Dollar Bill And Coin Set
Commemorate one of America's greatest statesmen and celebrate George H. W. Bush's political legacy, his dedication to service of country, and his personal contribution to democracy and freedom.

$2 bill is colorized with photos of his inauguration and a portrait of the former President and comes with a blue folio for display. Kennedy half dollar features a portrait of 41 and comes encased in an acrylic coin capsule.

Both are genuine legal tender and each includes a Certificate of Authenticity.
Lucky Leprechaun Coin
Don't go throwing it into a fountain for luck--this one's a keeper!

24-kt. gold-plated US Kennedy half dollar has undergone a patented colorization process that results in an amazing, high-resolution image, making this a unique keepsake!

Encased in protective acrylic, it includes a small stand for display, and a Certificate of Authenticity.
Marvel Spider-Man And Captain America Light Up Coins
What could be better than a colorized superhero on a collectible coin? How about one that lights up?

Massive coins plated in pure silver feature two of Stan Lee's most popular characters in all their heroic glory. Fully-colorized depictions of Captain America and Spider-Man are displayed on the front. Push the back of the coin to see Cap's mighty shield or Spidey's eyes & web light up!

These first-ever legal tender light-up coins are actually real money on the Island of Fiji!

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Three Wise Men Nativity Two Dollar Bill
Celebrate the reason for the season with this stunning genuine legal tender bill colorized with beautiful images of the Nativity and the three wise men journeying to visit the Christ child.

This unique holiday collectible includes a Certificate of Authenticity and a vinyl folio for display.
2018 Santa Greeting Coin And Stamp Card
Remember an eventful year with this holiday greeting card featuring Santa himself!

With 1962 4-cent Christmas stamp, and five 2018 coins: Washington quarter, Roosevelt dime, Jefferson nickel, Lincoln penny, and colorized JFK half-dollar featuring Santa on the obverse.

Protected in a black vinyl portfolio. Includes one Certificate of Authenticity.
Bag Of 56 Coins
For die-hard collectors or beginners, this bag of circulated coins is a magnificent treasure!

Set of 56 coins is guaranteed to contain at least 2 Mercury dimes, 1 Buffalo nickel, 1 V-nickel, 1 Indian Head penny, 1 War nickel, and 50 sought-after wheat pennies.

Comes in a velour drawstring bag.
Historic Trains JFK Half Dollar Coin Set
A collectible any railroad enthusiast will treasure!

Set of 4 US Kennedy Half Dollar coins have been colorized using a unique process that involves applying special inks directly to the surface of a coin. The result is a high level of detail and vivid, everlasting color.

Coins include premium acrylic capsules, stands, and a single Certificate of Authenticity, assuring its collector edition status.
American Bison Colorized Two Dollar Bill
Some Native American tribes considered the large land mammal a sacred animal and a revered religious symbol.

Beautifully colorized image is featured on the reverse of a genuine legal tender $2 bill, with a portrait of President Thomas Jefferson on the obverse.

The bill is displayed in clear vinyl and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.
Alexander Hamilton Ten Dollar Bill
Rare currency banknote honors one of the United States' founding fathers and first secretary of the Treasury.

Colorized through a revolutionary new process, enhancements to the portrait of Alexander Hamilton (obverse) and the signing of the Declaration of Independence (reverse) bring the original artwork to life.

Each bill is in fresh, crisp, uncirculated condition, and is displayed in a clear acrylic holder, viewable on both sides. Includes Certificate of Authenticity.
Armed Forces Tribute Coin Set
A thoughtful gift for veterans, military families, and collectors, this set of 4 US legal tender JFK half dollars has been colorized with special inks in a multi-color process, achieving a high-quality level of detail.

Packaged in a beautiful wooden box with a quote by President Truman under the lid, each coin comes in an acrylic capsule with stand for display.

Includes one Certificate of Authenticity.

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