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George Barris Custom Car Die Cast
Famed car customizer George Barris took a sedan, chopped 4" off the top, customized the fenders, hand-forged the grill, raised the body, added 4 chrome bumpers, and sunk in the single headlights, transforming it into a brooding beast on wheels!

The sinister look was completed with black tinted windows and 20 coats of black pearl lacquer. Die cast replica features a detailed engine, accurate interior & chassis, steerable front wheels, and opening doors, hood & trunk.

An adult collectible, not intended for children.
Little Miss Sunshine 1978 Volkswagen Type 2 Bus Die Cast
Who could forget this quirky yet uplifting tale of the Hoover family's eventful trip from New Mexico to California, all for a little girl's chance to compete in a pageant!

Die cast replica features chrome accents, rubber tires, true-to-scale details, and themed packaging. Limited edition.

An adult collectible, not intended for children.
1967 Ford Bronco Police Cruiser Die Cast
This service vehicle was once a familiar sight in the Big Apple.

Officially-licensed, die cast metal and plastic replica in features true-to-scale detailing and authentic decoration, chrome accents, real rubber tires, and more. Limited edition.

An adult collectible, not intended for children.
National Lampoon's Vacation 1979 Family Truckster Die Cast
Die cast replica in depicts the Wagon Queen with rooftop luggage rack that includes a bundled, dearly-departed Aunt Edna!

Authentically-detailed with chrome accents and real rubber tires. Includes themed packaging.

An adult collectible, not intended for children.
1934 Duesenberg Model J Die Cast
Movie stars, heads-of-states and business tycoons were some of the elite few who could afford this ground-breaking, head-turning vehicle! Die cast model reflects the gorgeous lines of the "Duesey."

Precision engineering captures the exacting detailing of the one displayed at the Duesenberg museum, with steerable wheels, rubber whitewall tires, sport rims, fender-mounted spare, gleaming chrome-look grille, spotlight-style headlights, side view mirror, and two-tone body design.

Doors open to reveal its carpeted interior, and the hood bay doors open to reveal the powerful straight-8 engine in full detail!

An adult collectible, not intended for children.
1966 Cadillac Limousine Die Cast
America's most prestigious luxury car was a natural choice as the ultimate transport for that final ride!

Precision crafted with over 180 die cast parts, this replica features opening doors and rear hatch, top-of-the-line interior with tufted seats, detailed exterior with chrome trim and mirror-smooth silver paint job. Limited edition.

An adult collectible, not intended for children.
1960 Ford Tank Truck, Sign, And Gas Pump Island Sets
Build your own full service gas station with these retro die cast reproductions. Each includes tanker truck, sign, and fueling island and features authentic period graphics.

Intended for the adult collector and not for children.

Save 10% when you buy any 2 or more!
Assorted Die Casts
$34.98 - $99.98
Custom die cast Bel Air features shimmering burgundy metallic paint, an enormous supercharger bursting through the hood, "Ferrari-inspired" grille, chrome-look accents, opening doors, and detailed interior.

Die cast metal Vega Yenko replica features detailed engine; opening doors, hood, and trunk, and steerable front wheels.

Volkswagen Beetle features Autobot logo near driver-side door, and Bumblebee on chassis. With working wheels; rubber tires; and opening doors, hood, and trunk. Includes die cast Charlie figure.

Die cast metal and plastic Firebird Trans Am replica features a detailed 400ci 8-cylinder engine, Buccaneer Red paint, shaker hood with iconic bird graphic, snowflake wheels, and opening doors & hood.

Save 10% when you buy any 2 or more!
The Beatles Yellow Submarine Die Cast
Can you believe it's been 50 years since The Beatles took to the sea in their Yellow Submarine?

Limited edition die cast features accurate paint and graphics, rotating periscopes, and dual hatches that pop open, revealing John, Paul, George and Ringo!

An adult collectible, not intended for children.

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Hostess Cup Cakes Die Cast Van And Billboard
Remember opening up your lunchbox and seeing that package of chocolately goodness with its sweet creamy filling?

Retro Hostess ad graphics are posted on the billboard and scale van.
2008 Dodge Challenger Die Cast
There's nothing like some good ole American muscle!

Sleek 2008 Dodge Charger replica features matte-black finish; opening hood, doors, and trunk; low profile tires, and detailed interior.

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
Polaris RZR Die Cast ATV
This miniature ATV looks just like the real thing!

Rugged die cast replica features metal and plastic parts; insanely detailed exterior, cockpit, and suspension; and "off-road" tires.

Perfect for off-road enthusiasts and extreme-trail drivers.
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