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Remember The Lyrics Tee
Was: $15.98
Now: $2.07
Our grey tee reads: Why is it I CAN Remember the Lyrics to my Favorite Song in High School 20 Years Later, BUT I CAN'T Remember WHY I came into the Kitchen??
A Good Woman Tee
Was: $14.98
Now: $2.07
Our blue tee reads: A Pretty Face gets old, a Nice Body will change, but a Good Woman will always be a Good Woman!
Joke Toilet Paper
Was: $6.98
Now: $2.07
It's 50 feet of funny!

Laugh your buns off with quilted TP that tickles your funny bone and gives you something to read during your "down time."
Comicon Socks
Was: $7.98
Now: $2.07
Now you're ready to sock it to the bad guys (yeah, we went there)!

Crew socks feature fun comic-book sound-effect graphics and black polka-dot pattern on yellow background.
Saving A Life Tee
Was: $15.98
Now: $2.07
Our blue tee reads: Does it count as saving a person's life if you just refrain from killing them?
Petits Et Maman Child's Spaceship Plate, Fork And Spoon
Was: $11.98 - $19.98
Now: $2.07 - $4.17
Make mealtime a blast with this whimsical wooden plate! Crafted in pine with a urethan coating, the plate has several sections to keep foods separate for those picky eaters.

Lightweight and easy to use utensils are great for kids. Made from wood, they will not conduct heat, keeping little hands and mouths safe.
Stage Of Life Tee
Was: $15.98
Now: $2.07
Our black tee reads: At This Stage In My Life, If It Doesn't: MAKE ME HAPPY. MAKE ME BETTER. MAKE ME MONEY. I don't Make Time For It!
Las Vegas Strip Mug
Was: $10.98
Now: $2.07
What you put in your cup, stays in your cup!

Panoramic scene depicts the famous Strip, where fortunes are won and lost! Vivid artwork on all sides of this white mug.
Travel Pillow With Eye Mask
Was: $9.98
Now: $2.07
Ultimate Comfort While Traveling!

Padded head pillow provides comfort while eye mask blocks light for total relaxation on road trips, long flights, and train rides.

Zips together for easy storage.
Prong Onion And Veggie Slicer
Was: $4.98
Now: $2.07
Easily and evenly slice onions and other veggies and help prevent kitchen injuries while cutting!

Rust-resistant, stainless steel prongs hold items firmly in place. With large, slip-resistant handle. Includes protective cover.
Odor Eliminating Spray
Was: $8.98
Now: $2.07
Get rid of unpleasant odors safely and naturally!

All-natural biodegradable spray absorbs and eliminates odors on contact. Spray liberally on odor source.

Non-toxic; safe for use around children and pets.
Silent Zee's - As Seen On TV
Was: $9.98
Now: $2.07
Cleared by the FDA, this drug-free remedy promotes freer breathing by comfortably opening up nasal passages while you sleep.

Silicone snore guard mouthpiece also helps to reduce sleep apnea, resulting in more restful sleep for the snorer as well as their bedmate! Cleans with soap and water, and includes a carrying case.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.

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