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Mermaid And Surfboard Pool Floats
A must-have accessory for your next beach or pool party, or just some alone time in the water!

Relax and drift around on the inflatable Surfboard or Mermaid floats!

Buy any 2 or more, $13.98 each.
Flamingo And Shark Solar Dancers
Never Need Batteries!

Tiny built-in solar panels absorb sunlight that sets them in motion, gently waving and bobbing in an imaginary breeze. Use indoors on a sunny windowsill or outdoors in a bright, covered area. Delightful on your desk, too!

Colors may vary; our choice, please.

Buy any 2 or more, $6.98 each.
Marilyn Monroe Seven Year Itch And Bus Stop Stand Ups
Welcome everyone's favorite blonde bombshell into your home with these life-size cardboard cutouts of the timelessly beautiful Marilyn Monroe!

Marilyn poses atop a subway grate wearing her iconic white cocktail dress from The Seven-Year Itch, and as sultry saloon singer, Chérie, from Bus Stop, wearing her sizzling red & black showgirl leotard trimmed in gold fringe.

Click here to see our entire Marilyn Monroe collection!
World's Smallest Fiddle Cube And Spinner
Take a break from the stress of your work day, or occupy fidgety hands so you can focus on that sales report!

Tiny fiddle cube features 6 fiddly sides with buttons, marbles, and levers for keeping your hands busy. Set of 2 mini fiddle spinners fit easily in pocket for on-the-go spinning, or keeping your fidgeting on the down-low at the office.

Assorted colors; our choice, please.

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Buy any 2 or more, $6.98 each.
Marilyn Monroe Pink Dress Stand Up
Adored by millions, this icon may have left us before her time, but you can still keep her memory close at hand.

Life-size cardboard cut-out of the dazzling Marilyn.

Click here to see our entire Marilyn Monroe collection!
Skeleton Toilet Thinker Figure
While the John is a pretty convenient spot to get in some quality thinkin', it's important not to spend too much time in there!

Figure depicts a skeleton sitting on a "gravestone" toilet, in classic "Thinker" pose. Perfect gag gift for those who spend a frighteningly long time in the bathroom.
I Heart Weed Playing Cards
$7.98 - $9.98
Why play a simple game of solitaire when you can sneak in a dose of information about your favorite herb at the same time?

Deck of regulation playing cards features colorful graphics, facts, trivia, recipes, and more involving marijuana. Cheese puffs not included.
Bettie Page Stand Up
Wouldn't you like the Queen of Pinups all to yourself?

Life-size cardboard cutout depicts Bettie Page striking a stunning pose in a ruffle-trimmed leopard-print swimsuit.
Donald Trump Action Figure
Our 45th president only needs a single finger to tell the opposition what they can do with their opinions of how he's running the country!

Poseable Trump figure features "Twitter-sized" hands, jointed elbows, removable hairpiece, and rotating head, making this little guy fun to reposition to suit the day's events and prominently display on your desk.
Bikini Bottle Opener
Poppin' open a cold one never looked so good!

Magnetic bottle opener features a handle shaped like a shapely gal in a hot-pink bikini.
Tarot Card Kit For Beginners
Is the career change you're considering likely to make you happier? How can you expect your current relationship to grow in the next few months? What area of your life needs the most attention this year?

The tarot can answer these questions and more!

Beginners kit includes everything you need to start doing tarot readings immediately, including a colorful Universal Tarot deck and easy-to-use guide.

No psychic skills necessary!
World's Smallest Blower
$11.98 - $12.98
Clean crumbs off your book shelf, dust from your keyboard, pesky reports from your desk, and more with ease using this mini air blower!

USB-powered blower includes 60" cable and connects to computers and AC adapters, not included.
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