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Safety & Security

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LED Security Bat With Flashlight
Added Piece Of Mind When Walking Or Driving After Dark!

Light the way and help protect yourself when you're walking or driving after dark! Self-defense baton features a 120-lumen flashlight with 3 light modes (100%, 50%, and strobe), hammer tip for breaking glass, and powerful metal construction to help defend against attackers.

Note: May not be legal in all states. Please check with your local authorities.
Field Training Manuals
Illustrated Hand-To-Hand Combat manual teaches you how to fight like a soldier! You'll learn various holds, takedowns, strikes, combo moves, and more for handling close-, medium-, and long-range combat scenarios. Comprehensive guide also covers sentry and weapons removal, and bayonet training.

Straightforward Survival guide contains user-friendly illustrations and easy-to-follow language to teach anyone how to survive in even the most primitive conditions. Discover tips for medicine and first aid, identifying poisonous plants and animals, recognizing edible plants and berries, finding and creating potable water, and much more.

In Hand-To-Hand Fighting guide you learn the same techniques previously taught to only U.S. Army Special Forces! Learn how to strike, kick, and block to protect yourself from an attacker while inflicting the most possible damage.
Tai Chi Combat DVD Set
Learn the secret Tai Chi "Death Blow" move in a matter of hours and transform your hands into deadly weapons!

Tai Chi master Richard Clear provides step-by-step instruction for: "unhinging" the shoulder for maximum body-weight power transfer, the Shock Knockout move for rendering an attacker unconscious, the lethal Clavicle Shot for inflicting massive internal damage, and much more!

Disc set includes bonus breaking board (which you will learn how to destroy using JUST your fingertips!).
Outdoor Edge Claw Survival Bracelet
Tactical survival bracelet features hawk-bill blade ground from heavy-duty stainless steel with a stealthy BlackStone finish.

Integrally molded to a glass & nylon guard that ties into the bracelet. Handle grooves and jimping on thumb ramp ensure a positive grip at all times.

Sheath system securely locks knife for immediate deployment in any situation. Band is hand-tied from paracord and features an adjustable loop for custom fit, plus a steel T post for easy attachment.

Knives cannot be shipped to California addresses.
Ranger Navigation DVD Set With Compass
Using the same techniques taught to hardcore Army Rangers, this instructional DVD with included high-performance survival compass will help take you from novice to expert navigator FAST, so you'll always know exactly where you are and how to get where you need to go.

You'll learn advanced orienteering methods, how to pre-plot a complex travel plan, accurately set coordinates, and more!
Hidden USB Camera
It may look like an ordinary phone charger, but this little USB adapter is actually a secret spy camera!

Fully functional phone charger records up to 40 hrs. of HD video and audio on microSD card, not included. Download included free app to stream and watch live video on your smartphone to protect your home and office like never before!

With one-step setup, motion activation, photo capture, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Note: Always check federal, state, and local regulations regarding consent of parties to being recorded.
Q Beam Max Million III Halogen Spotlight
Never be left in the dark when you're on the road!

Heavy-duty 12-volt spotlight features 100W halogen bulb for maximum brightness, easy access on/off switch, heavy-gauge coil cord, and tough ABS plastic housing.

Rubber gasket lens seal provides water and shock resistance, and convenient metal bracket makes it easy to hang.

Includes storage bag and car adapter, or uses DC power source, not included.
Badass Survival Secrets Book
Essential Skills To Survive Any Crisis!

What do you do if you're lost in the woods after sundown, your car flips over on an empty highway, or you're left alone in the middle of the wilderness? While cell phones and GPS are helpful, you need your own skills to survive in the event those devices are unavailable!

Learn how to: build a fire, find clean water, build a shelter, basic navigation, and many more essential skills in this handy guide!
RFID Pouch Wallet
Black Burgundy Tan
Was: $14.98
Now: $12.97
Helps Protect Against Identity Theft!

Roomy, attractive pouch wallets feature multiple compartments for securing all your essentials, and an RFID-blocking liner to help protect against electronic pickpocketing!

With ID window pocket; 11 card slots; 2 large compartments for cash and checkbook; 6 smaller compartments for receipts, tickets, etc.; exterior kisslock coin pouch; and magnetic close tab.

Colors: Black, Burgundy, or Tan.
English Dictionary Book Safe
Hide your valuables, cash, and more--in plain sight! What looks like a dictionary is a lockbox in disguise, perfect for stowing jewelry, passport, photos, etc.

Cardboard and plastic exterior with hinged metal lockbox interior. Includes 2 keys.
Self Defense Kitty Keychains
Made of unbreakable lightweight ABS plastic--as strong as metal!

Fingers loop through the eye holes so that the tips of the ears can be used to defend against an attacker. Attach to keys or carry in your pocket.

Available in black or pink.

Buy any 2 or more, $8.98 each.
Hidden Camera Detector Pen
With UV Light to check for Counterfeit bills!

Are you being secretly recorded? This clever pen will quickly let you know! To check the integrity of an office, hotel room, or even your own home, simply walk through, holding the pen. It will flash when a camera signal is detected within a range of 1-10 meters*. The closer you are to the recording device, the quicker the light will flash.

Pen also features built-in UV light to check for counterfeit bills or search for suspicious stains--invaluable for peace of mind while traveling! Includes metal flip-top travel case.

*Detection range depends on the strength of signal from hidden recording device.
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