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Pos-T-Vac Vacuum Therapy System
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Pos-T-Vac Vacuum Therapy System
Vacuum therapy has become one of the most popular solutions to erectile dysfunction. A drug-free, effective alternative to surgery, the Pos-T-Vac Therapy System uses a battery-operated pump and a vacuum cylinder.

One press of the button and the motor begins a smooth steady pumping action providing a natural method of gaining an erection. Creating a vacuum generates blood flow into the penis, causing engorgement and rigidity. The natural erection is then held by a support ring, which restricts the flow of blood back out of the penis.

The system helps maintain an erection safely for up to 30 minutes, allowing an effective, easy treatment for a frustrating problem.

Your complete solution includes:Battery Operated Pump Head, Slip-Lock Penile Tube, 3 Erection Support Rings, Support Ring Loading Cone, Vacuum Comfort Bushing, Water-Soluble Lubricant, Users Manual and Carrying Case.
Pos-T-Vac Vacuum Therapy System
Was: $189.98
Now: $179.97
4 Pack AA Batteries